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Comple guide to Buying a Camera

The Complete Camera Buying Guide For All Levels of Users When you walk into your local electronics store you are bombarded with choices. You have a lot of different cameras to choose from. If you are shopping online, then there are even more options. It can be completely overwhelming trying to pick one. There are different sizes, price ranges, mirrorless, DSLR and what does all of this even mean? You may automatically assume that picking a high megapixel’s camera will be the best camera. This is not the case. Megapixels refer to how many pixels a camera uses to produce a photograph. If you look around, this is a non-issue these days. All cameras come with a high number of megapixels so there will be enough on any camera you choose. If you see a camera with 18 megapixels and one next to it with 22 megapixels, it may not mean that the one with 18 is less superior. There just happens to be more statistics to a camera and other factors may contribute to the 18 megapixel taking a better ima