Little Fluffy Multipoos, Maltese and Bichon descent Dogs

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Meet the Daycare Dogs

This will have dog content featuring dogs from doggie daycare Bark City Doggy Daycare Johnson City NY not sure if I'm showing up on search engines or not. I really don't know which setup to choose whether it was like the magazine style that had all the articles so people can find them or if this style is better Blogger doesn't really have a lot of choices. I got some great puppy pictures though. This is Olive. I believe she is a Maltipoo, or a Maltese, or a Bichon. Or she is a mix because the history of the little fluffy dogs is quite similar. How can you tell if your dog is a pure Maltese? It can be a little difficult because the morkie or Maltese Yorkie and Bichon and mini poodles all seem to coexist in my findings. 

the picture directly below is a French bulldog and Luna who is also of Maltese Maltipoo Bichon descent but they're not sure because she's a rescue and 7 years old. She has come a long way. The reason these little white fluffy dogs as I like to call them are so human oriented is because they have been companions of royalty and ancient Egyptians and come from the island of Malta and have been catered to be high-ranking companions for years.a French bulldog is a very interesting dog as they have to have a C-section to be born and be a artificially inseminated to even be created. They are truly a designer dog they run anywhere from 4,000 to $100,000 period but you can find one at a shelter because they are not exactly as many different dogs are they are just picked for their cute looks and people can't handle their high energy. Images are property of Bark City Doggy Daycare Johnson City NY https://www.barkcitydoggydaycare.org

These are dogs from 
Doggy Daycare Binghamton. You can click that link for more information if you are from the Binghamton area and where to take your dog when you are at work and dog walking binghamton. They do dog sitting with large groups and also smaller dog Daycare. 


Are You an Attractive Guy?


It can be baffling at times and make you feel quite self conscious. Always wondering if you were an attractive guy. You may think there are easy ways to tell this, but they may be more subtle or not noticed at all. 

Assumption About Compliments 

Now, you may think that so called "hot guys" to their perceptive partners, would be getting hit on and constant flattery. If you are somebody that is extremely attractive, you are going to get an abnormally low amount of compliments from some people. This is because they already assumed that you know your value looks wise. They also might think that you're already hearing this all the time and it would just be an old line like " oh thanks I hear that everyday."  Have you ever heard  your buddies saying, "bro she's out of your league, you'll never have a chance, don't even talk to her." Women get the exact same thing from their friends in a much subtler way like oh maybe he looks like a player because he looks like that or there's too much competition and they discourage each other from giving good looking guys a chance because they assume that they can have any partner  being really attractive gives potential mates possible insecurities. You grab people's attention and make them stare. 

Staring buy Not Approaching Easily

Potential love interests often  stare at you or look you up and down but don't generally approach you. It's not you, it's the other person. They may even do quick glances  to get more of a view of you, but quickly glance away. They do this tot get a closer look at you as well as see if you are looking in their direction.

Potential Dating Partners or Mates Act Awkward in Your Presence

if you get compliments on your eyes or smile, that can be a sign that someone really finds you to be especially a catch. They might leave you confused why they're not saying what ripped abs you have, your thick hair. If someone really finds you attractive, they will spend more time sounding genuine. They want to say something that sounds meaningful, yet not pushy. That way it leaves them open for interpretation at least in your mind to them. saying you have really nice teeth or your eyes really stand out, are things someone has to look at you for a little bit to notice 

Frequent Contact Initiated by Others 

You may get a lot of Social Media Texts, from people. This doesn't matter if your profiles are with your dog and partner as the main picture. You are so attractive that women and men want to either befriend you or sleep with you but you're so hot that the conversation usually doesn't leave online.

Exes Either Still talk About You and Contact You 

If your exes is still contact you, here and there, that is a good sign . It shows that you have the most attractive quality of all and that is coexisting with somebody that you might not necessarily be compatible with but have a history together. If they start reminiscing about the good old times, and you hear positive and sometimes even negative things about yourself, it usually is a sign that you are an attractive man. The term, Thou protest a bit too much," theory, shows other mates that, you are still attractive. Sometimes they are just calling to check up on you and other times there's a more bedroom hangout spot plot In motion.


Willow Run Foods Breaking Covid Violations


I've been investigating willow run foods covid violations as no willow run employee has had to wear ppe equipment required to work in New York state under NY law. New York needs to handle this as they service wendy's Popeyes and other outlets I have heard personal stories of no masks and picked up an employee and saw no masks being taken off in entrance. I told person this serious each day ask are willow run foods inc violating covid regulations. Willow run foods has employees less than 6 feet apart in a food distribution wearhouse without masks at its 1061 route 11 kirkwood ny 13795 location. Observed 6x on night shift 2-10pm no masks or social distancing and had people giving me reports. 

Tips for Camping with Children

  Camping with Young Ones Becoming a new parent is both exhilarating and exhausting. I am personally not one. However, I have a lot of exper...