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What are Nadi Readers

 This was on Quora. I research it that an answered it so I want to share it. It’s exactly how I wrote it

To start I didn’t know anything about it so Ill do my best. Nadi readers is a new term to me. So, that means you have just helped me as a human being gain more knowledge by seeing your question. You peaked my interest. So here is the journey I’m going on. It starts here

Nadi Reading, Nadi Leaf, Identifying Leaves, Thumb Impression Astrology
An expert Nadi reader can tell everything about you. Nadi Reading process includes leaf search, identification process, transcription and translation stages.

Here is what I learned. Nadi Readers originated in India in small and its quoted “temple towns,” in order to find one. These days, however, you can find a nadi reader here online.

It starts with phases and phase one is the female giving her left thumb print and for men the right. This impression goes into something known as a Nadi bundle. Remember, you just taught me this term so my references are included and I highly recommend reading them to find the answer as I’m just the researcher not an expert on this.

Remember I am Answering a Question and Check Sources 

From what I’m reading this might possibly be a site that does it so it’s possibly information that is an advertisement of some sort, so in those instances, you have to pick out the knowledge from the advertising which I’m trying to do. The impression made is a scan on phone or fax as I’m reading on the above mentioned site. Don’t worry, I will get more references for you and ask genuine experts as well because you brought up a topic that might not be known to many. It’s new to me.

After the scan and the bundle the reader then looks more deeply at the leafs. That’s how they spelled it. Then you’re scheduled for a reading or interpretation via a video conferencing call of some type.Some also do it through email or text. It is the thumb print impression that I am getting that is the important part and the genuine readers get their information from that.

It sounds like it’s best to do in person but when answering questions you want to keep them brief from the nadi reader. Yes, no questions are the way to go. This is for purposes of it being more genuine you don’t want to give up too much information. That is one way to determine whether someone is genuine or not.

For example if the reader asks you do you have three or four sisters, you don’t answer that question. That would be leading them into answers. This parts from me basically like when you were going to anyone that’s reading things about you that doesn’t know you and has gifts, volunteering too much information is never a good thing. It is their job to read the information that you have given them, and be brief with responses. You don’t want psychology to play a huge role in this and it can in any kind of spiritual type of reading.

By the way this is the identification process of the Nadi Reading. After this something called an index leaf is identified and it goes thru a process knife as chapters. Here is a sentence directly from the source “First the reader must translate the ancient form of prosaic Tamil from the leaf into modern day Tamil before he can transcribe all of those details into a “Book of Poetry”.Source above☝️

The translator and the reader get together and go over the results. Then they are given to you. It sounds like a really intricate process and something that people should explore more I think because it sounds really interesting. I don’t generally research answers this in depth so I thank you for exercising my brain today.

During this translation stage is when you can ask questions and ask for more clarity. It’s already been read so you can now ask what you need to and give more information if you want. This is what I got from that one site now I will try to find some people that have done it and found it to be legitimate. According to this site they give you a prescription and usually a prescription would be something that is advice or something to help they call it a remedy also for the underlying issues that you have that you sought out this reading in the first place for.

There is also Nadi Astrology and that can be found here.

Nadi Astrology 2021 | Nadi Jyotish | Nadi Reading Online | Online Nadi Reading
Nadi Astrology or Nadi Jyotish is the ancient and divine predictive science that throws light on the past, present and future of an individual.

Remember I am finding things and information whenever you are looking anymore on Bing or Google, usually there is sponsored content so it takes some skills to read through that and find the actual information you were looking for. I’m trying my best to do that.

According to this site

Find Your Palm Leaf
First, is the search. In order for a reader, that is the person who is educated in finding and then reading the palm leaf to you, for him to be able to locate a bundle, which hopefully contains your individual palm leaf, he would need three things: one, your gender, the country of your birth and most importantly, your thumb impression. According to Hinduism, left thumb print for ladies, and right thumbprint for gents. The secret lies in your thumbprint.

Indian Sage’s had the answers to your questions 2000 years ago. That’s not a pun on words of my last namešŸ¤£. It is what I am finding online. This site states that actual Nadi Readers from India will search for your bundles and do the translation that way.

They will then match and read your palm leaf and translate it. I hope we get some good responses to this so that we collectively as a group can answer your question as now my curious cat is coming out and wants to learn more. I hope this helped as an introduction, and now please request from 25 experts to answer if you see this so we can find out more as this is a really interesting topic and I’d love to have someone do a reading for me and then I’d be able to personally verify it’s effectiveness.

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