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Buy Better Pet Food

  Dog Food Article from One of my First Articles Today's highly competitive dog food industry is something that is completely different from the dog food we saw just 10 years ago. If you go and look on the shelves you see hundreds of different kinds in some stores of different varieties. The new motto of the dog food world is “ eat like a human being does.” Dogs no longer have to suffer with slop in a can. They eat high quality dog food . Cat food is also feeling the upgrade. Freshpet Dog Food Brand  Freshpet, the refrigerated dog food that is in 15,000 personal cases in stores ,is revolutionizing fresh food for dogs. They only use human grade products in their line of food. It is working. Pet owners are flocking to buy the highest quality dog foods on the market. In 2016 they should turn a profit, but the price of fifteen dollars a tube has cost them money so far. The quality is now paying off and they are beginning to make money.  Beneful, another high end canine premium food com