Best Nanny Cams Under $50

Finding a Surveillance Camera for Under $50

I have had to have secret surveillance cameras at different points in my life in my vehicles and even on my dogs collar. People are out to get you at times or anyone that they find to be a viable target. I don't even have a lot of money but people know I'm generous and so they target me. I was told that by somebody targeting me who took my apartment in my life "wait aren't you rich?" No or I'd be able to afford an apartment. I also spend all my money on gadgets like what I'll show you below.

Wireless Security Camera under twenty Dollars 

If fifty dollars is too much for a security camera trust me I understand. I write on here to make money but people only make money blogging if people are genuinely interested in an @d and click on it bc they are interested and read it. That doesn't happen often ­čśéSo here is one that I like that I do have and I keep it in my sports car and grab it every few days to see if there's action
. This is a generic HD Video Mini Camera Smallest 1080P HD Camcorder Infrared Night Vision Micro Cam Motion Detection DV DVR Security Camera with a TF card for 13.99. it's available at No wifi security camera at walmart They have two day delivery as well. Catch your stalkers fast! I love it!

If you Can Wait this is Under $10

This stalker camera is under $10 if you can wait for the shipping times. Security Camera on Ebay. You will need a storage card. 32 gigabit storage cards with micro storage are available.  Be sure to read all the information as the cheaper they are the less may come with it. Oh I picked these out. I don't get any affiliate money­čśé These are me going and looking for information. 

Under 20$ Nanny Cam With a Storage Card 

WalMart has this camera. I ordered it and will be here tomorrow. I'm booking it up on top of the other one I have at my business location. I will let you know how it works. Surveillance Camera With 32 gig storage included. Look at the link but coming with a 32 gig memory card and Multi function: infrared light options and a  1080P HD lens, USB powered port, night vision recording are all features of this low priced nanny cam for cheap. 

Solar Powered Kami Wire Free Security Camera

Coming right in around the $50 dollar mark is this really good one on eBay. Solar Powered Outdoor Security Camera. Put it up high so stalkers have to buy a giant ladder to bother to steal your outdoor nanny cam with no wires. It's certified refurbished so that means that it is going to be as close to new as you can get for the price of 49.99 before tax. Don't stress the battery because solar power keeps it rolling and rolling. 

On Amazon the Zosi C190 Outdoor Security Camera 

This one ships with Amazon Prime the Zozi Security Camera ZOSI is a 1080p outdoor two way security camera with motion detector. There is also storage for an SD card and a sound as well as light alarm. It's waterproof for snow and rain and is only 32.99$ with Amazon Prime free shipping.  It's got a really expensive look to this economy security camera which really helps to keep predators away. The Zosi security cameras have a sleek and streamlined look to them that says you don't want to approach this property. 


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