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Is a Low Carb Diet Right for Me?

  Explaining Low Carb Diets  Most of us have tried strict diets in our lifetimes. Sometimes we try them for  medical reasons and other times for the cosmetic benefits or a combination of both.  Diets can be confusing, expensive and hard to follow. They can leave you feeling  hungry and dissatisfied. Many people fail in their attempts to lose weight and it  leads them to become depressed and lose motivation to try again. Many people are  on a constant yo-yo weight loss cycle and want to get off that roller coaster ride.  They want to be successful, yet they just can't pinpoint exactly how. If this is how  you feel, you are most definitely not alone. This book is going to guide you on how  to successfully implement a low-carb diet into your daily routine in the most  simplified way possible.  This is a diet that is extremely low on carbs. You stay  away from pasta, sugar ridden foods and regular bread including both white and  wheat breads. The idea is to eat more pure foods that are

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