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Morgan Dollars Interesting article
I am not being compensated to advertise for them. I just thought this was an interesting article on Morgan dollar value. 

The Currency May go Back to Silver and Gold 

Back in the early 1970s the gold and silver standard of backing money began to dissipate. We went to a paper system which at any point could fall apart. I have had the advantage of learning a lot from somebody very wise who has taught me the value of silver and gold and how important it is to have these precious metals around. However a lot of people get sucked into the Morgan dollar fad and this might be good for somebody who is an experienced collector but for a novice, this article will explain why you need to pay attention to what you are buying.

This is Above Market Value Significantly 

The Morgan Silver dollar value and Peace dollar values are generally melt value with their condition. They are not a full ounce as advertised. When you see 925 silver marking on a bracelet or ring that means 925 parts silver per 1000 of various metals. Coins are 90 percent meaning less. Coin prices today are 26.63 at this moment above yesterday around 25.07. so it's going up. However this site is selling them much higher than need be. You can get them for less money. 

They Do Have Good Deals on New Silver However 

This looks like a good deal on silver. It is delayed shipping but silver troy ounce at 32$ and change I don't know shipping yet isn't bad. If you are going to get them and be patient, these are 99.9 percent silver per ounce available at  Check out these two sites and  Money metals buys a dollar of face value silver for over twenty dollars. That's pretty good. Just sharing the info. 

I AM New at Silver Coin Trading and Buying 

I have no affiliation with either company. I am just learning and sharing as these are good resources to learn from and buy from if you are looking to buy silver at prices that are reasonable. I am new at this. I am just sharing resources that look to be good places to trade in your junk silver coins. Money metals also has 40 percent silver coins with are a good investment as well. These are from 1964-1970. There are of course new American eagle and various proof coins you can buy that are higher in silver content but they are special edition not circulated. 

New Silver for Sale 

This wasn't bad price either and a good resource. 
This is available for around 38$ USD. AMPEX also seems like a legit silver buying resource or Remember Apmex may change prices any day as silver prices rise and fall as do gold. Gold prices were up significantly today they were around 1624 and they're up over 1,000 or around that more today so remember to buy when things are down just like the stock market. Good luck guys

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