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Anyone think Thrive Drove Shannan Watts and Chris Watts Over the edge

Maybe Thrive Killed Shannan Watts Cece Watts and Bella Watts

 Has anyone mentioned thrive driving Chris Watts to murder his family? How about the possible consequences the Thrive piƱa colada and thrive social media campaign impacted the Watts marriage? I feel that this non FDA approved drug caused Chris Watts to murder his family. Bella, Cece and Nico were murdered because of a possible theory I want to explore. 

It sounds like Thrive is speed. Thrive cosmetics impacted the Watts marriage. Chris Watts cheated with Nichol Kessenger while on this non fda speed Thrive. Thrive I believe has chemicals in it that cause aggression, rage, obsessive thoughts and violence. Thrive  should be sued. It looks like they had a good marriage until this job came along and this drug. This is just a theory. Nichol Kessenger his mistress had a part in it but maybe thrive caused Chris White to cheat on Shannan with Nicole Kessenger? He didn’t before Thrive. 

I’m not only One to Question Thrive  

I’m gonna finish this later but I’m starting up because I want to make a really good blog about the supplement and how it could’ve contributed  Chris Watts to commit the most heinous of murders of man killing his pregnant wife and children in Colorado. 

Boycott Thrive For Shannan Watts today read more here 

Speed patches. 

It looks like other people are thinking that thrive changed Chris Watts personality as well and look at how fast he lost 13 pounds. Look how energetic she is. Look at how she’s always pushing the social media Facebook and thrive at the same time because of the company. I feel like thrive pushed Chris and Shannan Watts both over the edge. I know everyone makes their own decisions but who knows how strong this non-FDA drug is.

Investigate and Sue Thrive for Shannan Watts, Cece Bella

Everyone needs to look into this possible theory of Thrive making Chris Watts a psychopathic killer and cheater. And Investigate discover more about this drug and what it does I am just starting this but it’s going to be really elaborated when I’m done and I’m going to push this message everywhere to investigate this drug and see if it possibly help contribute to Chris White’s killing his wife their unborn son Nico and two daughters.

I’m not Only One Who Partially Blames Thrive For the Watts Tragedy

Many people find thrive to be possibly linked to their murders. Let’s get this pulled off the market before someone else’s family is torn apart. 

Save a life discontinue Thrive not take crap that could gave wiped out a familu. I want to say that I am not condoning any actions by Chris White just that I believe the company needs to be investigated more thoroughly. Anyone capable of doing what Chris White did to his family by strangling his pregnant wife and two daughters and throwing them in an oil well obviously has issues to begin with but look into thrive and see the statistics on this dangerous possible health supplement. Look at him and his obsessive workout routine on the Thrive supplement Facebook shoved down their throats. See fancy house if you sell thrive and body for men in thrive?
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Investigate Thrive Now to Save a Marriage 

I’m not saying that thrive health supplement totally made Chris Watts  kill  family but look at him and his affair and change in personality. Please consider how it may have contributed to death shannann Watts cece Watts nico Watts Bella Watts thrive kill them?

pasted on her heart. 
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Please don’t take Thrive.

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