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Selling Dollar Coins EBay

Susan B Anthony coin rolls for sale. Enjoy these dollar coins . I inherited them that's how I am able to sell them for such good prices. There are many with toning errors as well as Sacagawea and presidents dollars. There is a lot of variety and am committed to giving 100% satisfaction to every coin buyer on eBay. I am trying to be a coin seller on eBay but I'm finding that it is difficult so I'm doing the research on my own. There are two types of the Susan B Anthony coin type 1 and type 2. One is a narrow edge Susan B Anthony and another one is a wide brim Susan B Anthony or wide edge Susan B Anthony. The one in the picture right here has toning to it meaning that it is off color from a printing error. It is listed on eBay as well. Coin Rolls for sale These are the 25 coin rolls for sale. Dollar unsearched coin rolls . They are varied by year in the Sacagawea collection. So I'm selling separately some of them so I put those examples on top to show you what kind of coi