Sample Letter to a Man who Abandoned his Family.


  I see sad things on the internet. This story was really heartbreaking. Sample jealousy breakup letters are intense. If you are dealing with someone who is extremely jealous, that is a sign that you could be in a toxic relationship. Address the issue before it gets to this point below.

To (Who the person is, change dog to child and all situations as needed to match yours)

I've told you many times whoI am. Actually you know firsthand that I am a amazing girl who is loyal and you screwed it up with the best catch of your life and I feel really bad because you're going to regret it and you're wrong about everything and nobody's going to call me a bad mom when abandoning their family. Jealousy l that, to me, the worst venom to a relationship. We didn't have that then something triggered something scary inside. It makes you sick. Then it's fatal. 

Everytime I told you that you were insane to think I'm a trick and and a ho, you'd apologize and cry noone ever loved you like me. You let insane thoughts control us . You saw s*** that wasn't there before yet it was and you still didn't get it even when there's paint over it. 


Each day, each hour, each minute, you scare me more, because you either really love me and care or a sociopath. anyone who trying to take away my liberty; control my attitudes, my dog businesses.; my friends. Nobody is that jealous then just go silent. That is narcissistic abuse. And you said you would kill me and him whoever you think it is if I did anything. That's why you know it's not true and never ever cheated on you. Or I would be in the stone quarry the blue stone quarry under rocks with whoever it is. You're even jealous of your own friends and then go talk to them in the face and talk s*** about me.

I said that regardless you could always see the dog. You broke the dog's heart. I do not let the dog have a broken heart. Don't ever call me a bad mother again. My dog has health insurance. Pet Care insurance. Asking to do all this deleted text messages and crap and things like that really was the final straw and actually thinking I would throw a vape pen out the window. You've got to be f****** kidding me. That's out of control.

The dog is not right in the head you led him on. He hurts he's depressed you just abandoned your family and got so jealous over someone that it destroyed you and I'm sorry but no guy I'd introduce you to would be a clown who would approve of being guy number two sorry I wouldn't be around apathetic loser like that. 

Omg who is going to go meet someone's boyfriend who has any f****** dignity if they have had sex with her. Come on like I don't get you like this is really something called a delusion disorder . Catfish host died and they put two B's and they spelled his name wrong to that guy that hosted the show.He never said 9 months. He said almost a month. Then you threatened to go find her. Omg WTF. Who was thinking about being unfaithful that day? Not this girl. 

I went to the FBI. You didn't go. That's how I know that you don't think I hacked you. Because you will have to before that and your mental delusion of me getting a place that I show you is insane. 

  if you can't believe me and you have to verify information that's sick. You don't appreciate me and the miles I put on my car for you. The insurance is nothing you appreciate nothing instead I've done.

I actually took the trip to see who's hacking and obviously you were looking for a way out and couldn't do it. 

So you had to blame it on other people and be really mean to me. You were really mean to the dog by making him chase you down the street. I can't believe you just stop loving the dog that's what makes me sick. I'm the rational one here that wants the dog to be happy you want the dog to be miserable and he is. I'm the rational one that can handle things correctly and be right in the head and you thought I would do something to hurt you. 

The only thing I do is send energy your way coming from me to you. I don't know what kind of energy that is bc I'm in shock someone abandons their family on their woman's birthday to be alone in the streets and endangered. No man would do that nobody.. Do you feel the dogs tears ? He transmits to you. The dog is depressed. You became obsessively jealous of someone and that's really unhealthy to be that jealous.


Run and Hide and abandon. You asked for this. You lied you said you never would leave us. I hope this haunts you that you lost because me and the dog don't put up with games. And again thr jealousy. If you have something to say to the person that you wrote on the walls you should probably do that to their face instead of writing on walls. So what is it that makes you so insanely jealous of this person? 

 I'm letting you know as you are a hider, from this moment on we will have nothing special that brings us together, anymore. 

Abandoned by CW

L and M


Persecution Complex and the Pandemic are Effecting Families


Delusional Disorders are on the Rise During the Pandemic 

Persecution Complex is a delusion disorder that Aspire Counseling Services can treat. Contact https://aspirecounselingservice.com/contact/ if the following article applies to you or someone in your life. This is a serious mental health issues that is very painful for both the families and individuals that suffer from it. For a second, put yourself in the shoes of someone who feels that all the time that life is out to get them. Your wallet goes missing, your girlfriend screwed a guy and gave it to him. That's real to someone with this delusion. Definition of Persecution Complex is feeling like plotting is always happening against you. You may see things that you saw but didn't notice before and attribute it to something new you believe to have occurred. 

Fixed Delusions are Reality 

This is a true story that identities have been changed.  Because of the seriousness of the illness, I am writing an article to hopefully get help for those who are suffering from Delusional Disorders and persecution complex. There is a guy named Ryan. He has a great relationship with his girlfriend. They have issues here and there but in the last few months since the election, things changed and what started as collecting silver Incase it's needed as currency. This is a healthy behebiorYou think someone is following your girlfriend and he is actually chasing his dog. You start to think your girlfriend is a prostitute because of this. In reality this guy's dog has the same name as your dog and that's why he is coming. It's easier to believe that your girlfriend is a hooker however. You feel ignored and called crazy by people often and your entire town you think talks about you. This leads you to isolation and destroying relationships with friends and family and losing your girlfriend as she has put up with this a long time. You really feel this way though. It's a horrible mental illness and very painful for those suffering from a delusional disorder. 

