Understanding Quora and How to Make Money on the App


Understanding Quora and How to Make Money on the App

There are many side hustles to make money online. One place that many haven't thought of is the Quora website and apps on Windows, Android and IOS. There are answers to how to make extra money with Quora partner program and other possible ways. First, it is imperative to understand the Quora App itself. Quora is an online platform where individuals answer questions to people who are asking specific questions. I have used Quora for years, so will give an illustrated guide on how to use the app and then answer, "how can I make money with Quora?" Below are the steps necessary to earn extra income with Quora. 

Quora is Free

Step one- If you want to learn how to make money with Quora, you will need to do a few things first.  The first thing to know is that signing up for Quora can be done by downloading the app on your phone, through a third party online with your computer or from the Apple store. Link it to your "Google account, Facebook, or email address" This is the first step, getting the app installed where you want it. Windows has many options but we will focus on the apps on the most used devices as it is generally third party software or the Quora website if you are using a laptop or desktop. There are ways to make money online with this but understanding the process is imperative first. 





What are Quora Spaces? 

Step two- The next step, is selecting a minimum of ten spaces or topics to choose to follow. A pop up will show you some possible choices that look like this-

You will See Topics that Relate to the Content you Chose

Step three-The app will give you specific content, based on the choices you picked in step two. They want to know what kind of topics you can answer questions about with a fair amount of knowledge. If you know other languages, you may answer questions in those languages. It is entirely optional however.   

 Profile Creation

Step four- Creating a profile. It will ask you basic questions about your credentials, background and basic information. 

Adding Credentials 

Step five -Here is a sample of what to add to your profile. It includes-

  • Current jobs or past jobs.

  • Relevant experience 

  • Education and degrees

  • Certificate programs you have done 

Describe Yourself 

Step six- Create a description of who you are in your Quora profile. Make sure it is relevant to the questions you can answer and the credentials that you have. Life experience is good too, as some topics are personal in nature and you may have relevant experience in the area the person who is posing the question would like to hear about. Pho

Photo of Yourself

Step seven is posting a photo of yourself.

Also it will ask you to put a photo in. Make sure it is a professional looking one with appropriate lighting and they can see you clearly.  This also has the web version of some of the other profile information and the view of filling it out that way. Also be sure to link your account to social media profiles you may have to add credibility. To make money on Quora, credibility is important.


Step eight -If you want more privacy, as these are publicly searchable answers, you can adjust these settings. Some photos are courtesy of -https://stoppingscams.com/how-to-create-an-account-on-quora/ If you want to be easily found, make sure that your name is searchable so search engines can find your answers. 

Understanding the App and Various Areas of it 

How do you make money with Quora? Well, understanding the navigation of the application will help immensely. You need to understand how to navigate around and read questions, and answer them. There is also commenting, checking statistics, private messages and other things you will want to know if you plan on using this app to make side money. 

Opening up the App Once You are Signed Up

Once you have signed up for Quora, there will be a homepage with your picture, and other relevant information. This is the first look at the page. This is the first step when getting on the app, after that, you can browse around more freely. I will show you various sections of the Quora App so that you may explore an account that is established. 

Above is questions that people have asked of me and on the bottom are various areas we will click on in a moment to explore further. You can see that you can choose to answer a question, follow, pass or share. To follow means you may follow the general topic or answers that people give. To answer it, simply click answer. This is what an answer looks like as you are typing. 

After this, I answered it, I would submit my answer for either moderation of content, or it would go directly to the person who asked it. It depends on the space that it was asked in, if approval is required or not. 

Side Bar with Photo

If you click on your photo, this side bar will show up with various areas that you may click on. Choose the section that you want to review. We can use a sample of mine to show the areas. 

As you can see, there are areas to look at starting with message, click that and this pops up-

Stats on Quora

There are various levels of stats you can look at in the included photos. First will show your filtering options, then, a sample of all time content. Choose what you want to see. -

Your Content 

The next section is content you have either asked or answered and I will show, how it appears on the application. 

Filters for Content 

Quora allows you to filter your content based on specific parameters. You can choose a specific dates section or a year, whether you answered questions or ask them and  various other filters you can use. It even shows you how long you have been on the app, questions you follow, and can break down by topics. It is a pretty big app that doesn't take up a lot of space either on your phone or tablet. With all of the amazing topics that are available to be chosen from it might seem like it is an overwhelming app, but it is quite easy to navigate once you learn it.Pretty cool isn't it?

Book Marked Content 

The app gives you a choice on bookmarking. These are questions and answers and topics you have decided to save. It allows for fast access to areas of the app that you need to see when you want to.   This is what a bookmarked page, that you also see from clicking your profile looks like-

Drafts You have Created 

The next section under your profile picture is drafts. It will show you questions that need editing based on moderators wanting more information as well as questions you have not finished. It also contains unfinished comments. Sometimes, your answer might not be what a moderator is looking for and they might want it reworded, or it isn't  enough like their specific answers that that space and topic is looking for. 

