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 This pandemic has taken a toll on the entire planet. We have drastically had all of our lives change all last year. Can we ever go back to "normal living?" There is s stigma associated with mental health treatment services. Aspire Counseling Services Bakersfield, CA is available 24 hours a day to speak to about dealing with alcohol Addiction and co-existing mental health conditions. They taylor each treatment plan to the patient.  Dual Diagnosis treatment Santa Clarita  This Santa Clarita Intensive outpatient program really impressed me with their all star lineup of mental health professionals and addiction treatment services in the Central Valley area. The Bakersfield intensive outpatient dual diagnosis program sounded extremely beneficial and going a way to integrate  a three day a week program into one's busy life. Why impressed me the most was the uniqueness of the services that are offered.  They have done great programs at Aspire   . I found them when they commen

Anderson Windows Lawsuit you didn’t know about!

An Andersen Windows lawsuit filed in Minnesota has shocking news! This class action lawsuit is claiming the huge window manufacturer Anderson Windows has been sued! The class suit  is claiming that the company’s 400 Series Tilt Wash vinyl clad windows are  rotting and decaying at an exponential rate. This causes insanely fast rotting of these supposedly impenetrable Windows!

The suit is claiming a defect in the process which is done by Anderson itself, allows moisture to get in to it from the outside causing dangerous mold and chemicals to infiltrate the Windows! The plaintiffs in the suit claim that they began noticing Andersen Windows problems approximately four years after the vinyl clad windows were personally put in by the company in their homes. In the Fall 2008, plaintiffs saw a type of unusual growth with a of  mushroom form of mold growing on the outside of the window.

Plaintiffs came, they tried to do some kind of repair, but it was only a temporary fix, they took some Windows off and sprayed and injected various chemical compounds. It delayed the deterioration rate but did not resolve the issue. The issue was huge! The problems were so large that a simple fix did not resolve any of the issues. It causes thousands in damages to these poor victims who lost walls, curtains, studs and entire walls due to this inside IOU’s growth of disgusting mold they encountered. Instead of doing the proper thing such as it needed to be completely taken out , even doing this and replacing and sized again still made the Windows tinier windows and destroyed the walls trim studs and siding. So they still got screwed even with a refix of the Windows.

This isn’t known much in the northeast as it is a west coast lawsuit but the same windows are being put in by Anderson Windows Syracuse and Anderson Windows Rochester. Supposedly , as a because of the defect and broke  windows, consumers have damaged walls and frames and windows and need to replace curtains and spend thousands to fix the adjacent damage. Class is working with this lawsuit. I’d suggest checking out Compositwood windows instead. Composite wood windows Syracuse is a much better way to go. Learn more soon. #zorrbabe


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