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Activities To Try with Your Friends Before you Turn 30

Things One Should Do Before Turning 30!

 Everything is so different when you hit 20 years of age. You feel like an adult. You may be working full time or going to school. Whatever you choose, when this pandemic ends, there are things you want to do before you turn thirty. You may feel at this age Invincible. I did. I felt like the top of the world. This is how you may feel at times. Some of these activities are dangerous and may not be recommended for some people. Use your best judgement. Here are some things you can try before you turn 30. You may even get some items to cross off your

bucket list.

Eating with Chopsticks

Yes, this is an awesome thing to try. Master the art of utilizing chopsticks.They are a cool skill that stands out from others when you whip them out at a restaurant. It is also a lot of fun eating with them. Just follow the directions to learn how to use chopsticks correctly. Use Chopsticks the Right Way

WhiteWater Rafting

This is truly a real thrill. Whitewater Rafting can be a highly recommended activity to try in your 20s. Using a white water raft correctly is important. Watching the weather conditions for the day is also very important. Going white water tubing with your partner or going on a white water raft trip must be done with planning. Getting in a raft made for high speeds is different than going on the lazy river at the water park. It is something that is so exciting and exhilarating that it's indescribable. Watch for inclement weather and unsafe conditions. This is a bumpy ride, make sure you go on a day that the river is safe, yet moving fast enough to enjoy it. Do not go alone. Bring a group when whitewater rafting along with an expert in weather planning safety. Learn a bit here about the classification of rapids.,Expert.%20...%205%20Class%20V%20-%20Leader.%20

Go on a Vacation with your Best Friends to a Dream Spot you have Always Wanted to See 

Doing things like vacation spots Spring Break, with your friends builds lasting friendships. Feel the vibes of having a true friendship group that you can feel yourself with. Best friends in your 20’s are so much fun. Plan a group trip to a popular spot like Virginia Beach, Atlantic City, Aruba, or Amsterdam.  Just do it before you pair off and get married and have kids. It will be the time of your life. Pick a safe location and stick with your group or a buddy system at all times to remain safe. Tips for the Buddy System on Vacation

Spend Time with Your Siblings and include them in Your Life

It is important to keep your relationships with your siblings in your life in your 20s. Keeping that Sister connection or brother connection after you turn 18 and begin your adult life is crucial to having a good support system. Include them with your trips with your friends. Enjoy doing things like going to the clubs with them and out to dinner. Have a weekly dinner with then and your parents to add to the ways to stay connected to your family as you get older.  Here are some activities you can do with your family. Fun things to do with your immediate family as an adult.

Go on a Family Trip with your Grandparents

If you have your grandparents, appreciate them. In your 20s, enjoy your grandparents. I always did and I am so grateful. Grandparents can teach you so much about life. Take day trips with them or full vacations. Stop and smell the roses on a road trip. Nothing is more special than getting out of a car on a scenic route and just take pictures and enjoy your time with them. They can be the best influences and fun of your life. You can learn so much from your elders. Take these precious opportunities to learn more about your heritage and hear some great stories.  Here are more

The Best Bungee Jumping Destinations

This is not for everyone, but Bungee Jumping is an incredible rush of adrenaline. Make sure you have someone experienced and certified in bungee jumping. If you are adventurous, this is for you. There are more minor ways to do it like at Darien Lake without as much risk. It is nerve wracking and terrifying but it is worth it. Everything You Wanted to Know About Bungee Jumping

Go Parasailing in Aruba or Another Ocean Spot

If Bungee jumping is not for you,there is a close activity you can try on the water.  Parasailing is an incredibly fun event that is more safe. A balloon type thing is dragged behind a boat and you can go up to a 1000 feet high parasailing. You can even be dipped in the ocean if you want! Go parasailing on a day that has some wind but not too windy to keep yourself safe. Safety Tips for Parasailing

Try Different types of Food as Your Taste Buds Change over Time.

Many people don't ever try new foods that often. They do not realize that our taste buds go through changes during our lifetimes. Don’t limit your food palate. Try new exotic restaurants and cooking in. Hello Fresh is a great way to try new meals that have everything included with all ingredients fresh made. Taste buds change every 7 years and something you didn’t enjoy as a kid, may taste amazing now. Food is one of the greatest pleasures in the world. Don’t always order the same thing on the menu. Get 14 free Meals with Hello Fresh Free with this Link (not an affiliate link I have just tried them and it was good.

