Watching Aaron Hernandez Fall From New England Patriots

Netflix has a series about Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots tight end. He allegedly killed Odin Lloyd in 2013. Odin Lloyd was dating his fiance's sister. He was allegedly shot six times by Aaron Hernandez NFL star accused of murder. This is a podcast that I am working on please listen to it and see what you think and how I can improve it.

This is me watching the Netflix Aaron Hernandez New England Patriots series
That is my podcast. It is a work in progress. 
Still working on this Aaron Hernandez New England Patriots Tight End who allegedly murdered his fiancee sister boyfriend by shooting him 6 times. Still watching show. Stay tuned.


Healthy Breakup Advice

What is the best way to get over a relationship?

Getting over a deeply meaningful relationship is devastating, no matter what you do, but there are healthy and unhealthy ways of healing a broken heart. How can you avoid getting yourself into a mind trap and pattern of drinking too much, going out too much, trying drugs  and numbing the pain with meaningless relationships that drag another innocent person in that doesn't deserve it? You might want to jump into a bottle of whiskey and never climb out or do piles of drugs every night just to deal with the pain of a devastating break up. There are other ways that are much healthier then self-destruction however. If you were a partner left you for someone else that you need especially overwhelming and you might have the feelings of vindictiveness rage jealousy and spitefulness. Revenge does not make anyone feel better in the end and retaliation can be brutal. Let them go, with dignity. Keeping your own dignity is critical right now, and will help in the long run.

Healthy Activities

There are other ways to get over a relationship rather than numbing the feelings that you have. Sure, antipsychotics work, but does it teach you to cope?  Staying busy is one of the best ways to do it. Does it matter what you were doing? Not as much as using the time officially doing something that takes your mind off of yourself. Helping others is something that makes you feel better about your current situation as well as doing something good for someone else. Does someone need help moving? This is a perfect way to spend your time. You will get to move around and get some exercise as well as help out a friend of yours. Getting a gym membership or with a friend is also another really great way to feel good about yourself while making progress too. 

Get a Part Time Job

If you are broken up with it during the summer or holiday season, getting a seasonal job may be the perfect way to help get through it. You will be making money and meeting new people which will help take your mind off of you know who. You will be too busy with your regular job and your new temporary part-time job to even think about them. You will be able to go to bed at night tired from doing real work instead of exhausting yourself with your own tears. 

Take a Trip

Taking a trip with some of your friends somewhere that you all enjoy will give you new memories to make and help replace some of the old painful ones you are feeling. You could go on a weekend trip or for longer camping to a festival or a race where there are too many people around who are happy and enjoying life for you to be able to mope. Try some of these ideas out and if nothing else you will get your mind off of your broken heart for a while. 

Bad Idea

It may seem like a good idea to find a rebound relationship but, usually they are not destined to last and you could be dragging someone else into your situation and end up hurting them. The best way is to cope and get over the person before you drag someone else into it and could end up treating them poorly because you are not ready. Some people find. Casual sexual encounters to be a relief but if you’re going to do that make sure you use protection. Make sure you are clear with your sex partners about your situation so that you are not reading them and anything and just be honest it might work out it might not. Too many people try to turn the new partner into the old one. Waiting until you can function normally again before dating is the safest bet.


Cheating crime NY a Class B Misdemeanor Offense

Cheating on a spouse is known as Adultery in NY. It is yes a criminal act. Under Penal Law 255.17 states that a person is guilty of adultery when he/she engages in sexual intercourse with another person at a time when he/she has a living spouse. Adultery is illegal.  no one knows about it nor that you have to have cause for divorce and that in order to get a divorce you just need to post an ad in the paper trying to reach that person and say you can't get all of them as an intent to divorce.

Bad Wifey

A class B misdemeanor charge. It carries fines and up to 3 months in jail. Most people have no idea about this law. I'm here to make people aware. There must be evidence however as it is not a law made to be vindictive. It's for victims who's lives have been destroyed by someone 

Manwhoring on Wife

 There has to be more reputable evidence showing the defendant tried to attempt to bang someone and attempted to engage in sexual intercourse with another person without consent from their spouse. Consensual open marriages are legal with consent.

