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Wtf people

 I've had some things go on in my life that I haven't had the creative ability to write. Really hard things and I have so many articles that are on here but they make it hard to find so go in archives. I am dealing with the death of an immediate family member who I was relying on like a life raft for my whole life. I'm lost it's turned into physical symptoms of feeling so sick. I am so sick emotionally physically and so depressed. I can't seem to make others understand or have empathy. They want handouts. They want favors They want to take take take. They want to hurt me. The devil walks in your life when you are weakest. That is a fact. He may not have horns he may just be a she or just not be there or is inside multiple people. I'm really dissapointed in so many. Disgusted. Getting mad at me right now, not allowed, treating me like shit, not allowed, whining, not allowed. Give me space and comfort maybe some flowers a damn card not cash app and paypal requests