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What are Sniffari Walks?

  Have you heard of a Sniffari Walk Johnson City, NY ? If not, you are familiar with them, most likely. They are a one- on -one walk with an experienced dog walker Binghamton or one you take your dog on one yourself. Taking a dog on a walk can be an incredibly pleasurable experience. It gives you time to bond with your dog, get out their energy, and explore the world around them. There are different terms for different types of walks. Sniffari Walks Bark City Doggy Daycare, provides your dog with the ultimate walking experience. They give both you and your beloved friend a chance to explore the world together through your pets vantage point. Why is a Sniffari Walk Different from a Regular Walk? Sniffari walks Johnson City, allow your pooch to wander and use all of his olfactory senses to sniff around. These specific activities focus more on exploring, than loose leash training or dog walking to use the bathroom. It is not specifically an exercise walk, although that benefit is part of

Covid19 Broome County, Covid-19 Chenango County

This weekend my podcast, I talked about the coronavirus Chenango County, coronavirus Broome County and the latest numbers. We are still in the middle of the pandemic and it should not be forgotten. One should always be wearing a face mask and one that is completely covering the nose and the mouth. You can hear more at my podcast at the way to stop the spread is to make sure that you are taking care of yourself. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and that is equal to singing the Happy birthday song 2 times in a row and to always wear a face mask. Make sure that companies are in compliance by speaking to management about your concerns.