Question on Quora About Guppy Care and Sick Fish

 Question on Quora- Why does my fish dying? I started a new fish tank, after a while, they started to slow down, isolate themselves and they clamp their fins and eventually they die, I have put a picture for one of the guppies that is starting to act the same.

My answer 

I am not a fish expert but I did go through a phase where I raise guppies. There are many reasons why this can happen. Remember I'm not an expert just somebody that went through a phase of raising guppies went through a phase of raising guppies.

Look at this guppy site

Lot of info here pic from here 


I went further and got you common fish diseases for guppies


Also marine diseases 

Fish Fins Clamping Is Bad

I remember clamping fish fins is an indicator of a possible specific disease. Or a sign of one remember I'm not an expert just a person that had fish tanks and is trying to help you. You need a hospital tank when you notice a fish is sick. Check the ph of the water. If you have the wrong ph that can greatly affect their health.

Here's info on clamped fins.

Clamped Fins - Cause and Treatment - Info from link

"Homeaquarium site with fish and invertebrate profiles, how to’s, DIY, breeding, care, feeding, equipment and maintenance of freshwater and marine aquariums."


There may be bullying going on, not enough room in the tanks, the water needs to be warm enough and treated and you may have aggressive and community fish in there together and they are being harmed. Any stress on a fish can harm them. When doing water changes, around 15–20 percent is changed with a gravel vacuum once a week and put new “at water temperature of the tank in that is treated"

A great fish resource

Clamped Fin Fish Disease from https://www.tropicalfishsite.com/clamped-fin-fish-disease

"Not indicative of one specific disease. Can be a reflection of various problems, including bad water quality and/or parasites. Symptoms: Fins are folded against the body and not fanned out as they should be Listless behaviour Treatment: First test the aquarium water to review overall water quality with a good quality test kit and conduct a partial water change to ensure healthy conditions. A good all round fungus treatment such as protozin should make a difference to most causes of clamped fin fish disease so treatment with this is a good place to start. Prevention: It is important to first determine the specific problem in order to treat fish properly. Good practice of adding 1 tbs. aquarium salt per gallon will help prevent clamped fins. Tropical Fish Site takes no responsibility for diagnosing the exact problem with your tropical fish, this is purely meant as a guide only. Be sure to look at other common tropical fish diseases to ensure you have made the correct diagnosis as there is often crossover between them. Features: always follow package guidelines water treatment for improving fish water quality helps to cure common ailments found in aquariums Model number: 5568 Features: High quality item. Genuine product High quality item. Genuine product Description coming soon Features: Treats Protozoan and Fungal Infections Aquarium Treatment for Costiasis and Trichodiniasis Features: Contains one (1) API Freshwater master kit 800, including 7 bottles of testing solutions, 1 colour card and 4 glass tubes with cap Helps monitor water quality and prevent invisible water problems that can be harmful to fish and cause fish loss Accurately monitors five most vital water parameters levels in freshwater aquariums: pH, High Range PH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate Designed for use in freshwater aquariums only Use for weekly monitoring and when water or fish problems appear"

Many More Fish diseases Do your Research

This is images of parasite diseases mentioned above 

More diseases

Bacterial Fish Diseases

Viral Fish Diseases

What Ick looks like 

Here's what causes Ick 

There can be other diseases issues, I'm not a fish vet. Please remember this. I am not an expert. This is advice given as an opinion of a prior fish owner who went through fish issues and learned to resolve. This tells you how many fish can go in a tank one inch fish remember so if it says 6–8 fish per 20 gallons that's 6–8 inches of fish. 


Fish & Aquariums


That is the general site I found the information about how many fish to put in there but go through those pages to find more information. Please don't go and just start treating your fish for any possible disease I know it's hard to find fish Doctors I really do so I know that you have to ask on the internet unless you know a fish expert. I would recommend going to your local pet store with pictures of your fish right down all the symptoms and speak to the local fish expert there.

Experts on Fish

Go to a few different pet stores to speak to them. Talk on forums ask as many questions as possible have pictures evidence take videos whatever you can do. Guppies breed fast as well. That means they need more surface room.

Hiding Spots

Fish need plenty of space to themselves and hiding spots to relax. I do not get affiliate link pay so these are what I looked at and read. I didn't expect to answer fish questions today but I'm happy to oblige.

Aquarium Fish Hiding Places

From Chewy helps you understand why fish look for hiding places and how to give them the best hiding places in their aquariums.


Side Note on Snails and Plants

One more thing be careful of buying plants you might end up with a lot of snails. I had a snail infestation from one eBay plant so try to get artificial plants unless you have a source that can guarantee you will not get snails that you can not release in the wild do not ever do that if you have them. It is illegal you have to find a humane way to take them somewhere and speak to your local conservation department about this if this is an issue that you have as well. I just wanted to add that in as a side note.

Never release Anything into the Wild

We never ever release anything that is domestic into the wild. It causes huge issues in our ecological system. I made the mistake of buying the plant on eBay and I ended up having to get multiple tanks just to take care of the snails until that could be handled. I did not ask for this fish taking job my sister abandoned them and I had to figure out a way to learn all this stuff really fast and I did the best I could and I tried to learn the most I could about the pH of water, using correct lighting, using correct hiding spots, and different fish need different pH levels.

