Small Doggy Daycare Johnson City, NY

 Doggy Daycare Binghamton NY is a newer concept. Sites like Rover have pet sitting Binghamton and my sister owns

Experienced Chihuahua Pet Sitter

If anyone happens to see their pet on here and wants all the photos that do not fit on the Bark City Website, comment and I’ll send everything to you. I want all the photos I have taken  to give back to the owners. I am available and bonded to watch dogs. I am available for pet drop ins and walks as well as discussed deals we can work out. I have just found out we sold the building and want to still volunteer to dog sit Johnson City area. You can book me here at Click to book me  My sister Lindsey Sage owns Bark City Doggy Daycare in Johnson City. She needed help with the small dog daycare Johnson City and so we created an entire Small doggy daycare in a separate section of the building. I am not doing this to profit. I understand the pandemic has taken a toll in the Binghamton area and I am in Greene, NY. I charge for gas, supplies and a future building to specialize the small dog daycare industry. I am not doing this for profits as I have been volunteering the last year. It is what family does. At some point I’d like to own my own small dog daycare Binghamton but right now, I can do in home dog boarding, dog sitting, dog check ins and dog walks. All dog sizes are accepted. I just specialize is Yorky pet sitting, Chihuahua pet sitting, miniature dachshund pet sitter, Maltese dog walker , Bichon doggy daycare  and Australian Shepherd pet sitting  is now what I want to do. 

Small Doggy Daycare Binghamton NY

The first thing I had to do was to get a safer area within the dog daycare. I got a hexagon shaped area that also is incredibly flexible and can serve as a safety net or extra area of protection from dogs getting into areas they should not. This is me in the area where I was taking care of 8 small dogs and mild tempered ones. I absolutely love small dogs. 

This is an adorable bark city doggy daycare small dog on my lap a hairless chihuahua and a maltese who I am working with to introduce them to the bigger group. I do this slowly throughout the day. Here on the official page shows her bed I got her and the area she can go into to relax. Pia is a hit with the girls at Bark City Doggy Daycare Johnson City. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=492570598811521&id=123375142397737&set=pcb.492570852144829&source=49

Brody plays in the Playhouse 

https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=492570228811558&id=123375142397737&set=pcb.492570852144829&source=49 I love to see my pics show up. I am learning to become a better dog photographer. 

Ok I'm not that great yet lol. Benji loves Yorkie dog daycare. Herman loves all doggy daycare. He loves to play hard then relax harder. Him and Jackie O love to play and Brody the Miniature Aussie Shepherd is starting to open up and have a blast. 

Here is Herman, Benji, Brody, Jackie O, Jasmine,Geo, Luna.

 I'll try to feature a different dog on a few blogs. I have 1300 dog pictures on my google drive so they can't all make it on the official facebook page.  

Great dogs I've watched a year 

Benji the Sweet Yorkie 

These are all just two days of the 4 of the 5 days a week im there to take care of the small dogs. 

Benji is my buddy

I have so many pictures that I can't get them all at once on here. I am not really seen much because I am there 10-4 and this gives the dogs 6 hours of small dog one-on-one time but we were lucky and had 8 dogs eat on one time Friday. I also work with the dogs that get along better with small dogs. Some dogs at Dog Daycare just get along better with smaller dogs.

The Difference Between Bark City Doggy Daycare and other Doggy Daycares 

The difference between dog sitters and dog daycare attendants/dog trainers is experience. I have gained so much knowledge from Kassie puppy class teacher Binghamton at Bark City and Amanda service dog trainer Johnson City. They have taught me how to teach dog tricks and how to work with an entire group of dogs on my own and giving me the confidence to do so. I have a dog training certification, dog veterinary tech verification and dog physiology assistant certification.  

Volunteer With Dogs to Make Everyone's Lives Better 

Brody and Harley

Happy pups

Volunteering to work as a doggy daycare attendant this has been the best experience of my life. I want to continue to do so on Rover until we find a new building. If I watch any dogs, I  only charge the costs of what I buy to keep my licenses active and gas and to maintain my background checks and pet liability insurance and pet bond insurance. I also buy supplies to make the dogs happy and only get the best. I am learning and making money is not why I do it. I make no money. I work towards helping small dogs gain confidence and learn skills to be with the bigger dogs and work on separation anxiety in dogs.

