Meet Arshad Ali Independent Entrepreneur and Links to his Sites to Make Monry Online

Meet Arshad Ali a Up and Coming Web Developer and Social Media Tycoon 

The above pic is from 
Work up Jobs a site with micro jobs you can do on the side to make money. My #friend007 friend introduced me to it and I’ve made a few dollars. Since this was legit, I wanted to introduce my audience to the entrepreneur who showed me it and Arshad Ali is someone you should check out. as he introduced me to this awesome site I had never seen before known as Workup Jobs. Small tasks and jobs to make money. introduced me to these new sites I didn’t know about. This is #zorrbabe posting for a friend from #friend007. I checked the site out, and it looks like he is working hard on his business. To be a content creator is difficult. If someone puts a lot of work in, I want to help them. I made this to help others promote their views and beliefs too. Here is the site Loved 2 Heart Link

This is the title of the page. There are many links on here. Let me know what you think. I am not being paid for anything I promote. If I ever do affiliate links I will tell you, as that is my policy. The site has many links and videos. I hope to work more with him in the future as he is ambitious and has a very well maintained site. 

Places to Shop at Loved 2 Heart 


There is Ways to Increase your Followers on YouTube and other Social Media Sites

This is Arshad Ali from #Friend007 personal link to increase followers. 

These are his links so direct any questions to Arshad Ali on #Friend007 It is a free SAT currency social media site to meet like minded entrepreneurs. I saw he worked hard on his site. He has a well organized page. All of the links go to his direct affiliate and helping to support content creators from around the world is what content creator should do for each other. There is Many More Money Making Opportunities on the Main Site. 

https://thankyoummc.blogspot.com/?m=1 there is so many ways to make money online here that I followed them for hours. I love sites that put all the ways to make money in one space. It makes it so easy to sign up. Use Google Translate when offered at beginning of the site and it will direct you there. Easy sign up process. Check it out today. This is something he showed me I’m including . This does have my referral link as he referred me and it’s fun! Help each other out. Here’s mine https://beta.pynk.io/r/Zorrbabe
It’s a prediction of the market site. It’s new and fun. Thanks to https://thankyoummc.blogspot.com/?m=1 
For showing me this site to utilize. 


Do you Remember Be You Byron Bay?

Story of Adventure, Living Life and Love and Work Can Coexist 


A Unique Couple Designs Unique Skateboards

In Byron Bay Australia, they arrived with a dream. #zorrbabe  A young couple decided that they wanted to fulfill their destiny of true happiness. (Benjamin and Florian) gave up their careers to truly feel the majestic offerings that only pure unadulterated natural living can provide. One can not truly know who they are, and what they believe until they are free from the constraints of the modern planet. They took a risk that may seem petrifying to most of us. However, it turned out to be an adventure that led them down a rabbit hole and back to success.

Behind this Particular Story is a Reason 

This is a story I wrote for this couples website  site a few years ago and I am hoping it leads to their product site to be found because I will never forget writing this article. It is rewritten here as I am telling their story. It was to me a story of how taking the biggest risks can possibly cause the worst case scenario but what about the flip side? Do we ever think that so much risk also can reap the most rewards? Not usually. We are usually frightened by anything involving the word “risk”, “chance”, or anything that is not “guaranteed.” I have found a link to the couple here https://theweekendedition.com.au/gold-coast/gentlefolk/be-you-handcrafted-skateboards/ Above image is from the link. Here is to a video of the skateboards.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lXdXNV7KlHA

Something So Scary to Most Humans was Appealing to Benjamin and Florian 

was natural. We were meant to meet and create beautiful art together for the world to enjoy. 

We All Love a Love Story 

One of the Be You Longboards

Above is one of  Florian and Benjamin’s designs. You can find them all on the links above. This is not a story I am being paid to write. I just have been looking for their story for years and I had a glimpse of it but the above links show be.u in a more detailed nature. When a couple can move from being in love, being best friends and into a business relationship, it can be scary. Couples fight a lot when it comes to business. One may have one idea about how to do things and one might have another idea. I’m sure everyone has experiences at one point or another with the relationship/business principles. 

