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Why Raise Free Range Chickens in Australia

 Benefits of Free Range Chicken Free Farming In Australia   

Free range chicken farming can be a truly satisfying livelihood. You are able contribute to the production of eggs in Australia, one of the healthiest foods that one can eat. An egg is made of 12 percent the shell and the rest is vitamins, minerals and proteins. You can also make a difference in the lives of the chicken you are taking care of on a daily basis. They are animals with a lot of personality and spunk and are a delight to have around. Aussie free range chicken make up a significant portion of the eggs we eat in Australia every day. The more chickens that are raised as free range the more chickens are free from the unnatural life of being raised in a cage. No chicken should have to live that way and many farmers are making the change from cages to cage free. 

How Many Chickens Am I Allowed to Have? 

If you are a free range chicken farmer, you are expected to adhere to the rules of FREPA the Free Range Egg and Poultry of Australia. They are the ones who enforce the strict laws that Australia has concerning free range farming. You really have to follow the rules of chicken per space rather than the question of how many chickens you are allowed to have. Basically if you have 1000 chickens then you can have 10 chickens per square meter. If you have 4000 chickens then that number is reduced to 6 chickens per square meter. This prevents someone from buying a huge area and filling it up with poultry. Aussie free range chicken are some of the best treated chicken in the world. The Australian government is some of the strictest in the world when it comes to treating chickens with humanity. If you are from another country consider ordering eggs and chicken from Australia. They are very strict on their rules and they do random checkins on Free range chicken farms Australia.

What Do Chicken Need to Survive and Thrive? 

In order to reap the benefits of free range chicken farming in Australia you need to understand the animal you will be taking care of. A chicken loves to range and be free to roam around outside some. They may be satisfied enough while in a barn, but if you want non aggressive chickens then you need to make their conditions habitable. Aussie free range chicken can have up to 15 hours a day of either or, or combined artificial and daylight. They also need shade and enjoy bales of hay and perches to sit on. They also need a nutritional diet. Aussie free range chicken like a diet of seeds, grains, peas, canola and grass to range on as they choose. Oddly enough, this sounds weird but they even eat turkey and chicken carcasses that you are done with. Strange right and kinda creepy. I thought so. They also love the Cheerios cereal. One cool thing about chickens is that if you get a really good rooster, they can make incredible fathers. Not all of them of course are but I'm at a chicken that is a better father than any human or animal father I've ever met LOL. He takes care of all of his babies and the babies of the rest of the other roosters. Some roosters are aggressive though so you do have to watch out. If you have an aggressive rooster you might want to consider giving it away to another free-range chicken farm that needs it.

Why Sell Eggs? 

The best thing about  raising Aussie free range chicken is that eggs are a free market. You have the choice of what you charge for your eggs. It is based on the supply and demand principal so there is no monarchy on the market and everyone is able to compete. The basic idea is those who sell quality products will stay in business.  Those who skimp on production somewhere along the line will be forced out of business. We as Australians control who stays in business  and that is a beautiful thing. It means that no sub par eggs will make it to the grocery stores for long because we are in control. That is the greatest thing about running your own free range chicken farm. Chickens who are free range also live higher quality lives. Imagine being in a chicken coop all day. Chickens have personality and family units. They are incredibly loving pets who can libe up to ten years when properly cared for ad well. Stop the big companies from abusing chickens and start raiding free range chickens in Australia. 

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