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Sample Letter to a Man who Abandoned his Family.

    I see sad things on the internet. This story was really heartbreaking. Sample jealousy breakup letters are intense. If you are dealing with someone who is extremely jealous, that is a sign that you could be in a toxic relationship. Address the issue before it gets to this point below. To (Who the person is, change dog to child and all situations as needed to match yours) I've told you many times whoI am. Actually you know firsthand that I am a amazing girl who is loyal and you screwed it up with the best catch of your life and I feel really bad because you're going to regret it and you're wrong about everything and nobody's going to call me a bad mom when abandoning their family. Jealousy l that, to me, the worst venom to a relationship. We didn't have that then something triggered something scary inside. It makes you sick. Then it's fatal.  Everytime I told you that you were insane to think I'm a trick and and a ho, you'd apologize and cry noone e

Persecution Complex and the Pandemic are Effecting Families

  Delusional Disorders are on the Rise During the Pandemic  Persecution Complex is a delusion disorder that Aspire Counseling Services can treat. Contact  if the following article applies to you or someone in your life. This is a serious mental health issues that is very painful for both the families and individuals that suffer from it. For a second, put yourself in the shoes of someone who feels that all the time that life is out to get them. Your wallet goes missing, your girlfriend screwed a guy and gave it to him. That's real to someone with this delusion. Definition of Persecution Complex is feeling like plotting is always happening against you. You may see things that you saw but didn't notice before and attribute it to something new you believe to have occurred.  Fixed Delusions are Reality  This is a true story that identities have been changed.  Because of the seriousness of the illness, I am writing an article to hopefully Extra Sensory perception study by FBI 

Romantic Relationship Non Disclosure Agreements

Do you need  Romantic Non disclosure Agreements   Relationships ndas are a new thing in this digital age. Confidential non disclosure templates for dating  can be greatly useful if you are dealing with someone who is a celebrity or paranoid and on drugs. They can also be helpful if you are worried about your personal business getting out there and someone ruining your reputation. Why should anyone suffer because a relationship went bad? There should be clear guidelines for a relationship. Personal relationship confidentiality Agreements protect both parties. There could be a girl who is constantly accused of things she didn't do because of a man's history with women and he breaks her heart. Is that right? No. And vice versa. There are many clauses that you can put in. Relationship gag orders are another option.