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Anyone think Thrive Drove Shannan Watts and Chris Watts Over the edge

Maybe Thrive Killed Shannan Watts Cece Watts and Bella Watts  Has anyone mentioned thrive driving Chris Watts to murder his family? How about the possible consequences the Thrive piña colada and thrive social media campaign impacted the Watts marriage?   I feel that this non FDA approved drug caused Chris Watts to murder his family. Bella, Cece and Nico were murdered because of a possible theory I want to explore. It sounds like Thrive is speed. Thrive cosmetics impacted the Watts marriage. Chris Watts cheated with Nichol Kessenger while on this non fda speed Thrive. Thrive I believe has chemicals in it that cause aggression, rage, obsessive thoughts and violence. Thrive  should be sued. It looks like they had a good marriage until this job came along and this drug. This is just a theory. Nichol Kessenger his mistress had a part in it but maybe thrive caused Chris White to c

Small Doggy Daycare Johnson City, NY

 Doggy Daycare Binghamton NY is a newer concept. Sites like Rover  have pet sitting Binghamton and my sister owns Experienced Chihuahua Pet Sitter If anyone happens to see their pet on here and wants all the photos that do not fit on the Bark City Website, comment and I’ll send everything to you. I want all the photos I have taken  to give back to the owners. I am available and bonded to watch dogs. I am available for pet drop ins and walks as well as discussed deals we can work out. I have just found out we sold the building and want to still volunteer to dog sit Johnson City area. You can book me here at Click to book me  My sister Lindsey Sage owns Bark City Doggy Daycare in Johnson City. She needed help with the small dog daycare Johnson City and so we created an entire Small doggy daycare in a separate section of the building. I am not doing this to profit. I understand the pandemic has taken a toll in the Binghamton area and I am in Greene, NY. I charge for gas, supplies and a fu

Federal Holiday Schedule 2021

Federal Holiday List 2021  If you want to know when you will get paid overtime or when it's a Federal Holiday 2021, the schedule is here. Today, inauguration day 2021 is a federal holiday. Martin Luther King Jr Day just occured this week as well on January 18,2021 What About Weekends Christmas Christmas is on a weekend so it isn't in the Federal work week of Monday to Friday. Federal Holidays are days that are traditional work hours for most Americans.  Jan1st New Year’s Day Jan 18 Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. January 20 Inauguration Day February 15 Monday Washington’s Birthday May 31Monday Memorial Day July 5 Monday(july 4th😂) Independence Day September 6,Monday Labor Day October 11Monday Columbus Day November 11Thursday Veterans Day November 25 Thursday Thanksgiving Day December 24Friday Christmas Day

Tsu Social

  , come join me at Tsū, the social that pays!   Tell them @zorrbabe sent you. So cool I'm not an idiot spamming loser it's actually cool. 

Why I'm Using to Make Anchor Podcasts

  Are Anchor Podcasts Easy to Make? Anchor podcasts ar so easy to make and are free. You can have just your mom and dog ad listeners or your best friend and boyfriend and still make money. There is no minimum listenership and all you need to make s fee podcast is right within the app. New anchor podcast ad? Please tell me change it or keep it?  Just testing Anchor tonight on cleaning drain's, Doggy Daycare Binghamton and maxie my dog. I am practicing just bear with me.  https :// Check out or download anchor

Buy Better Pet Food

  Dog Food Article from One of my First Articles Today's highly competitive dog food industry is something that is completely different from the dog food we saw just 10 years ago. If you go and look on the shelves you see hundreds of different kinds in some stores of different varieties. The new motto of the dog food world is “ eat like a human being does.” Dogs no longer have to suffer with slop in a can. They eat high quality dog food . Cat food is also feeling the upgrade. Freshpet Dog Food Brand  Freshpet, the refrigerated dog food that is in 15,000 personal cases in stores ,is revolutionizing fresh food for dogs. They only use human grade products in their line of food. It is working. Pet owners are flocking to buy the highest quality dog foods on the market. In 2016 they should turn a profit, but the price of fifteen dollars a tube has cost them money so far. The quality is now paying off and they are beginning to make money.  Beneful, another high end canine premium food com