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Bully Sticks Are Great for Dog Dental Care

Dental Care for Dogs is important. Recently, I got a comment from someone showing me a great product. They didn’t ask me to do this. I appreciate that someone took the time to leave me comments. They read my articles. I checked out their product on my own. After researching the topic, I found out Bully sticks are great for dogs. They can be great for dogs of all ages and sizes. Is a source I found for bully sticks and great pet articles as well. I wanted to give them a shout out for helping to make dogs lives better with healthy bully sticks. 

Great Pet Treat Articles I like this article about pet treats and the other one I posted. Check them out for healthy bully sticks for pets. I liked the fact that they are good for all breeds and sizes of dogs. Of course, always ask a veterinarian first about any new food or pet treatyou give your dog. Veterinary advice is always good before a new treat is introduced. You can get them at

Tarter Care Bully Sticks and Water Additives for Healthy Dog Teeth

Bully sticks significantly have been found to reduce tartar and plaque buildup on dogs teeth. Dogs need teeth care. They require it just like humans do. Chewing on bully sticks is a great method of tartar reduction. They are one of the many ways to keep your pets teeth healthy. Some dogs require extensive dental care because of owner neglect. Anesthesia and surgery are needed in some extreme cases because their owners have not taken care of their teeth. Some dogs when having their teeth professionally cleaned feel a lot of pain and anxiety. Preventing this involves brushing your dog's teeth, giving them treats that are formulated to remove tarter and water additives like this 

I found this as the lowest price water additives for pets. I have no association with them. I just researched dog dental products.

A Note on Bully Sticks 

 I saw a frequent visitor to my blog who leaves comments for me to read. I appreciate this. I always wrote if someone leaves a comment about something then I will write about it. I am following through on that and thanking them for taking the time to leave comments on my page. Above is a separate link for a cheaper water additive I found as an additional way to help your dog have healthier teeth. I made sure to read their articles on pet teeth care before posting their information links. I will only put up blogs that are original and good. I liked Dogtreatsus  because they post about the benefits of using various methods for dental care for dogs. They make terrific treats in decreasing tartar and plaque and at the same time make great amusement and chewing tools to serve a dual purpose. 

Dental Troubles in Dogs 

Utilizing teeth brushing, bully sticks and water additives will get you the best results. Look around for the easiest tooth brushes to use when choosing to utilize a dog toothbrush as part of a complete canine dental care routine. I learned about all of this on and got my dog Max some. I appreciate comments that much that I even bought the product.

Curly Bully Sticks for Small Dogs 

The bigger bully sticks are great for medium to large dogs. Smaller dog dental care requires different bully sticks for strong teeth. Small dog breeds need dog treats made for small dogs however. The twisty bully sticks also help more with cleaning the enamel of the teeth properly. It gets into all the hard to teach places that a dog toothbrush can not reach. Dogs love the flavor of them as they come in meat flavored varieties that are perfect For your pets picky palate. We all know how our pets can be when it comes to what they find tasty to chew on.

All dog sizes can benefit from the enhanced chewing these sticks provide. Just be sure to get the right size for your dog and more information on this topic can be obtained at Thank you for bringing this topic to my attention and I’m directing all in-depth information back to the source as dogstreatsus is a great source of info all all varieties of bully sticks. 

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