This law keeps side hoes and home wreckers, of a married person, from going to the popo and getting the married cheater arrested. More marital penal codes follow 


Section    Offense    Class

255.00    Unlawfully solemnizing a marriage.    A MISD

255.05    Unlawfully issuing a dissolution decree.    A MISD

255.10    Unlawfully procuring a marriage license.    A MISD

255.15    Bigamy.    E FELONY

255.17    Adultery.    B MISD

255.20    Unlawfully procuring a marriage license, bigamy,adultery:defense.     

255.25    Incest in the third degree.    E FELONY

255.26    Incest in the second degree.    D FELONY

255.27    Incest in the first degree.    B FELONY

255.30    Adultery and incest; corroboration.

It is indeed rare for a cheating spouse to be  arrested just for adultery.  There has been 13 cases filed since 1972 and 5 convictions. just one of many crimes committed.

Adultery and official words of the law 1. A person shall not be convicted of adultery or of an attempt to

commit adultery solely upon the testimony of the other party to the

adulterous act or attempted act, unsupported by other evidence tending

to establish that the defendant attempted to engage with the other party

in sexual intercourse, and that the defendant or the other party had a

living spouse at the time of the adulterous act or attempted act.

This essentially means that you need more evidence or testimony from other people rather than just the person saying that they slept with a married person. There has to be evidence of messages or pictures or something or other people with first-hand knowledge of the incident and willing to testify.


There must be a cause for divorce it doesn't matter it like what it is exactly but there's a list of them right here on this link of reasons that a marriage cannot be repaired as New York State wants to try to keep families together and is one of the only of the four states to keep the family visitation in prison act alive in order to keep marriages together while your spouse is in prison. Every two months you can get a trailer visit for a weekend that's like a hotel basically it's on the prison grounds. They were known as conjugal visits now they are family visits and only four states have them. Some say that you can go as much as every two months for a family visit space with family visits have much lower crime rates in jail and recidivism rates as their relationship has not gotten ruin to the point where they want a divorce because nobody is getting any sex. It's also abandonment in a relationship if one doesn't give any sex to the other in a marriage, abandonment! One must give up some sex in the marriage or it's abandonment and it's cause for divorce after a certain amount of time. so if you marry somebody you better be able to sleep with them.😳

To catch one fine out where they live and have a stakeout where they work or live with photographic or video evidence. Hiring a private investigator or a friend with experience can provide proof needed to get a conviction on the adultery ny law.

For list of unusual crimes in each state visit 



My newest podcast


These are just some news rants personal views talkin to listeners

Sharon Kinnie the Luckiest Murderer Ever

I was watching a crime to remember on Investigation Discovery, or otherwise known as Investigation ID. This crazy story about a small town near Kansas City came on a Crime to Remember.

Meet the Serial Murderess
A women Patricia Kinnie, calls panicking 911. Her husbans James Kinnie has been shot by their daughter in an accidental gunshot by her toddler aged 2 year old daughter with a 22 pistol on March 19, 1960. They didnt have residue tests then just parafin wax and she was unknown at this point and they didnt want to put a toddler and 20 year old women who just lost her husband through this. They instead, see if the child can shoot a gun.

 All be damned , she can put a safety on and off and pulls the trigger with ease multiple times. The dectective named Mr. Browning, has to let it go. Sharon Kinne gets about $220,000 in today's money and a few weeks later goes and buys a Thunderbird. https://unsolvedmysteries.fandom.com/wiki/Sharon_Kinne for more details. 

