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Review Aiden Powers Detailed Personal Astrology Report 


and ordering reports about ny name and birthday while I eat pizza by myself. I posted a copy but did not formally do it as I wasn’t ready to read it.  Is Numerology a scam? Is Astrology Real? Does my name really tell that much about me? Here it is. I go by Leesa (that’s my middle name btw ) because I prefer it. I did this to try to find out more about myself that I could not in therapy using numerology seemed like something I should try. I put it in as is there was spelling errors but they really did a good turnaround time so I do not use any spelling errors to judge the report and yourself when buying an astrology report. Free ones are great. I also firmly believe in contact creation and paying someone for their work so they sent me quite a few free Numerology Reports daily by email and I caved. 

Numerology Report for May 20 and 7 letter name 



Here we go you enjoy your solitude and prefer to work need time to contemplate your ideas without the intrusion of other people’s thoughts. You are a lone wolf, a person who lives by his own ideas and methods. As a result, close associations are difficult for you to form and keep, especially  marriage. (I have been married but remember we do not know who prepares it so most people in the modern world don’t go around and switch partners and date and do that stupid friends with benefits thing. It doesn’t work you’re actually not friends it’s not like they’re going to bail you out of jail. They’re not gonna help you move they’re going to have sex with you and leave you in the morning. That’s a real Buddy. Remember that it’s not conventional my rant on my disgust of this is over You need your space and privacy, which, when violated, can cause you great frustration and irritation. I paid for an apprentice of Aiden Powers In order to help others advance in their careers using an apprentice and taking a chance and somebody to see if they just have a gift instead of experience is something that someone should have the chance to do. The apprentice numerologist Aiden Powers apprentice I felt that in amazing job. 


I Shared this but not to this Degree 


When your life is balanced, however, you are both charming and attractive. You can be the life of a party, and enjoy performing before an audience. You enjoy displaying your wit and knowledge, which makes you attractive to others, especially the opposite sex. But you have distinct limits. While you are generous in social 

situations, sharing your attention and energy freely, you are keenly aware of the need to "come off stage" and return to he 

solitude of your lair. You associate peace with the unobtrusive privacy of your world. 

Numerology Breaks Your Personality Down 


Therefore, intimacy is difficult for you, (So is watching people embarrass themselves on Facebook and not crying on their own domain) Pay for it. I do. I appreciate you guys that come by and read my articles and some of you enjoy them and I am more than happy to promote you guys that I don’t on my page and I tried to leave a comment for you and visit your page sorry I keep interrupting you guys know me by now if you’ve been here LOL

because you guard your inner world like a mother lion does her cubs. All this privacy and aloneness can cause isolation and 

loneliness, however. You can be aware of emptiness in your life, a part of you that yearns for company and close 

companionship that may be unsatisfied. 

  •  If isolation is brought to the extreme, you can become  cynical and suspicious. You can develop hidden, selfish motives, which people may sense and may cause them discomfort around you. You must guard against becoming too withdrawn and independent, thus shutting out the love of others and keeping you from experiencing the true joy of friendshiand close companionship. 


If You want to Hear what the Universe is Saying About You, be Aware 


I think that numerology gave me a diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder. 

(My first name), You must especially watch out for selfishness and egocentricity, thinking of yourself as the center of the universe, 

the only person who really matters. Social contact gives you perspective on yourself and on life, while too much isolation 

can make you too narrow and even shut off from the rest of the world.  How many times do they really need to drive this home that I am a selfish person who is fun to watch but can’t communicate properly in intimate relationships. You get what you pay for this wasn’t free numerology report aiden powers. 


How the Universe Says I Feel About Happy Friends and Happy Couples 


Secretly, you may feel jealous of the easy relationships formed by others; you may perceive others as less inhibited 

than you, or more free to express themselves. You may harshly criticize yourself for not being more gregarious, 

powerful, or capable of greater-leadership.  Your challenge in life is to maintain your independence  without feeling isolated or ineffectual. You must hold fast to your unique view on the world, while at the same time being 

open to others and the knowledge they have to offer. 

Next One is Me Talking on Above Portion 


This is difficult. I do view the world differently and I do feel like my communication is terrible and I am very different and I react differently to things I vehemently denied things I didn’t do and pajamas and people saying you’re guilty if you’re like I didn’t do that can you tell him 100 times they don’t get it. I made a mistake wants of cracking to the best interrogator I’ve ever met just to get them to stop. I wasn’t true to myself but saying it that I did it even when I did it was easier than fighting and The short term solution to say I did it rather than proving myself did not pay off. Their interrogation techniques I don’t know why they don’t work for the FBI if this person sees it they will know what I’m talking about and I’m sorry I did that you’re missing your true callingBut literally it was days of FBI like interrogations. I have to say they did a good job thoroughly ready to say anything just to stop the arguing and for them to think I’m a better person for being honest even I was lying by saying I had relations with someone I didn’t. They firmly believed it and sometimes I think that I will play the martyr role and just be fake instead of holding my ground because yeah if I’m innocent I defend myself to the end when I changed course and became a liar that someone else that was honest but that made me a cheater when I didn’t cheat and it really change the dynamics of things and there’s a situation where I’ve almost just got American said I did something I didn’t do just to make the accusations stop and to make him happy. Another time he did that and let a person my best friend think what she wanted so that she was happy in her relationship and rather she hated me. I thought if someone doesn’t know me better then I might as well give them what they want. That’s some thing I also regret. Losing her because I thought it would cause her less pain to hate me then someone else because I thought that other person this girl that I’m talking about I thought that if she really knew me and I know that she wasn’t mad about what I thought she was mad about I mean she had a right to be. But she also allowed it and I never disrespected her in her house. Both of us areToo stubborn to talk about it and we both said things that weren’t cool and both of us have too much pride but both of us would be happier back together again she is my twin flame.

More to Come 


With your abilities to learn, analyze, seek out answers to lifes important questions, you have the potential for enormous 

growth and success in life. By the time you reach middle age, you will radiate refinement and wisdom. ( I had to throw a dog meme in there. Numerology is serious and I tried to lighten it up a bit because that’s my personality. The entertainment part but isolating myself getting numerology reports on the Internet. If you know me feel free to comment. If you don’t feel free to ask questions about anything about getting a numerology report in your email


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