Best Dog food for Dog Allergies and Best cat food for cat Allergies

 Best Dog Food for dogs with Allergies 

You would be shocked at the amount of things that dogs and cats are allergic to . There are incredibly vast array of them  Cats are especially prone to feline allergic reactions. Cats in fact are allergic to a lot of the things that we do ourselves. Cats are allergic to cigarette smoke. Cats are allergic to perfume and many aerosol products. Dogs can be allergic to the same outdoor allergens that human beings are. Links below, give more detail on exactly what triggers dog and cat allergies and the best dog foods for dog allergies as well as the best cat foods for cat allergies.

Cats and Allergies

We can protect them against certain factors by taking actions to keep them safer. Allergies are very uncomfortable for animals and can mimic a lot of other health problems. Cat allergies can be related to cats that are allergic to cigarettes, felines allergic to smoke, kitties with allergies to indoor allergens. All of these are explored in depth in the articles. 

Learn more about Allergies in Pets

The next follows dog allergies and both I did extensive research on and the site host did weeks of research finding the best dog foods and cat foods for allergies on Chewy

 Facts about Dog Allergies

The articles are all really good on there and I was lucky enough to guest blog these so check them out and the various foods that are listed on each topic. 

Most of them are great allergy dog foods and allergy cat foods overall as they address a variety of age groups.  When you go with some of these hypoallergenic foods, your pet lives a lot longer. Prescription dog foods and prescription cat foods are better for the digestive tract than cheaper dog foods.When it comes down to it, the more nutrient rich dense foods have more packed into it so the dogs are not hungry as when they are eating gigantic bowls of grocery store food.

Https://www.shipshapepets.com also explains about the following 

It also explains novel proteins and hydrolyzed proteins. These are important things to learn about if you own a dog or cat. 

On Another Note 

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https://shipshapepets.com/ has a lot of really great information and products with links directly from chewy and Amazon and take the searching out of the equation. 

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