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Binghamton snowstorm 2020 and Cabochon Tibetan necklaces

It's been one hell of a week. We got 49 in of snow and just wanted to show a little bit of what's been going on during the week and some of the good things that happened like getting a beautiful card from a dog at bark city doggy daycare johnson city ny from a client that got me through the hard times. Also seeing Duncan so happy made me really happy. Winston was also really happy to be in the snow and watching them play together was a highlight even though I've been stuck inside for days and days. I just had surgery and that was really hard and finding out that I'll never recover from it and I can only manage it is even harder. Max and I have spent a lot of time together and that has been special.

Pile snow 



Brody Benji jasmine 

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Lil guy Benji 


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More storm 


What are Sniffari Walks?

 Have you heard of a Sniffari Walk Johnson City, NY ? If not, you are familiar with them, most likely. They are a one- on -one walk with an experienced dog walker Binghamton or one you take your dog on one yourself. Taking a dog on a walk can be an incredibly pleasurable experience. It gives you time to bond with your dog, get out their energy, and explore the world around them. There are different terms for different types of walks. Sniffari Walks Bark City Doggy Daycare, provides your dog with the ultimate walking experience. They give both you and your beloved friend a chance to explore the world together through your pets vantage point.

Why is a Sniffari Walk Different from a Regular Walk?

Sniffari walks Johnson City, allow your pooch to wander and use all of his olfactory senses to sniff around. These specific activities focus more on exploring, than loose leash training or dog walking to use the bathroom. It is not specifically an exercise walk, although that benefit is part of it, the entire point of it is to allow your pet to explore exactly the way he wants to. This is by smelling his environment. In this type of walk, your dog leads. It can sound strange that your dog is in charge of the walk. Dogs when they are walking, constantly want to know what is around them. A brief explanation can be found here-,for%20a%20walk%20for%20exercise.&text=Most%20dogs%20want%20to%20take,on%20what%20odors%20are%20around.

Why a Trained Sniffari Dog Walker Binghamton is Beneficial to Your Pet  

Getting a good dog harness is crucial- Best Sniffari Dog Harnesses in Article

Dog trainers in Binghamton can help your dog to take a healthy and safe Sniffari Walk without it getting out of control and you end up on the end of the leash. Scent is a vital part of how pooches learn about other dogs. Interestingly enough, by using their noses, they can gather all kinds of information about another dog. They learn genetic information about other dogs by sniffing them, and different things about their personality as well as temperament. You may wonder why your dog is sniffing other dogs in a way that humans don't, it's because it's a method of learning about them. According to

There are many reasons why sniffing is constantly something they want to do. 

 The Science Behind Sniffing 

Dogs have the same senses as us humans do. 

  • They can taste things 

  • Hear things 

  • Touch 

  • Vision

  • Smell

As a human being oh, we have a 5 million olfactory receptors in our noses. An average dog, has 150 million olfactory receptors in their noses. Human beings use 5% of their brains for the purposes of scent. A dog on the other hand, is utilizing 33 percent of his brain's mass,to identifying and detecting what he smells under his nose.  The olfactory system of a dog is also part of a bigger system known as Jacobson's organ. This is a second olfactory system that is used for communication via chemical means. This extraordinary gift allows dogs to smell what is untraceable in human beings. 


How Jacobsen’s Organ IdentifiesOther Dogs


Dogs communicate with each other and find out information with their noses. This can identify different pheromones that give a dog information that will tell them if another dog is available for breeding purposes. It also helps puppies find where the milk source is within their mother. If there are other nursing mothers around, the Jacobson's organ will tell the dog which one is its mother and where to get the milk. Because of these two unique systems working together, Sniffari walks in Johnson City NY are an incredible amount of fun for a dog. it is also a way to communicate if another dog is friendly or aggressive and if they are open to being friends. It is like a verbal greeting for a human being. They can also tell if a dog is healthy or not by circling and sniffing each other. They can even identify what a dog liked to eat by sniffing them. "

Why the Rear Area is the Area that they Sniff Most 

As a human being, we tend to  wonder why would a dog sniff the butt of another dog instead of anywhere else? There is science stayiyng that there are anal glands back there that secrete loads of interesting information. This is the area where they get this identifying information about other dogs. Each dog emits a completely different odor, to each other. They can tell immediately if they have met before. It can be years, and if a dog has met another dog, he will know immediately through this complex olfactory system that he has. It will tell him if they got along in the past and memories are regained through this strange to us, but completely normal to them, way of producing memories as well as making new friends. Their sense of smell even helps them to "catch up" on what's been going on, if their diet changed, if they mated, whether they were enemies before. If a dog wants to prevent information from being passed to the other dog, they will sit down and clamp their tails over this area. It is generally said, although this is not always the case, in every dog, that the more dominant dog can be figured out by sniffing order. Supposedly, the more dominant of the twowill sniff first, and the more submissive dog will go next. Or the more submissive dog will start sniffing and back off if he realizes that, was a bad idea. This is not always the case however, science is still determining this portion of the science. We are just learning in reality, in the last twenty years, how complex dog behavior actually is.

The Anxiety Reduction Benefits of


Strangely enough as it sounds to another human being, sniffing another dog's rear end works as an anxiety reduction technique for a dog. This ritual calms them and is actually a stress relieving tool that they utilize when they get the chance. For dogs, it is completely socially acceptable to sniff each other's behinds.  In fact, it seems awkward to us, but wouldn't it be easier to tell everything you ever wanted to know about a potential mate in the human world in one sniff rather than find out years later, you are not compatible? 

Differentiating Between a Regular Walk and a Hike is Important

Of course canines love to sniff the world around them. They are constantly being told to keep moving as fast as possible and to go to the bathroom. A Sniffari  might seem confusing to them. One way to help your dog figure out what kind of walk they're going on, is by having specific collars and leashes for different activities. Do you notice your dog getting excited when you grab his leash or collar? That is because it is associated to something pleasurable. If you have a specific collar and leash  for regular walking and exercise and another set for Sniffari walks, this can let them know when they are going on each kind. Possibly using a harness when going for a walk, and a flat collar for a Sniffari, will tell him exactly what to expect. 

Sniffari Walks at Bark City Doggy Daycare

Bark City Doggy Daycare in Johnson City, NY has doggy daycare attendents who are trained in this specific type of walk and have routes that they take. Bringing separate collars and harnesses is not a requirement, but is a good idea if you want to start to build that kind of walking. Reserving a slot for a regular walk once or twice a week and once for a Sniffari, can begin to teach them the difference. We can help you with walking your dog, for you on a regular exercise walk, or a Sniffari. They are 5$ for 15-20 minutes, regular walks are 5$ and a run is $10. Length depends on the interests of your pet. 

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