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Dog Food Article from One of my First Articles

Today's highly competitive dog food industry is something that is completely different from the dog food we saw just 10 years ago. If you go and look on the shelves you see hundreds of different kinds in some stores of different varieties. The new motto of the dog food world is “ eat like a human being does.” Dogs no longer have to suffer with slop in a can. They eat high quality dog food. Cat food is also feeling the upgrade.

Freshpet Dog Food Brand 

Freshpet, the refrigerated dog food that is in 15,000 personal cases in stores ,is revolutionizing fresh food for dogs. They only use human grade products in their line of food. It is working. Pet owners are flocking to buy the highest quality dog foods on the market. In 2016 they should turn a profit, but the price of fifteen dollars a tube has cost them money so far. The quality is now paying off and they are beginning to make money. 

Beneful, another high end canine premium food company, was one of the very first companies to make something human grade on a mass scale. Their high end containers of soup like meals for dogs drives my two miniature pinschers wild. The first time I tried it a few years ago on Maddox and Louie, they gobbled it up within seconds. It smells good and is definitely edible for humans if you so choose to try it. 

Beneful also makes incredibites, smaller cans for smaller dogs which I switched to when they came out. They are priced fairly and I get a meal for each in one can. It has ingredients in it like salmon, beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. With three in a can, I am completely set for a few days with a pack or two. In the picture is the dry dog food from beneful.

The Paleo and raw food diets are also making a huge impact on the market. With this diet, your dog eats like they would in the wild, and it is driving them wild as well! Vital Raw is the high end Freshpet line, and their motto is to feed your dogs what their wolf ancestors ate long ago. Raw chicken or beef are combined with the freshest of vegetables and the products are quite successful. 

Dogs and cats these days will live longer finally getting the food that they deserve. Why would you feed your pet anything that you wouldn't personally eat? They are a part of your family and deserve the best. 

I wrote this article about 5 years ago. I want to see how I improve over time and keep a log of my stuff at times. 

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