My Personal Experience of How my Life is Going Because my Accounts and All my Data Has been Compromised and the Effects on my Relationships

 Don’t Make Fun or People Who say They Have Compromised Accounts 

Just as a preamble, the second you tell anyone that your account has been compromised, expect a lot of the following reactions from others as well as the personal toll it can take on your life-
  • Completely Ruse dismissive behavior from those you have loved and trusted . 
  • Being ridiculed behind your back by whoever is doing the Apple ID hacking and Google account hacking whether it’s a group or one person or many 
  • Having continuous obsessive thoughts whether everything you have ever done has been altered and sent to contacts. My contacts are not even all my own. They imported from my stepbrothers phone and he’s going through something I just went through and no one should have to deal with this along with that. 
  • If either you are your partner are hacked, expect to turn on and suspect each other and possibly lose that person due to compromised google security what to do about it. Apple ID was compromised what to do about it 
  • Lose days and weeks of sleep and lose weight and have your own mother say you look 82 years old and other people to say you look like sh$t 
  • Once it reaches your main google account it spreads from there and you begin to lose one account access at a time 
  • Watch as they listen to things you said, draw maps to places you have been and have it look like the person closest to you is possibly the one destroying your life and they think the same thing about you. 
  • Incredible bouts of crying and being unable to talk to ANYONE about it. You WILL get thrown out of any therapy you have
  • Have any online therapy being watched and taken from you 
  • Feel hopeless helpless and isolated 
  • If you ever picked up your partners phone and admitted and everything you did, they will suspect you even when you admit it directly after months later they will still be suffering from the same thing you are and start to think you have incredible hacking abilities far beyond your reach and vice Versa
  • See phones get taken over  as each one locks you out, you lose thousands of dollars in the process 
  • Be afraid that you’ve compromised any network you’ve ever been on and worry that you have compromised all your loved ones data as well 
  • There is no support group, they will even send your meds hours away when you are working so you can’t get them 

  • Lose concentration and time you could be spending with the people you care about because you have nothing to talk about but being terrified that somebody is personally stocking and attacking you 
  • Spending most of your days with Google account security account recovery and Apple security account recovery on chat as you’re only friends
  • No one understands that you can become totally frozen and isolated because of it and no one even says hello anymore and Quora becomes your only source of companionship 

  • VPNs stop working when it gets to a certain point
  • Lose access to a phone your family member hit to help you and you can’t even help them because you miss their messages and they have no reason to believe you because it becomes a game to the security breachers to target only certain people super hard and just data mine the others but not enough that they take notice 
  • Take out loans to “handle the problem” that take a year to pay off with no guarantees of prosecution 

That’s Just Some of the Effects Unethical Data Mining Has on Your Life 

Things have been really rough lately. I have been depressed, miserable down and tracked like a rabid animal. My accounts and phones have been severely compromised. I am at my breaking point and since I have spent so much time and energy crying and being miserable. This is over losing everything due to data breaches and what to do when your information is leaked on the dark web. I have finally done the right keyword research and hopefully found a very expensive answer. If it works and it can restore my life to normal and repair my damaged relationships I don’t care how much it costs. You get to this point where you finally start to pull out of it that’s the good news. I will keep you updated on this process as it’s not fast or easy. Digital forensic companies Binghamton and Digital forensic companies Albany hopefully can help me solve my problems. 

Sorry for the Rambling  

I apologize for the rambling. It is to show the effects it has on your life. I have taken actual steps toward legal action and data evidence recovery so that I can find the source of the dating mining and identity theft operation. I’ll update as soon as I can. 

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