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Sweatcoin and other Apps Let You Walk and Earn

Earn By Walking  Earn by walking apps are increasingly popular. Do they pay out? Do they work? The answer is yes. Some paying pedometer apps  are hard to access however when you change numbers. Some require you to have a specific barcode or numbers like an ethereum or litecoin wallet to cash in. Some use barcode scanners.   Check out this free app 👆 It pays to walk! Above is the group I invited you to. This is to track progress on this pay to walk app. Sweatcoin seems to be the most popular paid to walk apps but there are more of them.  Runtopia is another good one. This is a get paid to walk or run app. Paying to run apps are great as they offer motivation and support. Most offer different levels to purchase to earn more points. Sweatcoin has movers, shakers and higher up levels if you are highly active.  Lympo is great and there are rewards for various sleeping well for extra cash, tracking water intake, tracking