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Types of Users in this World and Mooch Memes

Make Dat 🤑 Off Everyone Else  If you want memes about mooches or memes about dirty hustling, you have come to the right place. I used to be used by everyone for everything. I could give hundreds of examples of how both men and women have exploited me for my generosity.  🚫 Anymore Go Find a New Target 🎯 Then I went through grief then I met someone who showed me the damn light on what the hell I have been doing and who I was around.  In this world there are people who have a career of leaching off of the rest of society. Let’s call them “whores” an affectionate term for those completely suck off others known as “targets” ways. Let’s go through the categories. If you have not had this done to you, good. But most likely during a pandemic most have.  Meet food stamp whores-use up your food stamps because they are unable to go to the department of social services and fill out forms House whores- steal your house or use you for housing  Car whores-take your car or make you drive them aroun