A View on Love Friend Shoulder App

 I Needed a Venting App

Friend Shoulder App is interesting it is like a level below 7 cups and just regular people it's not like the crisis text line 741741 but it can be a great support that is immediate. As human beings we need to feel heard. We need to feel supported and at times we need each other but we need the anonymity that comes with talking about certain subjects. Friend Shoulder App is just that. Venting apps are a great idea. I got this image and permission to publish it.

This was A Message about Love

Well on a venting app Google Play store, I found the viewpoint of somebody that had an interesting point of view that I'm still trying to understand. I think that it says that love and friendship are intertwined and if there is no love then sex has an unnatural feeling to it. That is very true when you have sex without being in love or falling in love it feels different. Sometimes it simply does not work. No matter how hard one tries. 


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