Finding a Safer Ice Melt got your Pets

 Raising Awareness on Various Ice Melts and the Effects on Pets Paws

Be Careful of Commercial Ice Melts for Pets 

I wanted to share some info as it is winter time for many and that means snow and how do I melt ice on my driveway questions . I haven’t driven in two weeks because of icy road conditions. I had 49 inches of snow here. I need pet safe ice melt as I am learning

that ice melt can injure pets paws.

My Dilemma on Pet Friendly Ice Melts 

The hill I live on is absolutely dangerous. There is nothing to save you from an imminent death of rolling down 500 feet as you plunge into trees and bounce into the highway and smash a car.👎👾 They will not plow it because it’s a lane. I am learning all about private and public roads and that you can sit until it melts. If you live on a “lane.” How when other people live on it it is private baffles me. I have had to get creative with things. I have a dog. He needs a dog safe way to melt ice and snow. 

Be Careful of What you Use to Melt Ice on a Driveway

I wanted to share the fact that you need to really make sure that your ice melt is pet safe! This is really important! Do you know how irritating salt is to your hands? I got water softener pellets as they were out of rock salt and then I realized I should really do some research on making sure that my dog is safe with his paws on the driveway. Rock salt is not good for your pets paws. 

Think of the Kitties
Look at his tiny paws

If you have a cat that goes outside, you need a cat friendly ice melting product. If you are wondering if Rock salt can damage a cats paws, the answer is yes. Calcium chloride can damage pets feet. I wanted to find a few articles to let you guys know for anyone who didn’t , what is safe ice melt for pet paws. I want to say however, they use the word safer on many ice melt brands. This means nothing is totally damage free to animals or plants that I have found yet. I want to learn from others on what they use for melting snow in the winter. That is another reason why I am writing about how to melt snow safely topic. Ice melt that is safe for cats is essential in the winter. 

5 Effective Ice Melters That Are Dog-friendly
Some ice melts and rock salts are harmful for dogs. These best pet safe ice melt safe for pets products are more pet friendly and less dangerous.

Think about free roaming kitties. What if you live in a closely populated urban area? What if you live in a mobile home park, retirement community, housing development area, duplexes, and places like that where free roaming cats may be more common?

Walking your Dog

What if you’re taking your dog for a walk and you don’t know what’s on the ground and someone who doesn’t have a pet shoveled part of the sidewalk and then melted it with something harmful. They didn’t know that it would hurt anyone. This article has some home made ideas. I learned one here. Your pet can get irritated paws from products that melt ice. It can be a major irritant to your dog. That is an example of the face your dog can get if he steps on ice melt that is unsafe for dogs.

So Where Can I Learn More?

Best Homemade Ice Melt
Is there an ice melt that is environmentally safe? Yes. Safe Paw Ice Melter. A break-through product safe for families, pets and the surrounding ecosystems.

They also make a safer pet safe ice melt. I am including these articles for their ideas. However, remember this is written by a pet safe ice melt company, Safe Paws. Their blogs are good. Learn from the information but it’s so hard to find articles that are not containing links to something to make money to keep a site running. Running a website is expensive. They do have good products but I will remind you that nothing is 100% perfect for pets.

What I Used for Pet friendly Ice Melt

I have been using the rubbing alcohol method with hot water and Dawn dish detergent. It is cheap and takes a long time but it does seem to be safer ice melt for pets. I learned that from Safe Paws so I am including it the source. If anyone has better ideas I really want to hear them. This has another rubbing alcohol method at the bottom of the article.

How to Remove Ice from a Driveway
When you're facing an icy winter, you have to keep the driveway clear of ice to keep it safe. Covering the driveway in rock salt is the most common and time-tested method. Spraying the icy driveway with rubbing alcohol is also an effective...

It also includes all of other more typical ice melting ideas. It is not an article about pets or anything like that but explains another way to remove ice from a smaller area are using a water bottle and rubbing alcohol. In a large area it’s difficult. I just wanted to give credit to the places that I found and learned from. It is ONLY posted here to read the rubbing alcohol spray content. I just want to reiterate that fact. I looked at some of the other ideas on there. The vinegar one also looks like a safer method as well. However, I am trying to help you guys be aware of the potential dangers of ice melts and I’m not an expert on this. I am just trying to point you in research oriented directions.

I liked How this is worded on Lowe’s

It’s called Road Runner 20 lbs. Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt

If you read it, look at how it uses word safer, again that means better than Rick salt or other unsafe methods. It doesn’t mean perfectly safe. This specific type of icemelt magnesium chloride is allegedly safer for pets. However make sure it’s not a mixture with regular rock salt and that it is pure magnesium chloride.

Please Do Research and Add to this Content

Image result for pet friendly ice melter

Again, my reason for writing this was to make people aware that we’re not that some ice melts and ice melting ideas might be dangerous for your pets. I wrote it so that people would comment or edit this or ask me to edit it and be able to share ideas on safe methods for getting ice off sidewalks, driveways and private roads. Be safe and please keep your pets and fellow neighborhood pets paws safe. If you have any good links please share them. If you have any amazing ideas on this topic please share them as well. Please share this article so that people can give more ideas on how to melt ice safely in the winter.

Please give me ideas in comments 


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