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Yellowstone is Not Just a National Park Anymore

  Where Can You go and get "Branded like a Cow and be Owned" and it's considered redemption?  Only on Kevin Costner show or movie set. being branded on Yellowstone is like getting a second chance or it means you are loyal to the John Dutton clan of the infamous Yellowstone television series starring Kevin Costner as a father grandfather pillar of the community enemy saint hero corrupt sexy generous with restrictions hoarding people and cows banging the governor and being commissioner of cows I would say is a complex character. He likes t he brand criminals and somehow has the power it seems to do whatever he wants in Montana from owning this gigantic Ranch known as the Yellowstone Ranch period don't get it wrong with Yellowstone national Park I'm still watching the show but somehow it is its own ranch and I believe it's near Yellowstone however? If I'm wrong anywhere just let me know. It's real cowboys and Indians in modern day Montana where Land Owner