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What are Nadi Readers

 This was on Quora. I research it that an answered it so I want to share it. It’s exactly how I wrote it To start I didn’t know anything about it so Ill do my best. Nadi readers is a new term to me. So, that means you have just helped me as a human being gain more knowledge by seeing your question. You peaked my interest. So here is the journey I’m going on. It starts here Nadi Reading, Nadi Leaf, Identifying Leaves, Thumb Impression Astrology An expert Nadi reader can tell everything about you. Nadi Reading process includes leaf search, identification process, transcription and translation stages. Here is what I learned. Nadi Readers originated in India in small and its quoted “temple towns,” in order to find one. These days, however, you can find a nadi reader here online. It starts with phases and phase one is the female giving her left thumb print and for men the right. This impression goes into something known as a Nadi bundle. Remember,