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My Personal Experience of How my Life is Going Because my Accounts and All my Data Has been Compromised and the Effects on my Relationships

 Don’t Make Fun or People Who say They Have Compromised Accounts  Just as a preamble, the second you tell anyone that your account has been compromised, expect a lot of the following reactions from others as well as the personal toll it can take on your life- Completely Ruse dismissive behavior from those you have loved and trusted .  Being ridiculed behind your back by whoever is doing the Apple ID hacking and Google account hacking whether it’s a group or one person or many  Having continuous obsessive thoughts whether everything you have ever done has been altered and sent to contacts. My contacts are not even all my own. They imported from my stepbrothers phone and he’s going through something I just went through and no one should have to deal with this along with that.  If either you are your partner are hacked, expect to turn on and suspect each other and possibly lose that person due to compromised google security what to do about it. Apple ID was compromised what to do about it

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