Lumin CPAP Cleaning Device

 Have you heard of the Lumin CPAP cleaning device? 

If not, read on to find out more about this UVC light germ killing device. While most CPAP cleaners use ozone cleaning methods, the Lumin cleaning device uses full UVC spectrum lighting methods to easily disinfect your most important medical device with ease. It is a one touch operational method, making your CPAP cleaning experience a breeze. 

Easy Cpap Cleaning Device

This type of cleaning method is also used in places where doctors operate and other sterile hospital environments. It gets rid of ninety nine percent of all pathogens, bacteria and funguses that tend to accumulate in CPAP machines. The same device that can help your health, can also hinder it if you are not cleaning your mask appropriately.

Easy Five Minute Cleaning

The Lumin cleaning device cleans all accessories and the device itself without using ozone. It is priced affordably and is very simple to operate. It uses a germicidal UV light bulb which also reflects the light around the mask to clean all areas evenly. They use polished aluminum to do this. The CPAP and humidifier are constantly being breathed into, enticing bacteria and funguses to develop. This is due to the constant moisture it endures when you breath in and out. 

You Can Clean Your Mask Every Day

It is recommended to use your Lumin CPAP cleaning device each day to keep bacteria at bay. The UVC light is a very powerful light source so you do not have to worry about routinely taking it apart to do basic cleaning. Twice a week is sufficient to stay healthy, but as mentioned before, it can be a daily ritual. If you happen to see debris, you can use a CPAP wipe on your device or wash it to disinfect it more thoroughly. When taken apart, the cleaning is even more effective than when the mask is assembled. 

How Exactly does This Device Work?

Cpap Lumin cleaning devices have a narrow spectrum of high energy light emits throughout the device, using a mercury arc anti germicidal bulb that gives off high amounts of UV light. In one five minute cleaning cycle, you can clean ninety nine percent of the fungus and bacteria present in the device. Always remember to frequently clean the mask and water chamber for the highest level of efficiency in providing you a clean environment to breathe into. Another Lumin CPAP Seller CPAP cleaning supplies

No Additional Supplies Needed

You do not have to reorder any additional supplies to use your Lumin cleaning device. The bulb is so strong and is rated high enough to last as long as the device itself. If in the event, and it’s rare, it does need changing, you can order a new light with ease from a multitude of manufacturers. Lumin Cpap Sellers. I have no compensation from any of the CPAP supply stores above. I wrote this awhile back and found it and wanted to share links on it. I also wanted other cpap suppliers to be able to post links on the topic.




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