Sphere Social Activity Token Site is Being Spammed by Hoe Bots

 Hoebots and Sphere Notifications are Taking Over Sphere SAT APP

What is going on with the Sphere Social Activity Token Website? Full of hoes sending fake video messages, sphere notifications and fake VPN messages. Has Sphere App been hacked? Either that or they sold out and are no longer a decentralized application. 

Look at Sphere Now

I can't stand spam hoes. These internet sex workers aren't even real sex workers trying to make a living. They are hoe bots. They are trying to get legitimate Bitcoin and business entrepreneurs to be click baited and trapped into clicking possible malware on Sphere App. I could not even post without a fake VPN or congratulations a video hooker messaged me. Do not click these!

Do not Click any Ads on Sphere SAT Cryptocurrency APP

 No matter how legit they look, they are not messaging you. They are not real women. If you are on Sphere App you are there to endorse your business and or make money, not pay talk to 
Fake women. They are not real women. They are. If it's Sphere actually sending these then do not promote these tacky business practices of spamming on SAT Cryptocurrency sites. They will think it's acceptable and continue the harassment. 

Please Sign on Comments Below as a Petition

Please comment below if you followed the link from the Sphere App and voice your displeasure. I could be hacked. In fact it's very plausible so please let me know if this is happening to you as well. I am a legitimate entrepreneur and do not speak or visit sites that promote the exploitation of women in places that are in appropriate. 

Do not Promote Exploiting Women

I don't believe in exploiting women in any way and a SAT Cryptocurrency site is the last straw. Sphere was exposed in a data breach recently according to Google so please change your password immediately as well. Please Sign below if this is happening to you or not if from Sphere. Thank you all.  



  1. We've had it they are disgusting. Thank you for highlighting this.


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