Settings in the App

There are also settings and the following photo will give you options you can alter once you are inside the app. There are many things that can be changed to cater to your preferences and level of desired privacy. 

There are things you can change like what color background you want, notification settings, how private you want to be and basic account changes. You says have the option to add new spaces, more credentials and more education on this app which makes it incredibly useful if you are planning on a side hustle using this app. 

Back to the Home page 

Here is the home page again with subsections requests, topics you've written in , and answer drafts again. A feature that is really cool about the app is that based on your answers, and experience and past answers people will choose you to personally answer them. This is also a section where you can choose to do the above tasks mentioned like answer, pass, follow or share. Click the house to go back to home. 

Seeing the Spaces Section on the App

This is a section where your included topic spaces are. It will give various options on adding and discovering spaces. This is where you can really dig into the app and what your interests are. There is a lot of relevant information broken down in spaces into small subsections. These are below topics. 

You can see some spaces you are in and find new ones to join by typing in areas of interest you may have. I have chosen plant life to show you examples-

Click the yellow post button to post anything that is approved for that area. Once you're and you can scroll around and look at various things. You can post comments and answers and questions here. It is the most explorable area. To go back home, always click the home button. 

Now that You have a Good Understanding of the App

How much can you make with Quora? That depends on the avenue you take. It varies heavily on whether you are an individual person or a company. If you are a company, you want to build up brand loyalty on the app. This will help your company significantly. This is achievable by posting links to your company with answers that are relevant. You can also post links to products that you sell. There are thousands of questions asked each day that people want answers to. If you are a blogger, you can post links to your blog on your answers and direct traffic that way.when you have good answers and relevant blogs you can make a lot of money this way online. If your account is for your blog, attached to Google AdSense or another ad company, you will want to have relevant products that go along with the ads.

Business Profile

As stated above, you can do a business profile or advertise or speak as a business but having a business profile instead of just business links will be more helpful. Having a business presence on Quora is as important as any other social media platform. It is another place that you can post links to your social media profiles as well. The more exposure you have the better. This is a huge app with a lot of opportunities for promoting yourself or your business. If you give really good quality answers, people will begin to follow you, then follow your other social media and may become a fan of your company or a customer. It is truly free marketing, with the added bonus of being able to make money. 

Make Money with Quora Partner Program

 If you do have high quality answers, a good reputation, and are consistent with your answer, you might be invited to the partner program that they host. It is by invitation only, so that is an incentive to always post quality questions . What is great about it is that you are paid depending upon how many people view the question you answered. They make money with advertising, based on impressions which are simply, people seeing the question and answer you posted and an ad being present. There is no money for answering questions unfortunately, only asking them generates revenue for you. 

More About the Quora Partner Program and Asking High Quality Questions 

The Quora Partner Program was initially developed to get users to ask more questions. This creates a plethora of traffic coming from search engines like Bing and various other means. It was intended to get more people to log into Quora more often and get more users on the platform by signing up. Members of the Quora Partner Program get incentives for asking questions that are considered higher in quality. To be a part of this program requires effort and giving high quality answers to questions that are asked on a consistent basis. Everything you do on the platform leads to whether you will be invited to this elusive program, and be part of how to make money with quora partner program. 

What is Considered High Quality Questions 


Basic questions that are asked all the time are not considered as in value as well thought out and insightful questions that require a greater depth of knowledge to answer. Some individuals on Quora, make up to 10 grand a month simply by posting questions that directs more traffic to the site. You need to know what users want to see. It is also important to know what keywords generate the most traffic. When asking a question, check for keywords relating to that topic and what is getting a good amount of searches. When asking your question, you will get suggestions of who might be the most qualified people to answer it. Send the questions to the suggested people to answer it. They have a high level reputation, if they come up as a suggested source for your question. Others will still view the question, but the most popular writers will get a chance to answer you, and there are higher chances of being seen this way.

No True Stats on Invitations

There is no real algorithm to who gets invited to this elusive yet potentially profitable program to make money on Quora. Some in fact have asked thousands of quality questions and never get an invite, while others ask a dozen or so questions and they get an email from Quora inviting them to be a part of a potential money making machine. There are zero guarantees on becoming rich on this program, but it's a great side hustle for earning extra  money online according to https://www.patchesoft.com/quora-partner-program#:~:text=The%20Quora%20Partner%20program%20is,thousands%20of%20dollars%20every%20month.

