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True thoughts of Destiny and Reality Intertwined in a World of Chaos

The world is in chaos We hate our situations, decisions, and are  All are suffering great loss It might be a pet we can't afford, a breakup a death or financial deficit But there is one thing we must remember that we can always benefit 
If one keep their heart open and don't let false prophets tear them apart 
You may actually gain what you need  and fill up the cart 
With humanity, humility, generosity and joy  Instead of being done narcassists dangling toy
From the loss of something else may bring the arrival of something grand and new A wonder so  uplifting you never imagined walking through

You may begin to see things through new eyesDuring all the tradgedy and horror when your most beloved caregiver dies  If you can clearly envision the face value Of all that is in front of you   you have been holding on  surviving When if you look a little different, you might start thriving 

No matter how hard your path is you will always face striferegardless of the terms of life , That doesn…

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