What is Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete, a Durable and Attractive Floor Option.

If you are looking for concrete that is more attractive than traditional concrete for your home improvement job, check out polished concrete. It is concrete that has been ground and treated with a chemical densifier. They use grinding tools with progressive grits to polish it. 

What Can You Do With It?

Stains may be applied to it or dyes are applied to enhance the appearance. There may be scoring of lines on it, bands, borders and other patterns and designs. It is a good long lasting option because it makes use of materials that already present. Polished concrete is a good sustainable building option because of this. In fact, most of the modern buildings today are built on a slab of concrete. If you polish the exposed concrete then you get rid of the need of applying a floor covering. 

Low Maintenance 

Floors made of Polished concrete are low-maintenance, and are more sturdy, long lasting, durable and easier to clean than many other  flooring options available on the market today. Its great for not slipping in the floor because it has a high coefficient of friction. It also reduces problems in those with serious allergies. It reduces dust mites and doesn't support the growing of mold. It qlso reduces the need for a lot of lighting because the polish is highly reflective. Because of this, it also enhances natural lighting. 

More Benefits

It has benefits of not being as likely to chip or dent like wood does which is a much softer surface by comparison. You can mop it with soap and water once a week and it will stay clean. Using fancy floor cleaners on it will only dull the finish. A floor made of concrete will have a lot longer life expectancy compared to other types of flooring. A vague example would be a tile floor will last you 10-20 years with no maintaining it. Using a floor made of polished concrete floor that has been hardened and polished will have a considerably longer life expectancy. When it is properly maintained, it is not unheard of to last over 100 years. 

How Is it Made 

It is a lot like sanding wood. You use extremely heavy duty machine that polish the concrete. They polish the concrete to the level of shine and smoothness that you want. It is similar to polished marble in the process in which it's made. You can polish both existing floors of concrete and brand new floors. 

Beat at home Jobs Philippines

Best At Home Jobs in Philippines 

Do you need to find one of those great cash apps? Do you want to make cash rewards? The US and Philippines have plenty of at home job opportunities just waiting for you to take them. Can you chat? Being a chat expert is a great job as well as micro task jobs. Real online Jobs Philippines are upcoming and right here in this article. This is the time to be the master of your own career  and earn cash rewards wherever and whenever you want to without pressure. We will first tackle about the “Best earning apps” down to the “Best Online Jobs” in the Philippines.

Best Reward Apps For Filipinos

Nowadays, there are actually a lot of applications or so called Cash apps that you could download on your phone or any available gadgets that you currently have and make a passive income through it, as long as you have a reliable internet connection and the processor of your gadgets are capable of handling the tasks.Based on my experience the Cash rewards that you will get on this applications are great for earning extra income, of course it requires effort enable for you to really earn, so you could always do the tasks in your free time. The following are the Best and Legit Paying  Applications in the Philippines.

Free Cash Easy Tasks

Make Money -Free Cash app. This money making application is downloadable on Google Playstore and you will be able to evaluate the reliability of the free cash app by the reviews and its number of users . I just recently downloaded the app and there are variety of options on how you could earn. If you are a kind of person that loves playing video games then this app will actually suits you as you will get higher points when you download a game and once you reach the specific level you will accumulate points.The other tasks are watching videos, completing surveys and giving opinions etc. The mode of payment is through paypal and you will get it 2 to 3 business days after requesting for the payout.

Sweatcoin Android Pays you to Get Fit - get paid to walk. Basically, this inshape app will pay you as a motivation app for the number of steps that you will make, One thing that I noticed in this fitness app is you literally have to go outside to start the count of your steps, you can also use this while you are on the gym or walking in the park with your pet. You will only be needing an internet connection and have your gps turn on to get this app going.

VeeU - Are you a type of person that loves to watch funny videos ? How about sharing videos and expressing your thoughts about the video that you watched ? This app may be really made for you since you can earn while having fun, every minute counts in this platform as well. The good thing with this app is you can earn even you are not doing anything if the friend that you referred is currently working to have earnings.


