First Dog with Coronavirus in New York Dies

So it's possible, dogs can get the coronavirus as the case of Buddy a 7 year old German Shepherd from Staten island who also had cancer was diagnosed with the coronavirusH

Buddy was humanely euthanized on July 11th for possible coronavirus and the cancer coronavirus combination. This means that it's possibly zoological well definitely is a zoological if a dog got it.

According to the associated press of New York this was the first dog in the United States that has died of the coronavirus. In mid-april he started to have breathing problems according to the national geographic who interviewed the family about Buddy's coronavirus. He had gotten it after a member of the family had been diagnosed with covid-19.

Poor buddy was also diagnosed with cancer according to blood tests. They did all they could for the Corona positive dog. Unfortunately, there was no more that could be done and the devestated family had to put their beloved German Shepard down. They are devestated. Losing a pet can be an extremely distressing event. Making that decision to put them down is heart wrenching. His health had gone down hill fast and the family feels terrible. They can not say whether coronavirus kills first dog or cancer but rest in peace Buddy. 

Surgeon and Entrepreneur Dr. clokie

Surgeon. Scientist. Entrepreneur. There are very few people on the planet that make a difference in multiple aspects. These individuals work their whole lives to make a good name for themselves. One of these amazing people is Dr. Clokie. He has been saving the structure of the human mouth for years and is an established maxillofacial and oral and surgeon. He is a well known for his skills in the musculoskeletal reconstruction arena. He may specialize in this, but he is also a dedicated scientist and CEO of a company called Induce Bioletics Inc. surgeries On top of this he is also a dedicated scientist and successful entrepreneur. , scientist and serial entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc., a regenerative medicine company focused on innovative solutions for musculoskeletal reconstruction. For three decades he was involved in academic dentistry and clinical practice, most recently being named as the Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in 1998 and then as Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto until his retirement from academics in 2017. He has also held positions on the boards or scientific advisory boards of several companies. He has published many papers and made numerous presentations, both nationally and internationally on bone reconstruction and regenerative medicine. As a holder of 25 US and international existing and/or pending patents, including those related to bone healing, he has been able to successfully develop strategic alliances with businesses and transfer his considerable knowledge and ingenuity into commercially viable enterprises. Copyright All Rights


Dear me 20 years ago

Dear Me 20 years ago, 

This is for you to read. I know you think you have all the time in the world and think you have it so bad, I'm here to tell you, you don't. Luckily in twenty years your still looking about the same on the outside, it's the inside that's aging. Learn to be confident now and intuitive, you won't be in twenty years. Are you still being used for your material possessions and willingness to do favors for others? Yes. Are they nearly as useful back? No. You haven't learned that lesson yet. That boy you think is so cute, he will hurt you worse than you can imagine, physically, emotionally make you so distant that you still can't fully commit.

Guys can't act right after sex and either cling on or bolt and act weird. Those girls who are your best friends. You'll see them through your twenties, one may stay out of them all. I know it's shocking but friendship is not forever. They do come and go and those times are fun, but don't hate them for the lives they have chosen as your choices weren't the best either. Pick a good major for fucksake, and finish in a timely manner so you can get your masters and doctorate. Cellphones advance do not play video games while driving. If your wisdom teeth hurt get them pulled don't take hydrocodone.

Get a therapist now and learn coping skills before you become a drug addict. Do not let other people put cars in your name, electric in your name, anything in your name. Don't ever try cigarettes there is gross now is they will ever be. Don't get addicted to diet coke. Don't drive on pot. Look for red flags with guys. Get pet insurance. Always put your dog before your relationship, and friends as well. if you feel some kind of way about somebody sometimes it's best to not say anything and let them come to you. Don't do rebound relationships. Don't have meaningless sex unless you want there to be consequences like STDs and pregnancy. Use a condom number one it doesn't feel any different for a girl and for a guy if they want to get off make them use one. If it's a relationship then you can go without but make sure you trust each other. 

Always have fun, follow driving laws, show you care with actions not words and be impeccable with your word. Show the world that you are a kind and generous person and show others to be the same way. Give random gifts and money with no expectations back. See the joy it brings others. If they don't appreciate you, it's not you it's them. They aren't used go a gem like you around and it may take awhile for them to notice how awesome you are. Be patient, one you care for is worth more than the many who don't. 


