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Dog Walking Insurance and Cat Sitter Insurance

Image Get 20 dollars off first booking. I have pet sitter insurance and they do not offer that like people think Protected with Booking with rover Only if you have dog sitting liability insurance. This shows where I get my Pet sitting Insurance. The Rover app assumes that Dog walkers have dog walking insurance. That is not the truth however in most cases. Have sitters and house cleaners do not have Liability insurance for Incidentals. I apologize for the really bad grammar. This is example of my cat  sitting insurance policy. I also have dog sitting insurance.Enables me to house sit with peace of mind for you that your pets have an insured housesitter Binghamton. An insured house sitter is great because I have lost key coverage in my policy. I also have the incentive to do a good job because I don't want my insurance rates to go up. It is like having Liability insurance on your vehicle. You don't wanna get in an accident because your rates go u

Got on For Now

 Hey got on for time being hope everyone is well!