Pera Swipe - Through this application you will be able to get points from simply unlocking the screen of your phone, trying and installing some recommended apps like any other apps are also one of the ways to accumulate points , but compared to other apps the points that you will earn will only be used to  purchase things  online, like topping up your phone and getting gift certificates, which you can use to buy items in department stores or malls.

Watch and Earn- As the name of the application implies you actually have to watch videos for you to earn, like other apps they also have daily rewards.The good thing about this app is you can also get points if you will upload your own videos or blogs and you will get higher points if your videos have high views and likes.

So based on my experience with this applications, if you will just be consistent in doing the tasks there, you will be able to earn real Cash rewards all you need is a gadget and a swift internet connection. After knowing this applications I’ve realized that there are actually lots of opportunities in today’s world because of the ubiquity of technology and everyone should be thankful, but then again the same with normal jobs you have to be consistent in doing it to get a good outcome.

Best Online Jobs in Philippines 

There are some Best online jobs in Philippines. You don’t have to go to the office to have a decent work because there are a lot of job opportunities online. If you just have a computer/laptop and a fast internet connection at least 3 mbps along with your knowledge and skills there is a high tendency that you will be able to land an online job which will pay you almost equivalent or even higher to the salary of a 8am-5pm job. Here are some of the cash making website that you may want to consider .

Clickworker-https://clickworker.com - So to get started with this online job you have to fill out the necessary information first, your professional backgrounds, experiences and your contact details. Once you are done you will then be invited to take online assessments. The results of your assessments will be the determinant if what kind of tasks you are capable of handling, after passing the assessment you will now enter the marketplace and from there you can choose your tasks and start earning.

Upwork - https://upwork.com This site was established for business owners that need assistants for the daily tasks of their business, so they will look for virtual assistants on this site, that’s why you have to create an impressive profile enable for you to be chosen by the clients,you have to include your work experiences, skills, a catchy title and so on. There are a lot of categories and you have the liberty to choose if what kind of job you think you will be fit in. The site is legit so you don't have to worry about the information that you will be providing and your payment will be sent to you by the client directly, that could be through paypal or online transfers.

51 talk. - www.51talk.com/ph This is great for online teaching and most of your students will be kids in foreign countries so you have an edge if you have an experience in teaching though it is not required. You have to register online first and the invitation will be sent to you through skype, take note that the assessments will be conducted personally by going to the actual place of the 51talk  site and from there you will be assessed for total of 15 days before you can actually work at home.It pays well and you can have this as your part time  job.

There are indeed still a lot of online jobs out there for Filipinos and as far as I can tell many Filipinos choose to work at home because 

they can save a lot such as  the expenses of transportation, at the same time avoiding the traffic congestion which is a prominent issue in the Philippines, this is also good for moms that want to work while taking care of their kids. All in all there are actually an immense amount of online job opportunities as of now and it will continue to grow as time passes because of the trends in technologies.Of course you need to invest first for the equipment that you will use on the job and learn more about it by improving your knowledge and skills.




Defunding Police Departments

Police are notoriously called to everything and expected to solve all the problems of the American people. Now an idea that some of the protesting movements have our to defund the police department and put more money into social workers and homeless assistance workers. Many calls where a person is killed is someone with a mental health issue approximately 65% and sending a social worker instead and putting the funding there would have a much better outcome. Police are not trained in counseling or in anything of that nature other than are you suicidal yes or no and if you say yes they take that time and go to the hospital.

Other calls are for homeless people who are just wandering around. If we had 911 sending the right agents to the right calls oh, then we would have a lot less violence. Another idea is to put more of the police funding into job programs and buildings for the homeless to live in. Instead of just calling the police and throwing them in jail for the night, have a longer-term solution. We spend an enormous amount of money on our police resources and they are not equipped to handle mental health situations which is the majority of calls or domestic violence.

A domestic violence advocate would be another way that we could use police funding to do things like that. Allocate the funds more fairly and have the right people respond to the right calls. Still use 911 but have a staff that is ready to handle emergencies that is equipped to handle them.

Prosecute the officers that do the killings and treat them like any other murderer. They are people like the rest of us that snap to under pressure and why should it cause the rest of the country to start committing crimes and attacking each other? I can't believe some other cop killed somebody in Atlanta right after George Floyd that seems a little bit suspicious? Who is that stupid and are we not in a campaign year who is even heard about who is even running for election?