Memes and podcast about nice guys and nice girls and are they even nice

Memes and blogs about nice guys nice girls lol and trying to understand what nice actually is  here are collected memes ln both sides the nice guy side and the wen who complain there are no nice guys, and men who complain there are no nice women. These sum it up pretty good

Here are the nice girl memes๐Ÿ˜‚meet the so called nice girls and where are all the nice girls? Getting screenshotted and put online where I found them๐Ÿ˜‚
Now what does this all mean? That nice guys or nice girls aren't really so called nice? im arguing that nice is a behavior not a personality traits that nice is a state of being like if someone asks can you please be nice today I've had a rough day, would you please play nice with the neighbors?, Nice can be a request. I need you to be nice to my new boyfriend I want to make a good impression
I've seen nasty sluts not being dimes. Fat girls who get more action than me, I hear they have special skills because they like food so much. 

  • this Is an example text of someone who thinks they are so nice๐Ÿ˜‚

None of these conversations are with anyone I know, I want to be clear. They do not relate  to anyone specifically, I just identified with what and how nice guys and nice girls or supposed nice guys and nice girls feel about themselves. Women want to know where are all the nice guys? Well a technical nice guy would usually be at work we're at home or taking care of their kids or hang out with somebody that is quality and someone they don't have to fight for attention over. You're not a nice guy if you won't give girls a chance that have done nothing but be kind and nice to you. That would automatically take you out of the nice guy category if you're not giving these proven nice women a chance. For me personally, I've been called really nice by some and really evil by some. Usually if someone calls me evil it's because they did something 5thst freaked me out and called themselves a nice guy. 


How the f*** I feel in general my whole life and why people are in your life

okay I'm saying this for the unicorn on my head so obviously it's sarcasm ๐Ÿ˜‚ now I paid for this space and I am not using any kind of like other website to ramble about myself so the only thing that if you enjoy reading my stuff then show some appreciation because I do work for free bye seeing if you're interested in any of the advertisements that are here. everything in the world is sold through advertisements and are free TV shows are paid for by then. I never understood this concept but I do now. So if you love or hate me maybe read a little bit about who sponsors me and check them out and see if they have any products you might like. They are tailored towards my content which is why I chose Google for this.
 observed with people and interactions and the general sense that I get. For example with people I know in general that if I meet somebody and form some kind of bond or amazingfamazing or whatever I know that 99 percent  of the time it's temporary. Its meant to be a special memory for both of us. I understand this the problem is a lot of people don't and don't realize that there's 24 hours in a day eight of them people are supposed to be working or doing something are doctors appointments or therapy or education. Then there's a couple hours of having to wind down after work. They're you're up to 10 hours then you have to sleep 8 hours. That leaves six hours which travel time of spending any time with someone that you care about.

 This article will explain a little bit why someone might not have friends.https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/may/18/why-dont-i-have-any-friends-google-answerThink about this. I  already know this I am careful about who I talk to because temporary people can destroy the relationships with  people you actually want around and are genuinely good. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jan/20/nurture-four-friendships-facebook-social-network this article States so much that it's true we really can only handle for friends that we can count on. if you have four friends that you can count on then you are lucky. I always tell my friends that they need to memorize phone numbers in case they need to be bailed out of jail. I've asked and I know the numbers of the people that I care about and they are shocked. I tell them you know I grew up in a generation as the day where I had to memorize phone numbers. Why would I go through contacts? You should know your friends numbers it shows them that you love and care about them.if one of my friends goes to jail I am the best person to have in your life. You will get money every week, cards weekly and gifts occasionally. If you are someone that I'm really close to. if I have feelings for you then you are golden. LOL so no fear  going to jail if I feel some kind of way about you LOL.

They will plant ideas in your head, cause doubt and chaotic events. This is human nature at it's worst, but it doesn't make them evil. there are a lot of reasons so we might do this it might be to protect you from things that you don't understand, they may have ideas that they would be a better person for you to be around oh, they may have insane jealousy towards that person which is actually not insane we are all predisposed to having jealous tendencies.

