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Types of Users in this World and Mooch Memes

Make Dat 🤑 Off Everyone Else  If you want memes about mooches or memes about dirty hustling, you have come to the right place. I used to be used by everyone for everything. I could give hundreds of examples of how both men and women have exploited me for my generosity.  🚫 Anymore Go Find a New Target 🎯 Then I went through grief then I met someone who showed me the damn light on what the hell I have been doing and who I was around.  In this world there are people who have a career of leaching off of the rest of society. Let’s call them “whores” an affectionate term for those completely suck off others known as “targets” ways. Let’s go through the categories. If you have not had this done to you, good. But most likely during a pandemic most have.  Meet food stamp whores-use up your food stamps because they are unable to go to the department of social services and fill out forms House whores- steal your house or use you for housing  Car whores-take your car or make you drive them aroun

Happy Birthday Ashley

BIRTHDAY Party 🥳  👇Happy Birthday 🎉 Ashley Happy Birthday Dear Ashley

What are Nadi Readers

 This was on Quora. I research it that an answered it so I want to share it. It’s exactly how I wrote it To start I didn’t know anything about it so Ill do my best. Nadi readers is a new term to me. So, that means you have just helped me as a human being gain more knowledge by seeing your question. You peaked my interest. So here is the journey I’m going on. It starts here Nadi Reading, Nadi Leaf, Identifying Leaves, Thumb Impression Astrology An expert Nadi reader can tell everything about you. Nadi Reading process includes leaf search, identification process, transcription and translation stages. Here is what I learned. Nadi Readers originated in India in small and its quoted “temple towns,” in order to find one. These days, however, you can find a nadi reader here online. It starts with phases and phase one is the female giving her left thumb print and for men the right. This impression goes into something known as a Nadi bundle. Remember,

Memes About Toilet Paper Courtesy Rules of Refilling Toilet Paper

 Refill Toilet Paper at Home and Away  Just a reminder, if you use the last piece of toilet paper and a roll you should replace it. I couldn’t believe at a certain place I was at a lot, an old job that entire year not one girl ever changed the toilet paper roll.  Jesus Would Refill the Toilet Paper It seems like such a simple task to change toilet paper and yet they would leave rolls all over the place. Replace the roll of toilet paper. To do so is incredibly easy. When the roll of toilet paper is on simply pinch the ends together and push. WWJD. Remember that bracelet? He would refill the toilet paper.  This Kind of Lazy Is Epic   You know this guy or girl. They at least attempt to put it on the roll by literally placing the TP on the used brown empty roll. Better than a three piece and bounce kind at least. Still annoying however.  You Know One of These  These people just take all the toilet paper and say screw refilling the toilet paper roll in their home with others, a restaurant,

By NCADV Toolkit for Domestic violence Funding for COVID

  Toolkit for the Fourth COVID-19 Package To help domestic violence victims, speak to your Members of Congress by cell or regular phone, email, submit op-eds and letters to the editor to your local newspaper, You can also get a hold of   Congress Members through their websites. You can utilize social media, but also call, email, and submit op-eds. Find Your Local Representative  Information  You can find your State Senators and their contact information at this link HERE and your Representative and their contact information by clicking HERE . Consider calling their district offices instead of or in addition to their DC offices. You can find Members’ social media profiles at this link HERE .  In this toolkit, you will find: A list of the domestic and sexual violence fields’ priorities for the fourth COVID-19 supplemental funding package A call script and sample email A letter to the editor template and op-ed template Survivor stories and links to local news articles Links to suppo