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Learning the Various States of Mind and How Mindfulness Can Help Us Feel Less Intense Pain

Mindfulness Verses Mindlessness and the Various States of Mind that Follow  We all have various moods. This is absolutely normal. We are humans beings who experience a range of emotions ranging from mild to intense.  Moods can also be known as various states of mind. One always wants to examine the distinct difference between these constantly shifting states. This helps to build awareness of how we are feeling when in these extremely different states of mind. This is an Image of Being Mindful  The above image shows a peaceful scene of the beach, sand, rocks, glaciers and ocean. These all remind of us serenity, peace and tranquility. It is not being shown to look at it in that way however. It is shown to notice the different things that we see when we look at that photograph and the words within it. The word Mindful is also an acronym.  Moment to Moment Attention In the Here and Now Non Judgemental Attitude Detatch from Unhelpful Thoughts Forgive and be Greatful Unconditional Acceptance

Meet Arshad Ali Independent Entrepreneur and Links to his Sites to Make Monry Online

Meet Arshad Ali a Up and Coming Web Developer and Social Media Tycoon  The above pic is from  Work up Jobs  a site with micro jobs you can do on the side to make money. My #friend007 friend introduced me to it and I’ve made a few dollars. Since this was legit, I wanted to introduce my audience to the entrepreneur who showed me it and Arshad Ali is someone you should check out. as he introduced me to this awesome site I had never seen before known as Workup Jobs. Small tasks and jobs to make money. introduced me to these new sites I didn’t know about. This is #zorrbabe posting for a friend from #friend007. I checked the site out, and it looks like he is working hard on his business. To be a content creator is difficult. If someone puts a lot of work in, I want to help them. I made this to help others promote their views and beliefs too. Here is the site  Loved 2 Heart Link This is the title of the page. There are many links on here. Let me know what you think. I am not being paid for an

Do you Remember Be You Byron Bay?

Story of Adventure, Living Life and Love and Work Can Coexist    A Unique Couple Designs Unique Skateboards In Byron Bay Australia, they arrived with a dream. #zorrbabe  A young couple decided that they wanted to fulfill their destiny of true happiness. (Benjamin and Florian) gave up their careers to truly feel the majestic offerings that only pure unadulterated natural living can provide. One can not truly know who they are, and what they believe until they are free from the constraints of the modern planet. They took a risk that may seem petrifying to most of us. However, it turned out to be an adventure that led them down a rabbit hole and back to success. Behind this Particular Story is a Reason  This is a story I wrote for this couples website  site a few years ago and I am hoping it leads to their product site to be found because I will never forget writing this article. It is rewritten here as I am telling their story. It was to me a story of how taking the biggest risks can pos