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Small Dog Daycare Johnson City

Herman Jackie O  I had been working at Bark City Doggy Daycare in Johnson City NY as a volunteer. I worked every day 10-4pm and so I wasn’t seen much. I’m not the type of person who wants to run up to people and be like I did all this or that but I realize that none of the clients at all knew that I exclusively took care of their dogs. I volunteered all my time and resources to this small dog daycare Binghamton and not one person realized that I did this for free because I wanted to learn how to run a dog daycare in Binghamton. The Facebook page is gone and I wish I could get pictures for everyone but I can only get pictures of the times I worked in the front the first few months and the times I would work up there. I mostly stayed in my own area of Bark City Doggy Daycare. If there was a certain floor pattern, then it was me watching the dog. Kassandre Murdock trained me very well and I was able to do it on my own because of her help for months. I was hard to train as I was always jus