Find me here or Rover 

Right now Drop in walks and pet sitting in Johnson City are available at your place of convenience. I am bonded and insured which you want as a pet sitter who is watching your cat or dog. I have done veterinary tech classes, dog training and dog massage therapy. I am not profiting. I only use money to pay for gas or things needed and to gain experience to get more hours in to take the official exams. Here is my profile with my background report on Rover it's new so bare with me and ask questions about charges and what I can do. I have more documents for verification as well. https://www.rover.com/sit/bridgs32549


Federal Holiday Schedule 2021

Federal Holiday List 2021

 If you want to know when you will get paid overtime or when it's a Federal Holiday 2021, the schedule is here. Today, inauguration day 2021 is a federal holiday. Martin Luther King Jr Day just occured this week as well on January 18,2021

What About Weekends

Christmas is on a weekend so it isn't in the Federal work week of Monday to Friday. Federal Holidays are days that are traditional work hours for most Americans. 
Jan1stNew Year’s Day
Jan 18Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
January 20Inauguration Day
February 15 MondayWashington’s Birthday
May 31MondayMemorial Day
July 5 Monday(july 4th😂)Independence Day
September 6,MondayLabor Day
October 11MondayColumbus Day
November 11ThursdayVeterans Day
November 25 ThursdayThanksgiving Day
December 24FridayChristmas Day


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Why I'm Using Anchor.fm to Make Anchor Podcasts


Are Anchor Podcasts Easy to Make?

Anchor podcasts ar so easy to make and are free. You can have just your mom and dog ad listeners or your best friend and boyfriend and still make money. There is no minimum listenership and all you need to make s fee podcast is right within the app. New anchor podcast ad? Please tell me change it or keep it?

 Just testing Anchor tonight on cleaning drain's, Doggy Daycare Binghamton and maxie my dog. I am practicing just bear with me. 


Check out Anchor.fm or download anchor https://anchor.fm/

Buy Better Pet Food


Dog Food Article from One of my First Articles

Today's highly competitive dog food industry is something that is completely different from the dog food we saw just 10 years ago. If you go and look on the shelves you see hundreds of different kinds in some stores of different varieties. The new motto of the dog food world is “ eat like a human being does.” Dogs no longer have to suffer with slop in a can. They eat high quality dog food. Cat food is also feeling the upgrade.

Freshpet Dog Food Brand 

Freshpet, the refrigerated dog food that is in 15,000 personal cases in stores ,is revolutionizing fresh food for dogs. They only use human grade products in their line of food. It is working. Pet owners are flocking to buy the highest quality dog foods on the market. In 2016 they should turn a profit, but the price of fifteen dollars a tube has cost them money so far. The quality is now paying off and they are beginning to make money. 

Beneful, another high end canine premium food company, was one of the very first companies to make something human grade on a mass scale. Their high end containers of soup like meals for dogs drives my two miniature pinschers wild. The first time I tried it a few years ago on Maddox and Louie, they gobbled it up within seconds. It smells good and is definitely edible for humans if you so choose to try it. 

Beneful also makes incredibites, smaller cans for smaller dogs which I switched to when they came out. They are priced fairly and I get a meal for each in one can. It has ingredients in it like salmon, beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. With three in a can, I am completely set for a few days with a pack or two. In the picture is the dry dog food from beneful.

The Paleo and raw food diets are also making a huge impact on the market. With this diet, your dog eats like they would in the wild, and it is driving them wild as well! Vital Raw is the high end Freshpet line, and their motto is to feed your dogs what their wolf ancestors ate long ago. Raw chicken or beef are combined with the freshest of vegetables and the products are quite successful. 

Dogs and cats these days will live longer finally getting the food that they deserve. Why would you feed your pet anything that you wouldn't personally eat? They are a part of your family and deserve the best. 

I wrote this article about 5 years ago. I want to see how I improve over time and keep a log of my stuff at times. 


How Can one Answer the Question of What is the difference Between Last Summers Riots and The Capital Riots?

 According to Wikepedia 

Moral superiority

Moral superiority is the belief or attitude that one's position and actions are justified by having higher moral values than others.

It can refer to:

  • Morality, when two systems of morality are compared
  • Self-righteousness, when proclamations and posturing of moral superiority become a negative personal trait
  • Superiority complex, when the moral superiority is a psychological reaction to insecurity and self-doubt

A Question on Quora and how I answered it without trying to incite Violence or Drama 

What is the difference between last summer‘s riots and the capital riots?

I’m going to try to answer this in a non-political way. The protesters allegedly attack the capital allegedly because of alleged election fraud. They found this wrong. This conflicted with what they believed to be right, IF it was Trump supporters. BIG IF.  However many big rioters from BLM were again allegedly seen in this group as well. I don’t know the deep down truth of either matter. In the George Floyd case, why would a police officer kill a citizen over a 20$ bill charge? That seems a bit insane and almost set up.

