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Aspire Counseling Services Bakersfield Reinvents Mental Health snd Addiction Services

 This pandemic has taken a toll on the entire planet. We have drastically had all of our lives change all last year. Can we ever go back to "normal living?" There is s stigma associated with mental health treatment services. Aspire Counseling Services Bakersfield, CA is available 24 hours a day to speak to about dealing with alcohol Addiction and co-existing mental health conditions. They taylor each treatment plan to the patient. 

Dual Diagnosis treatment Santa Clarita

 This Santa Clarita Intensive outpatient program really impressed me with their all star lineup of mental health professionals and addiction treatment services in the Central Valley area. The Bakersfield intensive outpatient dual diagnosis program sounded extremely beneficial and going a way to integrate  a three day a week program into one's busy life. Why impressed me the most was the uniqueness of the services that are offered. They have done great programs at Aspire   . I found them when they commented here on the site. I eas do impressed that I wanted to show off this great resource. No, this is not a paid promotion. I was greatful they visited and then I went to see who Aspire Behavioral Health was and just kept reading. I never saw a program like this in New York state. They even take most major insurances. 

Behavioral Health Treatment Fresno 

 I really liked some of the aspects of their mental health three days week outpatient program. You can continue your normal living and get high quality grief treatment in Central Valley at the same time. I have been dealing with intense grief snd isolation myself so if I could help one person get into treatment then that would really make me happy. They mention some great highlights of their programs-

  • Health Rhythms Drumming 
  • Practicing mindfulness techniques
  • Yoga that works on your ptsd with a trauma informed approach
  • Working with arts and a thereapeutic method
  • Emotional support animal therapy
  • Incorporate holistic practices like nutrition counseling services   

What Mental Health Issues Does Aspire Counseling Services Treat?

With all that is going on in the world today, more people are suffering with mental health issues than ever before. At the National Crisis Text Line 741741 where I volunteer, I see it every time I log on. We have a queue just filled with people who are experiencing emotional breakdowns due to the economy, losing loved ones to the pandemic and a myriad of other things that are impairing their daily lives. Aspire Counseling Services can help you get past your depression, social anxiety and general feeling of being overwhelmed. They also help with-

  • Trauma that is situational based. 
  • Situational as well as major depressive disorder
  • Manic behaviors and thoughts that are racing 
  • Self esteem issues
  • Insomnia and trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night 
  • Loss of motivation 
  • Self harm and suicidal ideation. 
  • Panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder.

More About Simi Valley Mental Health Programs for Teenagers and Young Adults 

When you look at the above image, those are some scary statistics. One in give young adults is struggling from a mental illness. Young men have the hardest time getting treatment as they are afraid of appearing "weak", or "not manly," That simply of not true. Girls love a guy who addresses their drug addiction or mental health issues anf get dual diagnosis treatment in the Central Valley area. If you're a guy and you're reading this do you really think that your girlfriend enjoys you if you have an addiction being addicted to a substance or do you think she would like to get to know the real you? Women like a man who can face their feelings. They love a man who's not afraid to cry. They love a man who's not afraid to show their emotions. They find this manly and attractive not addiction that cannot be controlled. Now is the time of your life that you want to get your alcohol dependence treatment instead of later on in life. Addiction and mental health issues may be a lifelong battle but with consistent therapy and possibly medications,they are possible to treat. 


Addiction and Mental Health Treatments Are Not a one Size fits All Cure

. With many dual diagnosis facilities, they focus a lot on the addiction aspect and not the underlying causes of the addiction. This is why there is such a high relapse rate for most drug treatment programs in Central Valley.  known for their psychiatric treatments and accurate assessments has an incredibly high success rate regarding reoccurrences. Their follow up care is top of the line.  They also offer interventions when in crisis and partial hospitalizations. They have a cookie cutter approach that has a relapse rate. Aspire Counseling Services is world renowned for their accurate assessments and psychiatric treatments. They also offer intervention when in crisis and partial hospitalizations as well as intensive outpatient treatment. Regardless of what you are suffering from, whether it's an opiate addiction, anxiety from the coronavirus, consistent reoccurrences or overwhelming grief, there is addiction help in the Central Valley area. 

Including Your Family and Social Supports is Key to Maintaining Sobriety

It is a proven fact that people who have social supports have a higher success rate when it comes to maintaining abstinence from addiction. At Aspire counseling services, there are multiple groups including your family and close Support Network to educate them on the disease of mental illness and addiction and coexisting dual diagnosis disorders. They can't support you if they don't understand that addiction is an illness. Mental health issues are also a chronic illness. The staff at Aspire Counseling Services makes sure to include your support system in a non invasive way to include them in your treatment plan. 

More Services Offered at Aspire Counseling Santa Maria 

  • Groups with Spiritual Support  
  • Referrals and continuing care with vetted outside agencies to assist you when your partial hospital stay is over or your discharged from IOP.
  • Learning how to cope with triggers to prevent reoccurrences.
  • Learn to manage your emotions and release the built up shame, guilt and frustrations 
  • Significant reduction in levels of anxiety and depression 
  • Emotion regulation and distress tolerance skill building
  • Learning how to share your emotions in a safe space
  • Use positive reinforcement to reduce negative self-talk
  • In-depth exploration of your core belief and value system
  • Time management skills and structuring your day with healthy activities
  • Learning how to communicate effectively to get your needs met and learn interpersonal effectiveness skills
  • Reduce self-harm and suicidal ideation
  • Intensive outpatient is 9 hours a week of 3 days a week of sessions that are 3 hours a day so that the patient really understands the material given to them.
  • Learn how cognitive thinking can improve your quality of life as well as behavior modification
  • 12 step meetings with assistance in gaining a sponsor and sober support.
  • Understanding how to use mindfulness to be more present in the here and now and stop living in the past
  • Mental health treatment  include group as well as one-on-one sessions

Assisting Addicts With the Kind of Help that Leads to Lasting Results 

Aspire Counseling Services has included information on the above link about giving addicted individuals who are arrested for drug-related crimes more options to stay out of jail. They are working with law enforcement to give those with substance abuse Bakersfield CA issues a chance to rehabilitate instead of incarcerate. Rehabilitation is the key to lasting recovery. 

Read more at the Official Website for addiction Recovery Fresno how Aspire can help you gain back control of your life With both adult and adolescent dual diagnosis programs, you can rebuild your life and break free from the bonds of mental illness and addiction. Contact any of the above locations in the link for more information on the programs offered at Aspire Counseling Services. Learn how to build the necessary skills and healthy relationships with your support network to love a drug free life. You can also find the Behavioral Health Center information and adolescent services at all five Central Valley Locations.Email the main directory at to find out which program is the right fit for you. 


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