Invite only For Reasons 

There are reasons that it is a program that is only available to those who are invited. If everyone was allowed to join it's on the platform quality would go down  and so would advertising revenue. It is important to screen members of this program to ensure some quality control standards are put in place .

Good Answers can Help you Get in 

Although you won't make money for answering questions, on Quora Partner Program, giving great quality and thoughtful answers is a good way to get in the door. The moderators at Quora consider many aspects when deciding to invite a user to the invite only program. Make a profile that shows off your best attributes. Using a good profile picture that shows you in a professional light, also helps your chances of getting in. Make sure to include all certificates and degrees you have received with as much detail as possible. This also shows that you are a good source of quality content for Quora to consider inviting.


Another great way to make money is through drop shipping. What you would do is give answers that how a product that you provide can help make the person's life better who is answering the question.


How Can I get More Views?

Answer questions with high quality answers that people will upvote.

What is upvoting?

Upvoting is the process of basically "liking" someone's content. The more upvotes, you get the higher up your content places on answers to the questions asked. 

Can I really Make Money Here? How Much?

As with any online way to make money, it depends on the quality of your answers and how popular the topic is. Some people make anywhere from 100 to $5,000. 

Is it Really Free?

Yes Quora is a completely free app you can install on your phone or tablet or use on their website. 

Is it Easy to get into Quora Partner Program?

It takes some time and effort, but with anything online, dedication and quality play a big role in if you get picked or not to be in the program. 


Yellowstone is Not Just a National Park Anymore

 Where Can You go and get "Branded like a Cow and be Owned" and it's considered redemption?

 Only on Kevin Costner show or movie set. being branded on Yellowstone is like getting a second chance or it means you are loyal to the John Dutton clan of the infamous Yellowstone television series starring Kevin Costner as a father grandfather pillar of the community enemy saint hero corrupt sexy generous with restrictions hoarding people and cows banging the governor and being commissioner of cows I would say is a complex character. He likes t

he brand criminals and somehow has the power it seems to do whatever he wants in Montana from owning this gigantic Ranch known as the Yellowstone Ranch period don't get it wrong with Yellowstone national Park I'm still watching the show but somehow it is its own ranch and I believe it's near Yellowstone however? If I'm wrong anywhere just let me know. It's real cowboys and Indians in modern day Montana where Land Ownership is the most important thing in the world above morals, right and wrong, and keep that land, even if you could get 500 million by compromising. Carry a gun and hold post. If they come on your land shoot um mentality. yet the constant struggle of trying to preserve Montana and it's Marlboro Man image

 As Kevin Costner is the real life Marlboro Man Kevin Coaster represents Montana in such a way that you want to go be branded and be a part of his semi cult like family of criminals, family members, politicians, horse trainers and be confused as to whether your dad want you to listen to him to get you to respect him or to do the opposite period try screwing up and watching season 1 and not noticing and then putting season 3 on and still thinking the same things are going on is Beth and rip were still together and the only thing I noticed was that Kevin Costner's daughter-in-law's hair was longer.and I wondered where did the stock guy come from who fishes and how is Beth ruining his life I'm like I must have fell asleep for a few minutes and still didn't notice I was in season three

When you consider the pain, you cause, the person's fault that's "evil", This comes from the highly acclaimed Amazon Prime Series ,"Show Yellowstone. Staring still sexy at 65 star Kevin Costner as a large ranch owner, who has a Ranch known as the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. I'm in the first season, and it has stars like American Psycho Wes Bentley

Amazing Scenery in Montana 

This will show a little about filming it from the site is in the quote

"Yellowstone made its debut on Paramount Network in June 2018 and it is also available to watch on  in the US. The series follows John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) and his family as they try to save their ranch from developers and other rivals. Fans are wondering whether Yellowstone is based on a true story, and Express.co.uk has everything you need to know.

Yellowstone has a believable plot as feuds between developers and landowners are a popular occurrance.

However, the character of John Dutton does not seem to be based on a real person, so it seems the concept is fictional.

Costner did reveal he researched American history related to the area in which the series is filmed, as he wanted to create his own back story.

The series was filmed at the Chief Joseph Ranch, which is a working ranch in Montana, so the setting itself is also real."

Staring in the backdrop of the beautiful Montana Wilderness, I believe bordering Yellowstone national park, this quote is from the Google Description for the show 

"Oscar and Emmy winner Kevin Costner is the marquee attraction of the ensemble cast in this drama series, starring as the patriarch of a powerful, complicated family of ranchers. A sixth-generation homesteader and devoted father, John Dutton controls the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. He operates in a corrupt world where politicians are compromised by influential oil and lumber corporations and land grabs make developers billions. Amid shifting alliances, unsolved murders, open wounds, and hard-earned respect, Dutton's property is in constant conflict with those it borders -- an expanding town, an Indian reservation, and America's first national park."


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