 The thing is I would rather show any part of myself rather than show that I'm jealous. I hate anyone knowing that. I don't know why I get jealous of certain people I mean it's strange girls that I've been jealous of usually and I'm not sure why guys have chosen to spend time with them they usually are not as aesthetically pleasing, (least important) have personalities that are like a rock, are known sluts, and use men for their own purposes to acquire more resources and objects. I wonder if it's because they are needier than I am? I have been told that guys have that innate nature to needs to be needed. I try to give off like I don't need them at all. I provide I think I might emasculate them to a bit. A girl that doesn't take care of herself, a guy doesn't have to be insecure. And chunky girls supposedly give good head. I was chunky 6 months ago. I lost 50 lb since2018 and that was like weights that I put on from gabapentin and I have seen friends of mine be on a similar medications and try to tell them That is what is wrong and that I worry about their lifestyle choices and their health not because I care what they look like because taking that pill is causing them health problems and that means more meds, ones for blood pressure, heart issues, other issues pain and omg I hurt all the time being 175. it was in all sorts of pain and had to take more medication just to handle the pain and the depression. I try to explain this that they will not need these medicines if they just lose the weight and need less medications! Been there girlfriends wish you'd listen! you don't get it you can be 300 pounds and I'm going to love you just the same it's worrying about something happening to you is what bothers me. That is my issue with anyone who is overweight and has that problem because of medication and doctors just don't seem to care. Nobody can have that discussion that I'm willing to have with people. 

 value friendship moretmore  boyfriend. Nobody will ever know because I'm not going to sit around and talk about my feelings for somebody. I've made that mistake before and it causes a lot of drama and unnecessary arguments and jealousy over resources and just ridiculousness. And to be honest I don't know what I feel. Or how to explain it and cant. I have to be asked direct answers in order to give them. I have always had that
if I do feel something for somebody it definitely dissipates the more females that hang out with them. That is for my last relationship I cannot deal with competition for attention. I just don't want it.
I do know who is obviously below and above me in the market value categories. I know my baggage.  

Friendships are Interesting

 Friendships are something that are so unpredictable in how long it will last and how deep they will get.I don't take it personally that these friendships don't last and if I wanted them to I would put more effort into it. There just isn't enough effort and time in the world 2 be the most popular person on the planetIt's natural course of life. Reason season lifetime. People will pop up to help you for a specific reason and purpose, it could be good or bad. But once that told is done they are as well.  I always used to use the word friends a lot and my mom said that's not your friend an acquaintance and she repeated to me until I was 30 years old and finally understood the difference. A season would be what most "friendships" are, they last anywhere from my first meeting to a few weeks to a few months but or not really going to last and a lot of people don't understand the concept that you honestly cannot have that many friendships and maintain a relationship with your family and pets and a job and alone time and that's  they take a lot of work to maintain Were not meant to as humans to have the social patterns that we have now in the last 20 years. So it changes the Dynamics of everything and it causes more issues drama an increase in violence and STDs and all sorts of shady things. 

 People like shiny new friends to play with in general, there's nothing wrong with that as long as you understand how it affects your whole life in general. I know that when I go hangout with someone it's going to affect my life. This person could mooch me out of all the resources I have with tactics of feeling sorry for them, promises, or by bring a past friend connection. I know  going to affect my relationship with my mother. I know it's going to cause a moderate amount of drama. Now my part of that is I have caused her a great deal of anguish and stress and money by hang outing out with people who end up impacting her life. Now I get that concept completely finally. A pandemic which I do track closely lol. that has really shown me how ignorant people can be. It can show me how ignorant I can be I'm a person too. I'm not perfect I'm not even close to it. I can be toxic to some and good to others just like everyone. 

I feel people  have a replaceable attitude on other ppl. Like if I'm annoyed with my mom bff or sister I don't go get another one. I'm lucky to have a bff , I don't go and replace her because I realize I'm f****** lucky as hell regardless because idk anyone else that has 26 year old friendships with zero arguments only discussions. I I may have other female acquaintances and friends inbin my life nobody understands why I'm so bonded to her and it's because she causes minimal harm on my life. That's basically how I look at things how much harm somebody is going to cause me. I take friends feelings in consideration, and I know that I can be a handful. But once I am a friend then I am one of those people that will do