Buy a Jetski for Cheap

Jetskis aren’t that expensive and if you want a boat, those are incredibly difficult to maintain. They require a lot of work. A new Jetski is very exciting. I recommend  a used one as it can be bought for less than a thousand dollars. If you have a partner jetskis, can be such a bonding experience. Jetskis for sale online

Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

These are awesome. They are safe these days and seeing the world from that perspective is rare and you can do it for less than $500. Make sure to watch the weather and have a safe launching spot and an experienced hot air balloon operator. Here is some ways to find a good place to go for a hot air balloon ride. Safety Tips for a safe hot air balloon ride

Do an Random Act of Kindness for Others

Ideas that you can do are

  • Donate to a an important cause close to your heart.

  • Sponsor a child in another country

  • Do monthly donations to a shelter to sponsor a dog or cat

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter.

  • Volunteer to help prisoners who are getting out transfer back into society. 

  • Walk a dog at a shelter

  • Visit cats at a shelter

  • Give a dollar or a snack to a person less fortunate than you

  • Pay for someone's meal behind you at the drive thru window

  • More ideas for Random kindness acts

AdoMultipoo or become a Rover Pet Sitter or Foster a Pet

If you can. Save a pet from a shelter. If you can not, you can volunteer at the animal shelter or donate blankets, cat food, cat litter, dry dog food, dog toys, cat toys and bedding for pets. Animal shelters always need comfortable spots for animals to rest. Donating a small amount of money to your local humane society is also recommended. You can even take classes for free from here, Aspca pro free online classes . These classes include how to spot animal neglect and abuse as well as toxicology classes for learning what things are toxic to cats and dogs. There are even shelters that have specific types of shelters that have specific breeds if that is what you are looking for. Some breeds that need rescuing the most are.

  1. Pit bulls

  2. Miniature Pinschers

  3. Yorkies

  4. Maltese

  5. Multipoo

  6. Cats always need homes as well.

Buy Yourself a Nice Piece of Jewelry

Everyone deserves to have something special and having a nice piece of jewelry is also a an investment. If you are in a situation where you have no cash, no resources and no money, you can always pawn your jewelry to get yourself home to safety. Also, find a pawn shop that holds them for awhile and let's you buy it back a higher rate. Overstock jewelry deals

Get your Ideal Body If Below image is Not How You Want to Look!

Join a gym or workout at home. It doesn't matter how you choose to get your thirty minutes three times a week workout. We are all born with different metabolism and energy levels but you can start with something easier like slower paced yoga. and lism get in shape to the best of ability. You don’t have to be perfect, be the best you that you can be! Workout 3-5 times a week and eat healthier. You will feel more energetic and your self esteem will skyrocket. Yoga for Beginners on Youtube

Run a Marathon/Triathlon

This is one of the most satisfying personal missions that you can do. It also will go along with getting in the best shape for your body type. They even have fun marathons like zombie runs or the color run. A zombie run is where you dress like a zombie and run the marathon. The color run, you get a bag of color dumped all over you at the end. Don't forget to have a friend to take pictures at the end!

Learn to Fish and Play Golf

These are great things to learn and give you a chance to network. How many deals do you think happen on a golf course? Impress your future bosses with your skills. Fishing is also incredibly relaxing and is something you can enjoy as you age.

Scuba Dive!

This is incredibly fun. The coral reefs are so incredible to see and the fish are so bright. You will get a feeling of true freedom and one of the most beautiful sights in the world. 

Try Rock Climbing

There are many places that you can find a rock climbing wall. It is safe as you are harnessed in. If you are really daring, you can try rock scrambling. That is rock climbing on huge rocks without any equipment. It is in safer areas but there are risks involved. 

Learn How to Play Chess

Chess is a fun game that will connect you with different types of people. It is something that will impress people with your skills. 

Try a Completely New Career

If you are in a job that is going nowhere or you just want a change, try something completely different. You can also work in your spare time doing Freelance work. Some great Freelance challenges are. 

  • Write articles. Sites like Textbroker pay fairly and are a great place to make a second income or even a new career if you work enough.

  • Graphic Design. It isn’t as hard as it sounds with the programs they have now.

  • Learn how to create apps. This just may make your rich! 

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