She is Accused Again

She starts an affair with the man that sold her the car Walter Jones, and it is hot and heavy. She becomes obsessed and says she is pregnant with the man's child.
Woman Found Dead in Indepedence, Missouri

 Walter Jones is married to a women named Patricia Jones. She is 23 years old and was killed with four bullets on May 27, of the same year.  Her husband confessed that week to sleeping with the bombshell he sold the thunderbird to, but refused to leave his family.  Jones went with some friends the next day and gets a call saying that Sharon Kinnie is her sister and has been sleeping with her husband. Against Patty Jones friends advice, she jumps in the car with the suspected murderer of James Kinnie, assuming the identity of a sister confessing to give her piece of mind.
James Boldiez Weaves a Tale

Sharon has another lover, James Boldiez who she gets to go to lovers lane with her. They spot a body. James goes to the gas station and calls detectives. At first he states that he was alone and had to go to the bathroom. The detectives don't believe this story however because the body was about 50 feet and to the long brush. He admitted that he was with a woman named Sharon. Sharon was worried to be there because she had been the last person to see Patricia alive and had been having an affair with her husband. Her husband was forthcoming with police and was never charged with any wrongdoing. He left her. Jones' husband had tried to stop the affair that week before Patricia Jones went missing. He reported her on Friday, one day after she went missing as he thought she was coolong off. 
Sharon Kinnie is called down to the station where she says yes she told Patricia Jones about affair and dropped her off. 
Sharon Kinnie Arrested

Detectives fund a 22 caliber pistol box in her closet and decide to charge her with both crimes.  She does end up being pregnant so the trial is held off  and  she did get acquitted for Patricia Jones  but was  charged with killing her husband  in 1962 but it was overturned  because of irregularities in the procedures.  The autopsy wad botched and the former owner of the gun Sharon bought, said he fired it into a tree stump. The prosecution and defense go there and accidentally sliced the bullet and a half and it's unable to be used in court and she gets away with murdering Patricia Jones. 

Overturned Conviction and Kills Again in Mexico

She only served 18 months and was released. On a trip to Mexico she is with a man named Francisco Parades Ordoñez, who was shot in the back. Police find guns and the one matches the ballistics of the Patricia Jones murder. Double Jeapordy says she can't be convicted so she isn't. She does receive 13 years in a Mexican Jail however. 

Escape From Mexico

After 4 years, during a criminal and family movie night, the lights go out and Sharon Kinnie escapes prison. She is still on the loose. Born in 1939, she is in her 80s now and difficult to find although her name is still brought up every few years.  

Still on Run

Sharon Elizabeth Kinne or “La Pistolera” is her nickname in Mexico, is onr lucky serial killer. She has the longest outstanding warrant in the history of Missouri.  She also has one of the longest warrants in the entire history of America.  She had an ability to manipulate  men and be able to direct them off the subject that they were trying to talk about.

  Her lover Baldiez tried to get her to confess on tape and she kept redirecting and talking about movie stars. Her dreams were to be a star and she glamourized her trial. She was pregnant in reality so she dient go to jail diring the trials and it was covered nationally. Evenmurder victim James Kinnie's family stood by her at trial but it's reported she offered extra visits with their grandchild.In Mexico breaking put of jail is not taken seriously so she wasn't really looked for that much.

She was the luckiest serial killer on the run who is a subject for the longest currently outstanding arrest warrant for murder in the history of Kansas Citry in Missouri. She has one of the longest outstanding felony warrants in American history.

Sociopaths Get Away With More 

Some people get away with everything 3 felonies and only very little time served? 6 ajd a half years 3 killings? She was impeccable at getting rid of evidence and really good with manipulating people and not admitting the truth. She is a sociopath with the ability to kill and move past it and even go meet someone for lunch after shooting someone and cleaning it up and even able to go back later to show off the body and get the guy to say that he found it after he takes her home. She sounds like others I know of reading about or maybe personally. Lol. They get multiple felonies dropped in 3 counties and different states. While some people have no luck, because a normal person shows cues when lying a sociopath can lie and show none and pass polygraph with ease. They can also manipulate with ease and the victims or victims families let it go. Seen yhis happen as well. 

Tips for Camping with Children

  Camping with Young Ones Becoming a new parent is both exhilarating and exhausting. I am personally not one. However, I have a lot of exper...