I always look at the positives and negatives of somebody and what they can bring to your life how often they help you how often they need help from you and what you can learn from them. I also want to know how I can help them better for their own lives or days. Try to approach life from a more giving then taking standpoint. I am really disappointed in someone. I did them a huge favor in order to help them and help their supposed best friend. They owed me 85$ they decided to day screw the person that asked me to help our mutual friend and decided to give all his resources to a bitch he's known less than a week
. This person has caused so much heartache and I do care about them to the other person I care a lot for. 
Ashley Rounds my aunt for example is the greatest aunt I could get. She is always there when needed and is a family girl through and through. She is comfortable in her own skin and is a true cat lover. She took my cat Claire when I had to move and idk, they were soulmates anyways I saw it whenever she came over. I love my cat very much and I can go see her anytime just had to let her go to be happy with the one that she really wants to be with and it wasn't something like they met a lot of times or so much time together it was the instant soul connection that they had together. Clair and Ashley are like soulmates on some kind of level. She can give that cat the kind of love and life that a true cat lover can and Ashley is a cat lover to the core I am a cat lover 2, but I couldn't bring her and in the end Claire is so much happier with Ashley then she was with me and that is what is important. She always post pictures of her she always thinks of her she talks about her and she is just a good person in general. She has always had health problems but works and is an absolute gem for whatever guy is lucky enough to have her. The unfortunate thing is that guys don't know what they've got until it's gone. They don't realize that the dedication that women like Ashley and myself have to give to somebody is more than they will get anywhere else guaranteed. But guys take this for granted and think that okay so we've waited around maybe three or more years but girlslikeus wake up eventually and then it's too late. When you have a kind heart like her oh, you can make a lot of difference in the world with just a smile and Ashley rounds has all those qualities. if you happen to be a guy that she's interested in don't screw it up because you will regret it and you will be crawling back and she will not take you back because she's a strong independent female who doesn't need you even if she wants you. 

By the way the pandemic is getting worse in Broome county and chenango county Raymond's corporation has now positive covetous is so Greene New York is infested. Coronavirus Binghamton is going rampid and is infesting Tioga county covidacovid numbers andcand county covid numbers. Coronawhore is my word in urbsn dictionary. Knock it off and start social distancing. What the f*** it's not like sex it's spread through air and it's not f****** funny and I can't educate people they don't believe me but this is my website so I can rant about it. I'm not doing it on a public website someone actually has to come here and care enough to read what I'm writing and I don't know who reads it because nobody tells me. Thank you Jhenna Wood for the valuable covid 19 information. Way to stay up and be a good mom on knowing the numbers! Shout out to you! 


Meet doggy daycare Dogs Binghamton

These are some gorgeous photos of dogs at Bark City Doggy Daycare. Look at this beautiful French Bulldog. This bulldog breed affectionately known as a Frenchies Binghamton are affectionate , cuddly, warm, amazing dogs. The French Bulldog is one of the most exotic breeds there is. To breed them, a Frenchie is artificially inseminated and then Frenchies are delivered by c-,section. To get into this world, takes an incredible feat. Make sure to use reputable groomers or Frenchie rescue clubs like https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.frenchbulldogrescue.org/adoption-info/available-dogs2/&ved=2ahUKEwjWvZC309TqAhXtl3IEHeIKAbEQFjAAegQIBRAC&usg=AOvVaw2QEYKd0BIB5vsVqunoXgCB

This is Herman a gorgeous little Miniature Dachshund link is to a rescue site to find more info he is a long hair breed. These are all just beautiful examples in dog daycare Johnson City. They have amazing owners already. Just showing kind of gorgeous dogs you can get. 

A yorkie names Jaxson and a bichon mix named Gio. Here are some of the other dogs at the dog walking Binghamton dog daycare. 

Mina is a Husky and always around Bark City Doggy Daycare Johnson City, NY. She is a kind and playful husky. 


Sweatcoin and other Apps Let You Walk and Earn

Earn By Walking 

Earn by walking apps are increasingly popular. Do they pay out? Do they work? The answer is yes. Some paying pedometer apps  are hard to access however when you change numbers. Some require you to have a specific barcode or numbers like an ethereum or litecoin wallet to cash in. Some use barcode scanners.  Check out this free app ๐Ÿ‘† It pays to walk!

Above is the group I invited you to. This is to track progress on this pay to walk app. Sweatcoin seems to be the most popular paid to walk apps but there are more of them. 

Runtopia is another good one. http://wwwtest.runtopia.net/h5/app
This is a get paid to walk or run app. Paying to run apps are great as they offer motivation and support. Most offer different levels to purchase to earn more points. Sweatcoin has movers, shakers and higher up levels if you are highly active. 

Lympo is great and there are rewards for various sleeping well for extra cash, tracking water intake, tracking steps to make money, goal oriented health app, and you can sign up with my code to make more if you like.https://lymporun.page.link/9PkK1

If you don't have a watch pedometer, a phone pedometer is a great alternative to make a bit of motivational side cash. It is not a lot. If you save up awhile, you can even earn items like iPhones, t-shirts and other items. Some even offer cash prizes for walking and otheg exercise. Check out these apps and if you enjoy comment below. 

  When you want to look at the difference between mindfulness And mindlessness, Mindfulness is a state in which awareness is enhanced and is...