Remember I am not an Expert just Directing to resources and Personal Opinion

Although I hope you found this helpful, I am not an expert on tropical fish but experienced enough to direct you to more experience people and to give you personal opinion not advice. This is a disclaimer as I did the best I could to try to help you but please seek out other resources as well. Go through all the links and look up some links of your own and I did request the assistance of more people for you. I really hope I've helped you with info to look into and places to start.


The Five Components of Emotions

 I’m doing a workbook for Ascension. As I do it I save it here so it’s not complete complete in this article. I’m doing on here. Let me know how I do as I go 

Emotional Triggers 

Introduction to the Five Components of Emotions 

Emotions are a roller coaster. When you are dealing with chronic pain as well as emotional pain. We can experience intense emotions, Understanding emotions is a vital component of learning mindfulness to manage chronic pain. You wouldn’t believe how much chronic pain management and emotion disregulation go hand in hand.

Negative Emotions can Trigger Many Feelings 

We will study many kinds of ways that being mindful of your thoughts, feelings, triggers and surroundings can affect you both mentally and physically. Being mindful is a concept we will get into further in this group. Understanding emotions and how they are triggered needs to be understood however first. When we understand that it is ok to feel how we feel and why we do feel certain emotions, everything including managing chronic and acute pain is another effective form of pain management. We will learn how to radically accept (another concept you will learn in this group) our emotions, the hold they have over us and our actions decreases. 

Included note of top examples for most people -

  • You feel anxious when someone leaves you.

  • You think that a person is not listening to you.

  • You feel helpless over situations where you have no control.

  • You do not feel valued or appreciated.

  • You feel that you are not good enough.

  • You think that you are being judged all the time.

  • You feel belittled and worthless.

  • You feel controlled by someone.

The Five Components of Emotions

When we go through the array of  emotions there are five components. Emotions are complicated and individually to each person yet Some of the components remain the same for everybody. When we experience a trigger which is an event that happens internally and externally. They are generally started by an event that occurs usually some thing that is either a major event or it could be a daily event. This leads to more emotions and events that was triggered by one major life change or event or an event that happened earlier in the week or just today for example. It could be a conversation that triggers an emotional response. It could be going to work, it could be an argument with a significant other, it could be the loss of a job, it could be not finding your car keys or having your battery die. When we have chronic pain emotions we feel are so much stronger and so triggers can happen more easily. Learning how to manage these triggers and events can greatly reduce your physical pain as we have mentioned that physical chronic pain and emotional pain go hand-in-hand.  This chart is components when in the workforce. These are similar but a few different components.

You are driving down the road and decide to stop and get gas. On the way you run into a friend who tells you some news they heard about you . It’s not that bad, it's just something that is enough to irritate you a little bit. You continue on your way to the gas station. When you get to the pump, There is a line and you are starting to get a headache. This makes you tired to think that you might get a migraine which is an internal trigger while the others are external triggers. The internal triggers are the ones that are making you think that you were going to get a migraine and the external triggers are the ones that are keeping you from taking some headache medicine. This can start to fire off an emotional state. These all start to set your emotions off.  Included is emotional intelligence and the five elements of that type of emotional reactions.


Your beliefs and assumptions about what is going on will be Exasperated  as emotions take off. Thoughts that fire with emotions are usually emotion-congruent. That is to say, if you feel stressed because there is a line at the gas station, your thoughts are likely to be worry thoughts, rigid "I'm right" thoughts, and that's normal for all people experiencing anxiety 

When you have chronic pain that could either be a regular headache or a migraine. You start to feel secondary emotions and thoughts that you should calm down because it might just be a headache that is caused by being in line and might be a little dehydrated and you’re not gonna have a full-grown migraine.You start to feel angry because the people in front of you were taking too long to feel gas and you feel like it’s wrong to be angry you don’t know the day they’re having. Then you can start to feel like you have no right to be angry because of this and this creates a mixed emotional experience. It can also create a completely new emotional experience like depression that you can’t stand your life anymore everything is too difficult having doing some thing simple as going to get gas. As mentioned earlier, thoughts can also set off emotion as an internal trigger. Do you think the event was positive, unfair, shameful or unbearable? We will continue with the rest as I go. This is the second part of chronic and emotional pain series.


Favorite bark city doggy daycare pics and Cutest Dog Photos Online

Herman and Bridget at Small dog daycare Binghamton New York. Herman is a miniature dachshund and one of my favorite dogs at Bark City Doggy Daycare Johnson City.  Any of the dogs featured in my articles i have taken care of. all

Next  Mina the Husky and Piper the Pitbull.  

Again striking a pose. 



Eva pia cooper Luna geo.These are all pictures from being a small dog daycare attendant in Johnson City. I miss volunteering there so much and making these reminds me of how happy I made these dogs and how much I’d like to see them again. Are used to run to the back and would wait in line to get into the small dog daycare. Some of the dogs are from the front and the other girls took care of the bigger dogs like Cooper usually and Sully and Mina

Miss you Guys!

I miss being with the dogs and the girls at the daycare. They taught me a lot and it was a lot of fun. I really advanced when I worked on my own and studied constantly and took classes. Dog training is some thing that is not learned overnight and it takes months andSo nobody got to really see what I learned because of the hours I work I didn’t get a chance to show everybody how much I learned. My dog is doing so great and I just really want to volunteer at a dog daycare Binghamton again as it really helps me to feel like I am helping animals.


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