Then after I bet every police force in the US went and retrained their forces on peaceful restraining methods , another police officer kill another guy in Georgia shortly there after? Seems insane right? To the American people it looks like the government is out of control and we need to fight them. To me it looks like a hell of a lot of Cheetos in prison for ten years to take the fall and then get silently out. That is my own conspiracy theory that I just made up to be clear as some humor is needed. Maybe they feel this way?

To many I think that many people thought they we’re maybe following a peaceful protest and got in the middle of basically a large moshpit at a concert.

in 2000 at OzzFest in Saratoga Springs, POP REVIEW; Ozzy Osbourne, Without the Birds and Bats (Published 2000)many were moshing along accordingly and it got out of control. I was a teen but saw it. A little bit of aggression turned into people getting hurt. These were just on a much bigger scale.

Allegedly, as I can’t get inside anyone’s mind, both rioted because of a perceived wrong occurring against a person or a group of people. I would say look at the similarities. Let’s look at dictionary supremacy is a term we may need a thesaurus for, thanks Webster take notes Synonyms for supremacy


BLM was about racial injustice against violence against an ethic group or groups. Capitol riots targeted people for being part of a political group and allegedly tampering with election results. The government supremacy caused the public to act with supremacy and the above mentioned issues caused me to look up other ways to phrase this word😂

Both riots allegedly occurred to send a message of what will happen if one does something perceived to be wrong or immoral. The message? Not my place to say. I also am just pointing out what I see as similarities in them.

The differences would be the same as the similarities in a way. The riots in the summer were for racial injustice awareness and what happens if you set off the masses. Same with the Capital riots.

We don’t know exactly the truth behind either issue. Was it one cop who killed a citizen? Was it a second cop who killed another citizen? Was Joe Biden messing with the election? We won’t know anything because these riots covered up what the issues were even over.

Both police brutality and election fraud are big no-nos. It would seem insane for someone to incite a riot however when they are working so hard to fight election fraud as Trump calls it, then cause a riot to discredit his cause? Does it make sense from any point of view?

We do not have the right to act violently against each other however. When getting involved with a cause, moral superiority can sometimes get in the way of the cause. Getting a moral supremist point of view happens at times and one can become the opposite and turn immoral when that occurs.

Someone can go into a peaceful protest with all the right ideas and points of view and end up slaughtering someone as a group mentality is intoxicating. Becoming obsessed with the cost of the point that you treat other people poorly it’s unhealthy.

Both riots caused people to act unlike themselves across the country. Words have a lot of power but it’s up to ourselves to control our own actions.

We are in a lot of turmoil and stopping the violence and getting our country back on the right track seems to be something we need to focus on. I look at people like my grandpa and I feel bad for him watching what this country is going to possibly be for his grandchildren. Politics is his life and always has been and my grandmother and he lost her in September.

healthy politics has always been a way of life at least as most of us have known it and lately it’s become extremely unhealthy. It’s become disgusting and scary.

We should be able to trust the police that guard us and protect and serve and trust that the elections will not be tampered with and there our vote as a citizen counts.

When both of those basic trusts are allegedly violated in the USA, people care deeply as we have basic constitutional rights that seem to be going out the window. Basically essentially on the surface, riots were both caused due to moral injustice and violation of our civil rights as citizens. That is the best way I can answer this as I’m just a regular citizen.

Small Dog Daycare Adventures

Brody the Mini Aussie

Should Big Dogs be with Little Dogs at Dog Daycares?If you are looking for small doggy daycare Binghamton NY, Bridget Sage is bonded and insured for dog training Johnson City and pet sitting Norwich. I have a year of volunteer experience in watching small dogs Bark City Doggy Daycare 19 Avenue D, Johnson City, NY 13790. I work with mostly smaller breeds like 

Small dogs of the under twenty pounds size. I am still working out details of locations so it would be in home pet sitting Binghamton area for now. I have worked with many dogs and have taught many dogs tricks for the experience of learning. I do something different than most doggy daycare workers, I focus on small dog doggy daycare as my focus. I have not got the entire concept yet of what to do, but love all the dogs I currently work with as a volunteer and am very close to them. We build bonds that are really special at dog daycare. Small dog daycare is different than group play dog daycare. 

This is a smaller dog safety separator for when a really tiny dog needs to get a break. I am posting many articles on small dog daycare because it’s important. Small dogs get injured when put with bigger dogs. Read this article by animal Janet for more information. http://www.animalplanet.com/pets/small-dogs-doggie-day-care/

Tips for Camping with Children

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