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Memes About Toilet Paper Courtesy Rules of Refilling Toilet Paper

 Refill Toilet Paper at Home and Away  Just a reminder, if you use the last piece of toilet paper and a roll you should replace it. I couldn’t believe at a certain place I was at a lot, an old job that entire year not one girl ever changed the toilet paper roll.  Jesus Would Refill the Toilet Paper It seems like such a simple task to change toilet paper and yet they would leave rolls all over the place. Replace the roll of toilet paper. To do so is incredibly easy. When the roll of toilet paper is on simply pinch the ends together and push. WWJD. Remember that bracelet? He would refill the toilet paper.  This Kind of Lazy Is Epic   You know this guy or girl. They at least attempt to put it on the roll by literally placing the TP on the used brown empty roll. Better than a three piece and bounce kind at least. Still annoying however.  You Know One of These  These people just take all the toilet paper and say screw refilling the toilet paper roll in their home with others, a restaurant,