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How Can one Answer the Question of What is the difference Between Last Summers Riots and The Capital Riots?

 According to Wikepedia  Moral superiority Language Watch Edit Moral superiority  is the belief or attitude that one's position and actions are justified by having higher moral values than others. It can refer to: Morality , when two systems of morality are compared Self-righteousness , when proclamations and posturing of moral superiority become a negative personal trait Superiority complex , when the moral superiority is a psychological reaction to insecurity and self-doubt A Question on Quora and how I answered it without trying to incite Violence or Drama  What is the difference between last summer‘s riots and the capital riots? I’m going to try to answer this in a non-political way. The protesters allegedly attack the capital allegedly because of alleged election fraud. They found this wrong. This conflicted with what they believed to be right, IF it was Trump supporters. BIG IF.  However many big rioters from BLM were again allegedly seen in this group as well. I don’t know t