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Big Barker Dog Bed Review

  Do you have a large dog that sleeps in your bed? The Big Barker large, big Barker xl and big Barker xxl are dog beds for large dogs that are guaranteed for ten years to keep 90 percent of their original shape. I go into greater detail on the effects that the lack of sleep has on dogs here on Sleep Deprivation is a Huge Issue for Dogs  Dogs have effects like we do and have a hard time when they can't sleep. They get cranky annoyed and even get hip dysplasia issues as large dogs. I go into complete detail there, and that's where the research is and where to get the Big Barker Bed. A large dog bed costs like $75 and these start at $249 and you get a warranty for 10 years that it will keep at least 90% of its shape.  Most Dog Beds Use Unsafe Stuffing  Most dog beds have terrible unsafe foam stuffed into them. They contain toxic non human grade materials within them. A human can even sleep in a Big Barker Bed. The article expla

True thoughts of Destiny and Reality Intertwined in a World of Chaos

  The world is in chaos  We hate our situations, decisions, and are  All are suffering great loss  It might be a pet we can't afford, a breakup a death or financial deficit  But there is one thing we must remember that we can always benefit  If one keep their heart open and don't let false prophets tear them apart  You may actually gain what you need  and fill up the cart  With humanity, humility, generosity and joy  Instead of being done narcassists dangling toy From the loss of something else may bring the arrival of something grand and new  A wonder so  uplifting you never imagined walking through   You may begin to see things through new eyes During all the tradgedy and horror when your most beloved caregiver dies   If you can clearly envision the face value  Of all that is in front of you   you have been holding on  surviving  When if you look a little different, you might start thriving  No matter how hard your path is you will always face strife regardless of the terms o

Best Dog food for Dog Allergies and Best cat food for cat Allergies

 Best Dog Food for dogs with Allergies  You would be shocked at the amount of things that dogs and cats are allergic to . There are incredibly vast array of them  Cats are especially prone to feline allergic reactions. Cats in fact are allergic to a lot of the things that we do ourselves. Cats are allergic to cigarette smoke. Cats are allergic to perfume and many aerosol products. Dogs can be allergic to the same outdoor allergens that human beings are. Links below, give more detail on exactly what triggers dog and cat allergies and the best dog foods for dog allergies as well as the best cat foods for cat allergies. Cats and Allergies We can protect them against certain factors by taking actions to keep them safer. Allergies are very uncomfortable for animals and can mimic a lot of other health problems. Cat allergies can be related to cats that are allergic to cigarettes, felines allergic to smoke, kitties with allergies to indoor allergens. All of these are explored in depth in the

Wtf people

 I've had some things go on in my life that I haven't had the creative ability to write. Really hard things and I have so many articles that are on here but they make it hard to find so go in archives. I am dealing with the death of an immediate family member who I was relying on like a life raft for my whole life. I'm lost it's turned into physical symptoms of feeling so sick. I am so sick emotionally physically and so depressed. I can't seem to make others understand or have empathy. They want handouts. They want favors They want to take take take. They want to hurt me. The devil walks in your life when you are weakest. That is a fact. He may not have horns he may just be a she or just not be there or is inside multiple people. I'm really dissapointed in so many. Disgusted. Getting mad at me right now, not allowed, treating me like shit, not allowed, whining, not allowed. Give me space and comfort maybe some flowers a damn card not cash app and paypal requests