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Types of Users in this World and Mooch Memes

Make Dat 🤑 Off Everyone Else

 If you want memes about mooches or memes about dirty hustling, you have come to the right place. I used to be used by everyone for everything. I could give hundreds of examples of how both men and women have exploited me for my generosity. 

🚫 Anymore Go Find a New Target 🎯

Then I went through grief then I met someone who showed me the damn light on what the hell I have been doing and who I was around. In this world there are people who have a career of leaching off of the rest of society. Let’s call them “whores” an affectionate term for those completely suck off others known as “targets” ways. Let’s go through the categories. If you have not had this done to you, good. But most likely during a pandemic most have.

  •  Meet food stamp whores-use up your food stamps because they are unable to go to the department of social services and fill out forms

  • House whores- steal your house or use you for housing

  •  Car whores-take your car or make you drive them around all over and have no gas money

  • drug whores-obvious 

  •  Unemployment whores-they borrow money until their check is coming in but it never does.

  • SSD whores-come around when it’s check time it’s around the 22-25 for SSI and 26-38-SSD by the 7th for SSI and by the 10th for SSD the targets money is GONE


Some other kinds one may encounter are these types

  • Somebody died inherited shit whores-come around people when someone has died 

  • Your house burned down whores-Come around because they think one has a check from insurance 

    Image result for Memes About House Fire Insurance. Size: 118 x 160. Source:

  • Somebody won a lawsuit whores-hear about someone winning a lawsuit and leach onto these people 

  • Image result for memes about mooching off lawsuit

  • Pill whores-

    Image result for memes about script whores

    Know when someone's script is due and show up  

What are these People 

This photo explains everything in one shot. Above ☝️

I use the word whore meaning a person who is a habitual mooch. You can interchange the word mooch or user if you have to be classy about it and can’t talk openly. They find  targets for various reasons.They really don’t like the target  that much, and they gossip about them. 

This explains everything I’m saying

Then tell their friends about what a target that person is. Then the other mooches in the leaching friend  group will tell the rest. If someone is constantly seeing that people are contacting them from around their general vicinity but they don’t know them, then they are probably a known target for some reason or another.

Mooch fights

Guys will do it to another dude by becoming their friend. Girls do it to girls. Object and need usage is transgender. They are not very good at it. They select targets based upon word of mouth or reading a target's body language.

Image result for memes about targeting someone fir money

Don’t be a Victim of these Scammers

Anyone can become a target if they are in a vulnerable state of mind. If one is grieving or lonely after the funeral-people think one may get an inheritance as soon as someone buried. Some target abused chicks 🐣

I’m Not Picking on Anyone this all Was Me

They use a multitude of tactics.Most of is are guilty of content mooching where they don’t give credit for stuff or don’t look at adds and or complain about it. I content mooched a bit here these aren’t my memes guilty of this.

Most will combine tactics and find regular targets that they can use up until the well is dry and circle to the next. They have regular ones they hustle depending upon need at the time. This is their full time job-

They use emotions and pity to get targets. They find them based on many factors. They use different stories to get what they want and I simply listed every single kind that I have encountered in my life. I wrote down every single type of person I have encountered in my life.

. These are more easy er scams unless they can find a target to do it to a lot. 

  • Those who smoke and can not afford it are cigarette whores. Come over to smoke cigarettes up.

  • If a target is visiting someone they may get a call to pick up a 2 for 5 special of malt liquor white claw or a 99 cent Ice. They have the same tactics of the aforementioned kind but because it costs a bit more they usually have to be friend them. 

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