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Landing a Job Interview over the Phone

  Landing the Job When You are Assigned a Phone Interview  If you have been in the vocational search for awhile, you may have noticed how difficult landing a decent and fair paying job is. It can be grueling. You have to constantly fill out applications, come up with witty ways to word your resume. This is all to stand out from the crowd and then nail the interview after both of those processes. It can get discouraging if you have been looking for awhile. No need to stress, we are going to give you ten great phone interview tips.  Be Prepared and Ready Like they are Across from You You may have a phone interview as the sole interview in these times while professionals are so busy so be prepared for an anytime interview. It could be someone from a completely different country interviewing you and your time zones could cause pause for confusion and missed opportunities. Make sure that you know exactly what time zone your potential employer is calling from. Also ask if they prefer your ti

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