There seems to be something underlying the pandemic and these police brutality and we want to keep the pandemic under control. We have it under control but people are complaining about money too much and having stay at home and rioting in the streets doesn't help keep the coronavirus under control. 

We have a whole new country in the middle of Seattle named Chaz. They have created a wall around seven blocks in Seattle and are now declared a nation. They have no leader and they called themselves a peaceful protest but they've had to get aid from us and they're inside our country. The mayor is not doing anything about it neither is the police department. The police department abandoned the entire area and let it get run over.

 to create lasting change the political parties need to work together instead of trying to screw each other over every decision made or every comment on Twitter and try to find a solution or we are going to have little chasity's all over the place. People are going to find it acceptable to commit crime blue others that are innocent and for some reason call in the name of Justice. How is this Justice it's spreading the coronavirus and this the rest of the country isn't Minneapolis which statistically is notoriously not very bright of a state 😂 

The  north Midwest which is a cold place to live weather wise and no public resources like other states, leads to lack of structure in one's life. If they invested more in Social programs they would have less crime  and Petty crimes like George Floyd committed and murders. Lack of Housing Programs social programs and things of that nature lead to crime in order to live. That's why Minnesota is called Methasota by locals😂. 

There is an underlying meth problem in Minnesota which could contribute to the huge amount of over work for the police departments. When people calling entire state by that name then other people should pay attention and see what the real problems are. There are numerous meth arrest each year and meth users and not enough rehabs to help these people out or social programs. This leads to Despair and frustration amongst the people and cops are people too and get frustrated with having to handle every single situation. 

A drug situation should be handled by a drug counselor that goes to the scene. Diversify our resources and we will have less crime according to many statistics it's something worth trying out. As long as no one as in physical danger sending a social worker, a domestic violence advocate or ems first if an injury saves police resources. 

We need to be able to Suicide assessed on the seen and see if somebody is really suicidal which incorporates four areas. Only having one requirement is costing if the person that is suicidal lives a half hour away and they are going to spend about a half hour at the house, a half hour driving to the hospital and a half hour back that is an hour and a half worth of labor for two cops in one car for one person that could have been handled by a social worker that was sent to the scene. Instead they have to go to a social worker at the hospital. Nine times out of 10 to get sent home and nothing comes of it and they don't get treatment.

I would say it's spreading resources out equally would be one of the best things to do I don't think we should do this carelessly and need to do research in certain areas, but something needs to be done as people are very angry with the police in general. I take offense to only black people getting harassed as women get harrased for having a partner that they can't catch on charge so they end up taking the girlfriend who usually knows nothing instead.

In small counties, police harass certain people more than others and they are of all different ethnicities generally white in the smaller   communities. In New York state We have basically let everyone out of jail and they are let go until their court date except for nonviolent felonies misdemeanors and contempt of court. Even non negligent homicide is not put in jail.

This was to make it more fair on people that could afford bail and who could not. I don't agree with this as I believe they knew about the coronavirus and that's why they did this. A bail bondsman only requires a certain percentage down and I believe they need to have more evidence to arrest people or maybe put them in jail after an indictment which means that they are more likely to have commited the crime than not. If it is a violent one then we still take them if it's a felony.E

The FBI only gets involved in kidnapping cases and capital murder cases. Police departments are made up of the state and County and then local levels. They don't make the decisions on What charges stick or don't sick they just arrest based on what they see. Another option would we give them more training for how much money we are putting into them. Requiring degrees in Psychology at least as a secondary major might put a stop to the problem as it would make them more empathetic toward arrestees. Our jail system is seriously flawed allowing people in serious opiate withdrawal to be tied up and just possibly it's not supposed to kill you but it has killed people and you don't know what other drugs a person is on but they need to be medically monitored not thrown in a suicide watch. 

Diversify our economy by putting money in the right places. Making jail programs that help inmates when they get out hey, having more social resources for states that don't have them and sending the right people to do the right tasks is a good way to start in the right direction.

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