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Most Commonly Used Hindi Swear Words India

Scam baiting a Refund Scammer to Really Annoy Him  Have you ever wanted to translate the best Hindi insults? What can you say to a refund scammer to piss him off? While, not all scammers come from India and they are everywhere, this is a scambaiters dream list. If you have been watching Scammer Payback on youtube, you know Scammer Payback hindi words are common. learn how to scambait like pierogi Scammer Payback and Kitboga   Scammer Payback Kitboga What Punjabi Cuss words Should I call a Scammer?  Scambaiting refund scammers effectively takes some Punjabi swear words. Being proficient in Hindi cuss words and Punjabi insults for scammers is something many scam baiters want to know how to do. Scam baiting has become popular ever since Kitboga and Grandma Edna first made him famous. Then pierogi to get another step and learn Punjabi swear words translated.   How Can I Learn to Scam Bait?  Start with basic tactics of stalling scammers. You can start with throwing scammers off their s

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