Pandemic Causes Delusional Disorders to Skyrocket 

The pandemic has caused delusional disorders to become on the rise. Major anxiety and anger are always at the surface and suffering from severe persecution Complex leads to isolation and loneliness. People like this have had a rough life usually and we should feel sorry for them but we should feel even more sorry for the ones that have to suffer at the hands of those with persecution complex disorder. Getting them into aspire counseling services is the best thing you can do for someone who suffers from a delusional paranoid disorder. For these people this is their reality every single day and they need help. You should try to do anything you can to help someone who has either a drug-induced paranoid delusion disorder or trauma induced delusional disorder. https://www.webmd.com/schizophrenia/delusions-persecution


Fixed Delusions Are Daily 

Suffering from a persecution complex is no laughing matter. One could end up murdering their partner due to having such a severe mental illness. They may become violent towards them or ruin the best relationship they've ever had. They might also think that their family is always conspiring against them. This is also a common thought and usually young childhood trauma can start this and not having trustworthy adults in your life at a young age. Having a relationship with someone with a persecution complex can be the most difficult kind of relationship one can experience in their life. If your partner has a delusional disorder with a persecution complex you should seek help for them immediately before they end up hurting themselves or others. https://aspirecounselingservice.com/

Signs That Persecution Disorder is Getting Worse 

To understand what a persecution complex is one has to understand that a delusion is something that is a fixed thought that to everyone else makes no sense. One may even make jokes to their partner not understanding that they are very mentally ill and say something like wow I could make a lot of money as a prostitute not understanding yet that this person that they are with is mentally ill and they cannot make jokes to them. This leads to violent outbursts and the paranoid person thinking that their partner meant it when any normal person would know that you don't say that and mean it. That's the difference between someone with a paranoid delusional disorder and someone who doesn't have one. Aspire Counseling Services Bakersfield can help. 


0can Be Confused for Meth Addiction or Amphetamine Addiction 

Delusional disorders can be sparked by excessive amphetamine and methamphetamine usage. It doesn't mean however that someone is on drugs. They may really have severe mental health issues that need addressing and someone to take them seriously. It is no possible way you should be making any jokes to someone who has drug induced paranoid delusion disorde. This is a fixed reality thought to them and they really feel like everyone can be out to get them. It's a tough lesson to learn when you are dealing with a pandemic and very mentally ill people and do not know how to recognize the signs. That's why getting them into Aspire Counseling Services is so crucial for those who have methamphetamine addictions with paranoid Delusions.

It is a Type of Thought Disorder

When someone has a thought disorder they make statements that make no sense and their thoughts are very scrambled and confused all the time. Their sentences have meaning that is cryptic and this leads to angry outbursts as well as memory loss. This is why a place like Aspire counseling services can also help those who are enablers of this without knowing as they have help for families dealing with persecution disorder. 


Romantic Relationship Non Disclosure Agreements

Do you need  Romantic Non disclosure Agreements 

 Relationships ndas are a new thing in this digital age. Confidential non disclosure templates for dating  can be greatly useful if you are dealing with someone who is a celebrity or paranoid and on drugs. They can also be helpful if you are worried about your personal business getting out there and someone ruining your reputation. Why should anyone suffer because a relationship went bad? There should be clear guidelines for a relationship. Personal relationship confidentiality Agreements protect both parties. There could be a girl who is constantly accused of things she didn't do because of a man's history with women and he breaks her heart. Is that right? No. And vice versa. There are many clauses that you can put in. Relationship gag orders are another option. https://www.legalcontracts.com/contracts/non-disclosure-agreement/?loc=US&pid=googleads-59701315085-513142687434_sl-ggkey_nda%20for%20relationships&gclid=CjwKCAjw-qeFBhAsEiwA2G7NlxCqyCl-qMX0DLXDgRw-uHYtYBByxhwn3ygZB16-nny2NqpkMVXB9xoC-xsQAvD_BwE&s=questions&g=QGsigning&webuser_data_id=126141536

It Sets Rules for the Bounds of the Relationship

Now, in a relationship, there should be warning. A date you got 30 days to pull yourself together. If you don't , then I have cause to leave you. I looked a lot into this topic because I feel for people who are promised that their partner will never leave them and then next thing are ditching them  and destroying them. If you tell somebody you will never leave them and you don't mean it you can really hurt them you could kill somebody doing that. You don't play around with love you don't play around with somebody's heart. You especially don't accuse somebody when you've been caught lying and she hasn't said anything YET. 

Things to Include in a Relationship Confidentiality Agreement 

  • Terms of if one is thinking of leaving and a timeline for the other to pull it together. 
  • If there is to be any looking into the other it must be by a professional private detective Binghamton 
  • There must be evidence of disloyalty
  • There must be evidence of clear intent to harm 
  • Assumptions are not evidence 
  • Neither party can talk about the other party without their consent.
  • If parties don't follow the agreement there is legal action to follow
  • be careful and probably take an agreement if someone offers one. If they are that confident they haven't done anything wrong you could lose an amazing woman because of paranoria

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