I Understand the Uncertainty First Hand


I certainly do and it’s been a difficult time when I’ve tried it. It doesn’t mean I give up on it however.  It  is my ultimate dream to have a relationship with a business together. They did not go into this adventure without thinking however they had an idea to create organic, high end skateboards made out of only the highest quality wood. They could even ridden without shoes. How cool is that? BeYou another name they go by to get these were so fast that residents in Byron Bay, Australia skateboards were all the craze. Here is a link to their official page. https://m.facebook.com/beyouhandcraftedskateboards

Another link is here about them https://www.merijula.com/blog/handcrafted-skateboards

Truly Be You Skateboards are One of a Kind

The two were from Germany.  Flo and Ben  were top level executives that left the country to go to make their gorgeous skateboarding  Byron Bay dreams come to life. Be You Skateboards are completely crafted by hand with awe inspiring geometric patterns that will blow your mind. When you take out the stress of day-to-day life as an executive or manager or a daily worker, you wouldn’t believe what you can create in an environment that looks like

Possibilities are Endless 

Imagine those stairs being the ones you walk down instead of an elevator at your nine to five job every day? You can get a skateboards Target here https://www.target.com/c/skateboards-riding-toys-scooters-hoverboards/-/N-5xt7

Cool board 
Those are mainstream and great for most riders. When you create a skateboard out of love, you can feel it inside your soul when you ride. I truly hope that anyone looking for a new or used Be.u skateboard can find one.

Florian and Ben Should Inspire Us All to be More 

 I haven’t seen the Facebook be.you page  but the address was 30 parkway drive, Ewingsdale, NSW, Australia, 2481, New South Wales.  If it doesn’t work post below. I just want if they are not still creating them for Benjamin and Florian Byron Bay, Australia to know that writing for them four years ago was an inspiration to not give up on my dreams. 

Be You Handcrafted Skateboards craft unique skate decks that really made me change my Life Views

To them riding a skateboard is an adventure and a way to complete organic freedom from gasoline and electricity. They have a love of each other, going new places, surfing Byron Bay and creating products with love. No two skateboards by Ben and Flo are the same. You can add all the stickers you want. It’s still not the same as a handcrafted one of a kind surfboard or skateboard. If I remember correctly there’s also handcrafted surfboards  Byron Bay. 

Wooden Masterpieces to Peak your Interest in What’s out there?

Does the above picture remind you of you stumbling through life? It does me. Curiosity about the wooden masterpiece beneath your feet will also peak when they see the marquetry crafted conceptual designs. 

Take your Flip Flops Off 

Do you wanna ride barefoot ? Go ahead. Do you like to be comfortable in your ride? Of course you do. Do you like a lot of grip on your skateboard? Obviously. These long boards make girls go crazy as well. Imagine yourself a sexy surfer Byron Bay and you see a group of beautiful bikini women all staring at you. That’s because beyou skateboards is a lifestyle and look once you get one. It is not .

Cookie cutter Skateboards that the girls laugh at. They make you look sexier, have more confidence and show pride that you care about the planet. Your whole appearance changes with one of these. Suddenly women are finding you attractive. Again I’m not being paid for this it’s just true I’ve seen them they’re wicked cool.

Organic Longboards and Organic Skateboards 

The long boards are made out of recycled organic components. They are definitely not for not experienced riders however. That is a disclaimer and putting in here. I just remember their story and I wanted to find one to get for myself. You should obviously start out with a safe skateboard with the proper shoes.

Be You is Not for Beginner Skaters 

These are for experienced longboard riders and skateboarders who have experience. They are for the type of people who like to express who they are through art and their appearance. You can get to this point but practice slowly and work towards getting a hand crafted skateboard from Byron Bay. Feel nothing like natural hand crafted durable wood directly under your feet. Imagine yourself feeling completely connected with the planet. You’re passing others skaters  by as the glance in your direction. 

These are from Amazon https://www.bing.com/aclick?ld=e8KV9VxWPwdFKx_r2z0QMBejVUCUy4ONLtIWgTvkZTfT0FVHBXyRwcHyv6wMKGeVweTVjHzDW32PynLbMdsT3FxZrx_DqYut93Fg3F-ha5tdQDBxQbcYtEMr2tUs_3RP7pi4PheTR_mhzeB92PJb76WPHImIx2CAT4Ml7tvj-Snm3qlA91&u=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&rlid=e55beefb88ef159f69808e8c867711a3

Try the Above Before Investing in A unique Handcrafted masterpiece 

They may not know who made your amazing skateboard but they know there’s something different about it. Your longboard is not the same as others. Again, please don’t jump in to barefoot long boarding Australia. Start out slow and easy like you would with anything dangerous like skateboarding as it is a risk of hurting yourself severely. The passion you have for life is addictive and contagious to others. Especially when you are the only one on the planet who has that particular longboard.

Recycled Veneers With Grip Free Tape 

This is an Antihero skateboard to show an example. https://www.nativeskatestore.co.uk/skateboards-c7/skateboard-decks-c23/pfanner-we-fly-skateboard-deck-8-25-p42308

I tried to find skateboards if you can’t get them from the original company I’m talking about that were similar in design and quality. This is another good place to get one. But the story is really not about skateboarding, it's about following your dreams in love and

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