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24 easy do it Yourself Home Maintenance Tips

24 of the Easiest Ways to Keeping up on Your Home’s Maintenance.  When you decide to purchase your first home, or even if it's not your first home, you know that there is a lot of maintenance involved. Nobody ever said it would be easy from finding a lender all the way to paying your mortgage. Then there is escrow and you have to wait another month while you check to see if there is more problems in the home than you anticipated. When you find problems, you can either lie in bed and pretend it’s fine, fix yourself or hire a contractor. you decided to buy qit. Once it is your house you are stuck doing every thing. Nobody is going to come over and save you. When you rent an apartment, you just pay a monthly fee and everything is taken care of. There is no landlord that you can call to say that your toilet is broke or that your refrigerator is not cooling at the right temperature. That is what is so hard for first time home owners. They aren't used to the know how of fixing their