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Anyone think Thrive Drove Shannan Watts and Chris Watts Over the edge

Maybe Thrive Killed Shannan Watts Cece Watts and Bella Watts  Has anyone mentioned thrive driving Chris Watts to murder his family? How about the possible consequences the Thrive piƱa colada and thrive social media campaign impacted the Watts marriage?   I feel that this non FDA approved drug caused Chris Watts to murder his family. Bella, Cece and Nico were murdered because of a possible theory I want to explore. It sounds like Thrive is speed. Thrive cosmetics impacted the Watts marriage. Chris Watts cheated with Nichol Kessenger while on this non fda speed Thrive. Thrive I believe has chemicals in it that cause aggression, rage, obsessive thoughts and violence. Thrive  should be sued. It looks like they had a good marriage until this job came along and this drug. This is just a theory. Nichol Kessenger his mistress had a part in it but maybe thrive caused Chris White to c