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Link to My Article on Dog Daycares and MyPoints Link for Free Gify Cards

MyPoints I have earned from it through opening emails surveys buying stuff and it’s easy. I’ve been a member a few years. I redeemed 20$ in gift cards I could do cash but chose MyPoints EBay gift cards instead 
. They have PayPal as a redemption option as well

Click my refer all link if you like. It’s a good program. Use a VPN if not in USA and change country invade they don’t allow international users. I’m not sure. Check out MyPoints earning program. 


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Cheating on a spouse is known as Adultery in NY. It is yes a criminal act. Under Penal Law 255.17 states that a person is guilty of adultery when he/she engages in sexual intercourse with another person at a time when he/she has a living spouse. Adultery is illegal.  no one knows about it nor that you have to have cause for divorce and that in order to get a divorce you just need to post an ad in the paper trying to reach that person and say you can't get all of them as an intent to divorce. Bad Wifey A class B misdemeanor charge. It carries fines and up to 3 months in jail.  Most people have no idea about this law. I'm here to make people aware.  There must be evidence however as it is not a law made to be vindictive. It's for victims who's lives have been destroyed by someone  Manwhoring on Wife  There has to be more reputable evidence showing the defendant tried to attempt to bang someone and attempted to engage in sexual intercourse with another person without conse

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