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My Archetype Reading

  Bridget , Unlock Your Sacred Archetypal Powers & Experience Abundance Across All Aspects Of Your Life. This Private Archetype Reading Has Been Prepared For: NAME: Bridget Lover type STEP 1 YOUR STRENGTHS + CALLING STEP 2 YOUR OBSloTACLES + WEAKNESSES STEP 3 YOUR PATH TO ABUNDANCE Dearest  Bridget , There's something truly different about you... I see extraordinary but unleashed potential lurking within you - potential that's been suppressed for decades now... Much like a dormant volcano just waiting for its time. I'm sure you've noticed some rather peculiar occurrences over the last few months - perhaps through unfortunate circumstances, unforeseen occurrences, or as if the weight of the world's on your sholders. These are all indications of your forthcoming period of transformation, emergence, and energies. Yes, there is no doubt. Your Archetypal Initiation Cycle is on the VERGE of commencing. This is an intuitive cycle that concentrates the positive energies